My AirAsia Free Seats!

How AirAsia Enable Me To Learn From Different Cultures and Make Me a Better Person

/I think this title is more appropriate for this post.

If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats, I would go to Cebu Philippines and I’d bring along my wife – because we are getting marry in 2 weeks time and I am unable to bring anyone else besides her. Plus, we both like to eat, especially lechon and sisig.. I would get into very bad shape if I don’t nominate her.


Anyway, I want to share my past travel experiences with you. I learn something from every travels so below are 10 lessons I learnt these years. I also recommended who are the best person to travel with.

1. Siam Reap – Cambodia

siam reapTaking photo of exotic creatures

Angkor Wat is definitely a place you have to visit. However, many doesn’t know that there are more than 50 of such temples scattered around. You only need half day to visit 3-5 famous temples. And the rest of the day you can explore some other things. We hired full time tuk-tuk driver named Makara and he brought us to interesting places (wayyyy moreee funnnn thannnn Angkor Wat). We had equivalent of 4 towers of beer for less than RM50. Easily cost RM320 at Sabah.

Best type of travel companion: a buddy who can drink and take great photo.

Lesson learnt: Do no follow conventional path, there are always alternative ways. We did not finish touring Angkor Wat; and we visited Beer Garden, only locals have fun.

2. Hong Kong & Macau – China

Hong Kong yip manHe’s real

Stayed at the most notorious location in Hong Kong (watch the video here), in less than 100 square feet of room. Heaven for food, but nightmare for people who hates to walk fast. They keep moving moving moving like a robot. My stress level is over the chart during my entire stay at Hong Kong. On the bright side, the foods are awesome. The casinos at Macau flaunt their riches and luxury at entirely different level. How do these people got so rich?!

The most memorable event for the trip for me is Disneyland. I crossed out this destination at first because it’s not suitable for grown ups.  I thought grown ups like us won’t enjoy it, and boy I was sooooo wrong. I missed Disneyland the most at the end of the trip.

Best travel companion: Person who loves to eat dim sum.

Lesson learnt: There are always people who are wealthier and more capable than you. Stay humble, like a potato. But – don’t underestimate what you can do.

3. Taipei – Taiwan

Taiwan-Day-2-30Shilin Night Market

I’ve been to Taiwan for several times, both holiday and business purpose. In Taiwan, everything works in a systematic way. The bus and train arrives on time, people follow rules, even the foods served in 7-11 get replaced few times a day. Breakfast > lunch > dinner > supper. And oh boy the food are incredibly delicious. Make sure you visit Shilin night market and get a week’s worth of food down your throat (and stay on bed entire day for full time digestion). Oh, make sure you visit the night clubs as well, it’s crazy fun. All my boys didn’t want to leave the night club even it’s 3am.

Best travel companion: Buddy who enjoys looking at Tai Mei (Taiwanese girls).

Lesson Learnt: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just need to do what works. Copy and paste from others.

4. Bangkok – Thailand

bangkokMesmerized by guitars like 3 years old in candy store

Tourist hub for South East Asia. Expect to see many tourists here even in off-beat track. It’s place filled with music, beer, great food and cheap shirts. Red district aside, this is actually a fun place to bring your family for holiday. I always thought Kuala Lumpur is a shopping heaven, until I visited the largest shopping mall at Bangkok. “OK next time we come here for shopping too, KL memang kalah…”. Make sure you ride on Tuk-tuk and do a few wheelies (dangerous). I am not going to mention the activities we did there because that requires entire blog post (and quite ham sap too).

Best travel companion: Friends who enjoy shopping, as well as opposite sex – so you behave yourself when entering red-light districts.

Lesson learnt: People are making money in creative ways and cash-in where the trends are going. e.g. tourists. We should learn to adapt and make good use of every possible opportunities instead of complaining what we don’t have.

5. Guangzhou – China

guangzhoutraveltaotaodimsumPork, hmmmm yummy.

I stayed at a run down hotel located next to a pig slaughter factory and it stank like hell. And that’s all I remembered. The next trip was at 5 stars hotel in middle of city, just above the spas and KTV. Both experiences were entirely different, but both were for business purposes. I was here to meet with my manufacturer and all they did was bring us to enjoy.

Spas – checked.

Massage – checked.

Huge meals – checked.

KTV – checked.

Visit factory – almost forgot.

You’re not supposed to finish the food on table or else they keep adding. Your glass is not supposed to raise higher than elderly, etc. The rich historical culture often amazed me until this day.

Best travel companion: Business partner, who is able to spot good business opportunities as well as drink well.

Lesson learn #1: Never trust online hotel reviews.

Lesson learnt #2: Find what your market need, and produce at China. Not go China to look for what you can sell, because they can produce anything.

6. Hanoi – Vietnam

hanoi grow flower growHelping plants to grow faster and healthier

One thing that stands out the most in Hanoi are the ladies. I don’t understand why majority of them has great body curves. And they looked like Hong Kong superstars wei! How come like this one?! No wonder newspaper always run ads about marrying Vietnamese bride. Thing in Vietnam is, I always constant struggle between beer and water, because they both costs the same! Another thing you must experience here – sit at stool by the road side and enjoy their delicious street food. Pho for the win! PS. I ate snake.

Best travel companion: Probably my dad so we can go cuci mata together

Lesson learnt: Don’t judge book by it’s cover. Don’t pick your wife based on body curves. Ha!

7. Kelantan – Malaysia


Kelantan is a great place with rich histories and culture. I suggest everyone to visit this state at least once. I was invited as a travel blogger by AirAsia to write about Kelantan tourism and oh boy I’ve learned so much in such short few days. The tourism industry is just started to boom and now is a good time to visit. For me, I think the must-visit is Wayang Kulit and must-eat is Ayam Penyet. I’ve prepared a comprehensive post about my Kelantan trip here.

Best travel companion: Family. Activities are mostly sightseeing and museum.

Lesson learnt: Every culture takes effort to preserve. Many are doing their part to retain their culture without getting any in return. Are you doing your part as Malaysian?

8. Ho Chi Minh City– Vietnam

Ho chi minhBeer is common language all over the world

Experiencing how to crossing the road is worth the return trip to Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City). There are several must-do day trips around the city like shooting rifle and Cu Chi tunnel. But none of the activity beats the experience of sitting by the road side and drinking beer with fellow locals. Seeing the motorists zig-zag along the busy roads without bumping to each other is quite something.

Best travel companion: Buddy who is adventurous and playful. No sissies please..

Lesson learnt: I believe people are 99/100 good, don’t let 1/100 bad apple spoil your perception that ones’ country is a dangerous place to visit. I met many strangers, both locals and tourists, and they are all good people.

9. Vientiene – Laos

buddha parkLook at my happy face, ha!

Vientinene is a quiet city by itself, nothing much to see except Buddha Park. However you can find something MORE FUN, it’s a new town called Vang Vieng, a place for hippies! It’s a new town created by tourists and it’s a heaven for hard core party goers, nothing close to Zouk or LAVA, because this is entirely different league. My travel companion, Shannon, tried magic mushrooms and he shares his experience in the blog posts.

Best travel companion: Definitely not with your parents; but with someone who you can trust and look after you. Preferably whole gang of friends.

Lesson learnt: Life is short, indulge and enjoy. Take reasonable risks and reap the benefits.

10. Kota Kinabalu – Malaysia

poring river ahbingPoring hot springs

How can I don’t include my favourite city of entire Malaysia?! WOOOOOO!!! this one confirm no need me to say much de lah. KK is one of the favourite travel destination for many Asia countries. We have island, mountains, river, wildlife and Top 50 Best Foods of Kota Kinabalu. I even a few websites dedicated for local tourism, like, and

Best travel companion: Family or group of friends. Perfect for honeymoon too.

Lesson Learnt: You don’t have to travel far to travel well. This applies to all parts of countries too.

How Traveling To These Places Made Me A Better Person

I’ve only travelled to less than 5% of the countries in the world, yet I already benefit so much from the experiences from different cultures and people. I’ve grown not only in business perspective, but in personal growth as well. Not only that, now I have plenty of stories to tell to everyone in many years to come. I can related back to some experience or inspirations from one of my past travels in everything I am doing right now.

I am grateful for the possibilities of all these travels thanks to affordable air tickets by AirAsia. Dato Tony has not only changed my life for better, but for majority of customers who travelled by AirAsia as well. Ok I am done shining Dato’s shoes, hahahahhaha! But for the grateful part – it’s honest one.

Make good use of AirAsia FREE SEATS promo


Giving out free seats is one of the most brilliant marketing tactics ever pulled off. Why aren’t you taking good use of this chance to travel to new places? AirAsia gives out free seats to public every year, and it’s up to you to grab the free seats. By travelling to 1-2 different places per year, you’re already growing from all the exposures, which greatly benefits you in many ways.

Most importantly, it’s not expensive, everyone can travel like I do.

Another Year of Tadau Ka’amatan Festive at Sabah 2014

credit: Hanwei from
credit: Hanwei from

As I am writing this post, it’s Tadau Ka’amatan. A well celebrated festival event at Sabah. This is an annual event of the state, mainly celebrated by local Kadazandusun ethnics.

Of course la, being a Sabahan, everyone wanted to celebrate along too. Who doesn’t like festive seasons anyway? (besides minority business owner). We want all the holidays we can get!

Why I celebrate Tadau Ka’amatan?

yaomingLook at my damn Chinese face! I am pure Chinese, right??

Well, you’re half right only.

I am mixed-blood, where the official refer us as “Sino”. I have Kadazandusun blood flows in me, (which means I am half-half la), pretty common thing, no big deal. That means my entirely line of family and relatives are celebrating this event. You see, I celebrate Chinese New Year, and I celebrate Christmas, now I even celebrate Ka’amatan.

“Do you agree that mixed bloods are usually good looking?”, this is questions I always ask my friends.

“Definitely, most of them are”

“I am mixed too – but I am in the minority group” On side note, local government do take good care of the local-bumi… and somehow I am benefited from that.



drink up
is a common word they use as meaning of “cheers”. So when you drink with Sabahan, you’ll get use to finishing your drink when you hear this word. Drink up!

Side note: when you meet Sabahan in foreign places, say “ARAMAITIII” while holding up your glass. A TRUE Sabahan knows what to do next… lol. Provided he/she is holding an alcoholic drink.

How my average days looks like

I have been tackling different projects and jobs, meeting up with interesting people, and spend at least 15-18 hours outside (no kidding). When my friends called,

“hey Daniel why you yum cha with me any more ha? Yalaaaa rich liao laaa no need find me la” << typical opening speech.

“I meet you more than I meet my mum these days”, is my default reply, half jokingly, half true. Unaware that this is actually something really saddening. I rarely meet my own family even though we live under the same roof.

There are some articles in Facebook recently, about a nurse sharing the top 5 common regrets of elderly at hospital, who are almost at the end of the life expectancy.

1. not spending enough time with family
2. not celebrating Ka’amatan
3. not saying aramaitii before you drink
4. don’t remember
5. I promise I didn’t make this up

OK, here’s the original article I read from.

5 Things People Regret On Their Deathbed

Heart warming moments

petronasDo you know one of those Petronas ads we watch at television during Chinese New Year? Those are damn good wei. They always send strong message across all their advertisement. You’ll never know it’s a Petronas ads until the logo pops up in last few seconds, lol.

Festive that only Sabah celebrates

Like many other celebrations in Malaysian, Ka’amatan is only celebrated in Sabah, like how Hari Gawai is only celebrated at Sarawak.

Still looking forward to Petronas ads that is made for Ka’amatan, with the end message like, “go home after aramaitii, please don’t sleep in middle of the road”


This is the one that I particularly liked,


image credit – Han Wei @ Flicker

How Peer Pressure Influenced Me To Buy Macbook Pro Within 15 Minutes

Dinner with buddies

On Christmas day. Just like normal days, we gathered for a dinner…

“Dude, we have to stop drinking la. Our pub-crawling hobby is too expensive. Let’s do something else!

Let’s play World of Warcraft! That hobby confirm makes you stay at home every night. Confirm can save money bro.”

“OK tomorrow I go buy laptop!” said YSLo.

Next day, he bought a 13” Macbook Pro for RM5,800+. OK fine. Then another close friend of us also bought Macbook Pro for RM3,800+

“Oi, Macbook Pro very cheap these days? why you all HA-HA go buy Macbook Pros?”

My Current Laptop

I’ve been using my current laptop for 3 years (RM1,300 only).

Originally I was looking for Lenovo T440 for USD$783 (RM2,400). The model is too new and not available in Malaysia yet… but Singapore is selling for SGD$1,799 (RM4,500)…. whaddafuck? Why the price so big difference one!?

I rather get a Macbook for less than RM4,000… fuck Lenovo”

Continue Our Dinner conversation

“Well what are you waiting for? let’s go buy your laptop now! WOOOHOOOOOO!”. All getting excited.

“Nolah, I have to wait my debtors clear all payments yet or else I’ll have trouble with cash flow.” I explained to them.

“NO WORRIES! I HAVE CREDIT CARD! PAY ME BACK ANYTIME!” says Eugene, who just received his bonus for X’mas.


I said YES. Wasn’t too sure with the decision but heck, but I don’t care lah!! #YOLO sama dia!!!!!

Immediately YSLo pick up phone and called Mac store, “Helloh! I want to buy MacBook 13”, We arrive in 30 minutes so don’t tutup store yet!”

Daniel (another friend, not me), usually the calmest one… became unusually excited. Even tripped on the way to the car because he was RUSHING.

From the beginning of our conversation until our conclusion to purchase … took only 15 minutes.

This is what I call PEER PRESSURE.

Macbook Pro 13 box

In Mac Store

(Eugene and Daniel were already waiting in the store impatiently when I arrive – we were carpooling in one car, for your information)

“NAHHHH there’s your Macbook Pro 13” waiting on the counter desk!”

“Relax bro, I haven’t really touch or feel this Macbook Pro before, gimme few minutes to check out the demo unit first eh. Moi gin chong bah”. I touched a few buttons, weigh it, look at the size.

OK PASS I’m getting this Macbook Pro! (yep, it was that simple)

Eugene swiped his card – but it was not honored.

“Ei? try again ehh…” he said to the store manager. The card didn’t go through despite multiple attempt.

Eugene calling customer service

Eugene called customer service, curious why the payment didn’t go through because he cleared his card debt earlier. After calling customer service, he was informed that his card has remaining balance of RM34.95, which he required to clear it before any transaction is allowed. He paid BEFORE Christmas day, but no one update his card during the holiday.

Simply say… I am unable to purchase the Macbook Pro.

“Olin loh Jian Ping.. you kena owned by Eugene’s RM34.95 hahahhahahha!!”

Side Story

I am in WoW (World of Warcraft) group chat and many friends were expecting me to return to game. “Hey why are you not in game yet?” they asked.

“My comp was sent to service centre so I don’t have computer to play now”




…. is like your child keep asking “are we there yet?”

So this is what happens…

Whatsapp 1

#30 minutes later

Whatsapp 2whatsapp 03

#Merry X’mas Ownage LOL

On Our Way Home

“Why would you swipe card for only RM34.95?” asked YSLo.

“I was with my girlfriend at dinner, but I didn’t have cash to pay….”

You made Jian Ping couldn’t buy his Macbook lo! Or else we would have an epic day!” which he refer as our impromptu decision to buy Macbook Pro after 15 minutes discussion over dinner, as ACHIEVEMENT. Hahahha.

Tonight’s Facebook Update

Eugene facebook

Counter Owned?

When we reached home, Eugene texted us and say the card has been updated. We are able to make purchase immediately, no need to wait until next working day…


Story Behind ZenQ Desserts: Our Milestone After 2 Years In Business

ZenQ lintas opening 01

ZenQ is 2 years old now?! Whoa. It felt like I just opened this shop months ago. Time really fly leh…

I guess it’s a good time to do a reflection Winking smile

ZenQ lintas opening 02

The beginning

It all started with my partner, Kevin. He approached me all of the sudden and say “hey let’s check this thing call ZenQ”. We purchase flight ticket for next day and attend a meeting about franchising ZenQ. The same week we return and search for strategic shop lot – we gave up after searching for entire month. Then, the same Saturday morning, we found a perfect location where they are moving out soon.

We signed letter of intention and paid deposit on the same morning we found the classified ads in newspaper.

ZenQ lintas opening 03

Construction work commenced quickly. Kevin  is in charge of the layout blueprint while I am away at KL for intensive 2-weeks training. So far so good.

ZenQ lintas opening 04

2 weeks before our soft launch. We were getting nervous with the new venture. Lots of money invested and we couldn’t screw this up.

Schedule was kept tight, and we had 3-5 hours sleep daily. Still have lots of documents and licenses incomplete yet.

ZenQ lintas opening 05

Major fixtures was up. Lightings… on! Ah, we’re starting to see something.

ZenQ lintas opening 06

The rest of the fixtures and graphics arrived.

ZenQ lintas opening 07

Our first batch of stock arrived! We couldn’t fit all our stocks inside the shop. So we rent a partition of a office nearby to solve this problem. Today, we have one central kitchen, one operation office and offsite warehouse to store our goods.

ZenQ lintas opening 08

Open for business

Business during first 6 months were crazy. There were days when I just want to hide underneath my blanket entire day, afraid to know what stocks are insufficient, crews are working long hours, and management team are all equally tiring. I am glad everything works out just fine.

ZenQ Grand Opening 11 Jan 2012

Grand Opening

Feels like superstar. Fun Smile

ZenQ lintas opening 09

Daily operations

We do daily briefings, as well as weekly meeting to see what challenges our crews are facing. We implemented solutions and improve on ideas, we are constantly improving our team as well as our systems. Everything must be documented well – it proves useful after all these years. Taking the first steps are painful but you’ll reap the reward later.

ZenQ lintas opening 10

More ZenQsssss…

Today, ZenQ Dessert has expanded to entire East Malaysia. With 11 operating outlets, more than 200 ZenQ crews wearing same attire serving you desserts. All these achieved within 2 years period.

Oh, I also run website for ZenQ East-Malaysia. It’s time for a serious website redesign cause this site is 2 years old too. Wait I got time first la… heh.

PS. I am co-owner of Lintas outlet. I did not proceed with the purchase of Master franchise because limbeh no more money in bank. /thumbsup

“Wahhh you open another outlet again ahh! rich oh you!!” – I just smile in these situation. Lazy explain. Hahaha.

ZenQ lintas opening 11

Our memories

We shared a lot of memories together.

Our ZenQ Crews come and go. Some furthered studies, some move on to better part of their lives, and some stayed together with us since the beginning. We remember every single of our crews. We are in same age group so we get along easily.

Crews still come back to visit us time to time. Some even do part time jobs when we are lack of helping hands. Many wonderful friendships were formed in this little shop.

ZenQ lintas opening 12

Creating more product lines

The head of research and development came Kota Kinabalu and stayed with us for entire 1 month, for the main purpose of re-adjusting the taste of ZenQ desserts to suit to local taste. If you tried ZenQ at Taiwan, the taste is a bit dull.

These two person are also key-success to Chatime series – ZenQ Desserts, Chatime and La Kaffa Coffee, all three of them are umbrella group of La Kaffa Ltd.

Did you know? ZenQ Desserts share common ingredients with Chatime especially with our drinks series. Try Pearl Milk Tea side by side!

ZenQ lintas opening 13


Some random day, we cater to special occasion such as bazaar, exhibition fairs, events like marathon. We even get 200+ drinks order for next day and the entire team arrived early to serve our orders. We do a lot of status updates in our official fans page. I am usually the one who do live status updates.

Here are some photos of our activities at random locations.

ZenQ RHB Centtenial run

RHB Centennial Run

We give out free drinks for all marathon participants. RM0 free.


TTSS School Bazaar

The entire ZenQ management team graduated from this high school. We must give back!

ZenQ lintas opening 14

ZenQ today…

It’s been two years since we started ZenQ Dessert. It has been a great journey and learning experience. Within two years, we’ve also launched several products that was not originally within our menu. It was a great ride. However as of late I am no longer actively running ZenQ because I’ve moved on to more exciting project. I leave my company on great hands – I have a great team who looks after the daily operation who I can trust entirely.

Facebook Page: ZenQ Lintas
Website: ZenQ East-Malaysia



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Guangzhou Comfort Food: What I’ve Eaten Throughout My Entire Trip

Guangzhou ajisen ramen

First of, this is not a “food guide” or some sort. This is merely a journal of what I’ve ate during my entire journey at Guangzhou, China. Some of them are  really good, some of they sucked to max. But who cares – we all need to eat, right? Now we have get things cleared up… let’s eat!

#1 – Ajisen Ramen. I don’t know why every time I visit new country, I end up eating ramen. Especially Ajisen Ramen. Why? Probably there’s no other better options around when I am incredibly hungry. That’s the only reason I think.

Guangzhou Canton Fair McD

#2 – McDonald. First time having taro pie in McD. It’s really good. Unlike Ajiesen ramen, I choose to go McDonald every time. Why? Every McD in different country is different! For example, there’s pork burger in China/Thailand, no beef burger in India – they even came up with vegetarian burger. Oh – beef burgers at Australia is da bomb.

Guangzhou century egg steamed egg

#3 – Century Egg and Steamed Egg. I was in a large scale restaurant and all the items on menu are either entire fish, entire chicken, or entire pig. I want something I can manage to finish so I ordered all dishes made of egg. Basically tasteless but tastes awesome after some beer. Yes I drink alone during afternoon haahhh. Why? because I can! :P

Guangzhou dessert 02

#4 – Signature “Bear Palm”. This dessert is really good. Can’t remember the name of shop but it’s at Shangxiajiulu St. It’s made of toasted sesame, condensed milk and peanut butter rolled with muaji-like pancake. Covered with coconut flakes. So good.

Guangzhou desserts

#5 – Ginger milk curd. You can do this at home. It’s another of my favourite dessert and I’d like to introduce to my dessert shop some day. The heat of ginger makes your mouth explode and the milk creaminess soften the overwhelming sense, creating a balanced after taste. Argh can’t explain. It’s good. Try make one yourself – recipe here.

Guangzhou dim sum

#6 – Dim Sum. They say Tao Tao Ju is one of the top restaurant in Guangzhou, with hundred years of history. Their dim sum is above standard, worth revisiting again.

Guangzhou double layered custard

#7 – Shuang Pi Nai. If you’re a big fans of custard, this is something you must try while at Guangzhou. One of their signature desserts. Entirely bowl of custardy creaminess. Yummy.

Guangzhou french toast

#8 – “Sai Tohsi”. That’s how we say it in Cantonese, literally means “Toast from West”. Two slices of bread with peanut butter, deep fried with egg coating. Top off with butter and some condense milk in certain places. You’ll die early if you eat too much of these.

Guangzhou lian xiang lou

#9 – Lian Xiang Lou. You can see this chain store every 100 steps. One of the oldest and most famous bakery in Guangzhou. I think they serve more than 100+ types of traditional pastry. I keep thinking “so this is what people enjoy in the old time”

Guangzhou milk tea

#10 – Milk Tea. Oh this is good. But ridiculously expensive. RM9 per glass and they say this is normal price. Nothing similar to Malaysia local milk tea. Quality tea and evaporated milk makes so much difference.

Guangzhou pork belly

#11 – Pork Belly with vegetable (酶菜扣肉). This is the only dish that is not spicy in the menu. I simply walk into a restaurant because I was hungry. Pork belly seemed nice so I ordered this. Look at the GIANT PORTION of rice! lol. Why they don’t use bigger bowl instead? Hmmm.

Guangzhou pork broth

#12 – Braised Pork. Same as above. I randomly walk into restaurant and order something that looks nice. I mentioned this is one of my blog post. Dish is mainly made of pork lard, pork belly and pork blood cake (they coagulate the blood into… jelly-like-cake)

Guangzhou tao tao ju

#13 – Dim Sum. I met a friend at Guangzhou and we ordered even more this round. Another must-eats at Guangzhou are: porridge, siew mai, prawn dumplings and jucheong-fen.

Guangzhou velvet egg beef rice

#14 – Beef with velvet egg. One of the most common dishes in Hong Kong. Never get bored of this.

Guangzhou won ton noodle

#15 – Wonton noodle. The won ton fillings are much bigger than what I usually had in Malaysia. More fillings = more satisfaction. My impression is wonton usually has more “skin” than meat, but Guangzhou version is opposite. Meat rules.

Guangzhou won ton

#16 Wonton Soup – Same like above, but different restaurant. The fillings are huge (compared with Malaysia version). I have yet to eat any wonton that make me fall in love though. After I ate these, “so this is how it tasted like. Ok ok loh”.

Guangzhou zhu chang fen

#17 – Rice noodle roll (猪肠粉). Tasted this at a restaurant. Nothing special to shout about. The ones at Tao Tao Ju restaurant is wayyyy better.

Guangzhou dong fang ji bai

#18 – I can’t stop laughing when I saw this. Literally means “Jibai from The East”

How To Build Up Your Personal Network While Helping Others

You will understand the title once you finish reading this post.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 01

Impressive graffity.

Where are the graffity artists at KK? We need to do something like…

“88000 KOTA KINABALU SABAH BAHHHHHH!!!” , so we can defeat “KENINGAU BAH!!”

…because we love long names!

For example, we have one of the longest city name in Malaysia – K.O.T.A.K.I.N.A.B.A.L.U.

Kota Kinabalu vs. Keningau.

See? We are longer.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 02

KTV until 2am. We forgot we need to wake up 2 hours later…

Young people these days memang tahan lasak. I have to admit, I am falling behind with parties compared to these young fellas.

Ah wait, I think I am one of the youngest here. This proves that OLD MAN CAN PARTY HARD TOO!!! Hahhaha.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 03

5:30am in the morning.

Briefing session at hotel lobby. There’s so many young fellas and YET none of them joined us at the KTV.

See? THIS ALSO PROVES OLD PEOPLE KNOWS HOW TO PARTY!! WOOOOO!!! Nolah, actually they are doing the real work co-organizing the event. We are actually there to “zap tao zap mei” guys, hahhaha.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 04

Having quick breakfast in the morning before depart.


I recently joined Rotaract Club of Likas Bay, where we initiate charity events to help the needy. Read more about Rotary here..

We are young professionals looking to get more exposures in various activities, get mentorship, and to expand our network. My main purpose is to infiltrate this club to hunt for young innocent ladies. If you like to join me, drop me an email. I am taking over this club’s …. ladies’ heart – one by one. You can become my wing-man only.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 06

Our team working together to make more kampung people get serious toothache! (we distribute free Nestlé drinks… one of the sponsors). Nolah just kidding, the seniors are going to diao me if they read this, hahahhaha.

“Ei you blog is bad influence ah!”

Ah well. Let my pain be the source of your entertainment.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 07

This is one of the many trips Rotary Club organise entire year to infiltrate to young sumandak reach out to the needy people to lend them a hand.

We reached out to Kg. Sook at Keningau, an hour drive from the town.

We brought in few medical experts teams like dentist, doctors, pharmacists and also opto-something-something (the guy who makes you eye glasses is called what ah?).

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 08

Then, ENTIRE KAMPUNG (hundreds of them) came to get free medications.

This is one of the little effort we can provide to the villagers where they have difficulty going town for medical attention.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 09

Besides giving out medical attention, we also get a few sponsors to donate basic necessities like food, toiletries and mosquito repellent. But seemed like clean water has highest demand.

“Boss, bulih kasih sia air bersih kah? Tong itu pun macam cantik oo…” …they are referring to the water bucket we see at the water cooler stations.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 10

Pharmacy team dispatching medicines to the villagers. All medicines are sponsored. If there are complicated symptoms which require more attention, they will be referred to specialist at hospital.

Side note: We discovered they don’t have much entertainment after sunset. That is probably why they have so many children. We even confused if the person who carrying the baby is the sister or the mum… #firstworldproblem

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 05

If you’re under 30, and like to participate some of these activities. We would like to have more helping hands. Let me know so I can keep you in loop with our upcoming activities.

Comprehensive 4 Days 3 Nights Kota Bharu (Kelantan) Travel Guide

kelantan travel guide

I am lucky to be invited as travel blogger by AirAsia, to join inaugural flight from Kota Kinabalu to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. This is my first time traveling to East Coast of Peninsular, where 3 states (Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu) ruled under different party. I don’t know what to expect.

After returning from this trip, I can say Kelantan exceeds my expectation. Rakyat are friendly, culture is kept strong, and felt safe entire journey too. I had fun chatting with every one. Remove political issues aside, we are 1Malaysia after all :)

Bahasa Melayu kat Kelantan memang cukup padat!

I still think Kuala Lumpur is most dangerous city in Malaysia. lol.

Places of Interests of Kota Bharu

Tourism Zone

Tourism Zone 2

Tourism Zone via Trishaw – War Museum, Islamic Museum, Merdeka Square, Masjid Muhammadi, Istana Jahar, Craft Village

This is also known as tourism zone or history zone. Kelantan has lots of stories to tell. All of these places are within walking distance, best accompanied by tour guide where he can explain more history in details. You won’t find these buildings or landmark fascinating until you hear the stories behind.

War Museum
Opening hours: 8.30am – 4.45pm (Closed on Friday). Admission fee: RM1.00 (Malaysian), RM2.00 (non-Malaysian). Tel: 09 748 2266

Wayang Kulit Pak Daim

Wayang Kulit Pak Daim

Never knew so many effort goes into making a wayang kulit performance. There are at least a dozen of percussion players playing live music for you during the entire show. Dolby Surround Sound also kalah a bit when the percussion music team performs. You can actually feel the “beat” of the drums.

Each “kulit” also requires many man-power and long time to produce. I’m glad Pak Daim is putting his entire effort in reserving this old time tradition.

Kelantan Malay Traditional Shadow Play
Pak Daim – Mobile: +601 7977 8929 / +601 6215 9422
Email: [email protected]
No.5, Simpang 3 Morak, Palekbang, 16040 Kelantan.

Serunding Cottage Kampung Laut

Kampung Laut for making of Serunding

Getting to this village via boat is a fascinating experience. Serunding is meat floss and I finally know how they made it! They even shared their ingredients and ways of cooking serunding.

You’ll rather pay than cook them youself, trust me. You probably loss –20kg if you cook manually by hand…

Dragon Boat Temple

Dragon Boat Temple

Heavily influenced by Siamese (Thailand people!), these temples are magnificent, especially if you know when was these temple built. Lots of stories to tell tuuu.

Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temples

This temple houses the largest Reclining Buddha in Southeast Asia. It measures 50m in length and 9m in width.

Nordin Batik Kelantan

Nordin Batik

Kelantan is one of the largest producer of batik. Unfortunately we are not able to see the making of batik due to unforeseen circumstances. There are 3 types of batik, 1) hand drawn 2) printed with pre-cast 3) print digitally. Hand drawn are premium and the color are usually penetrated to both sides while digital print only printed on one side.

Wanted to buy one for my mum, but the price easily goes up to RM300 per piece.

KB Permai Silverware

KB Permai Silverware

This is where Malaysia FA Trophy Cup was produced in 2012.

In this factory, we are able to witness how the silverware are produced. Lots of man-power goes into making these silverware and not much machineries are involved, besides some basic tools like pictured above.

Min House Camp

Min House Camp

The lady owner operates a honey farm, to food catering, to firefly river cruise, to team-building… kuat oh the lady! The husband and son help with the business too.

We joined the firefly river cruise but it’s only so-so. There’s not much firefly during full moon unfortunately.

Wakaf Che Yeh Midnight Bazar

Wakaf Che Yeh Midnight Bazar

Kelantan own version of Chee Chiong Kai! Nothing much to see to be honest. The selections are limited and mostly are clothings. The food section… hmmm NOTHING to see. Hahahhhha. We were given one hour to explore this night market, but we’re already done in 15 minutes.

I think it’ll be much more fun during Rahmadhan period?

Che Minah Songket

Che Minah Songket

This 86 years old mak cik is still practicing traditional songket… without glasses!

“Mak cik, masih boleh nampak?!”

“Boleh bah kalau kau…” she said.

Truly amazed at the complicated machinery that goes into this treading machine. I think this is considered as technology canggih during the old days ;)

Wau Maker Kampung Badang

Wau Maker in Kampung Badang

Never seen any way bigger than myself! The pak cik who created these traditional wau from really simple materials such as bamboo, thread and sugar paper.

The kites we used to make are diamond shaped, and it rotates like windmill when we tried to fly it.

“Run faster!” was the only solution we could think of… hahhaah.

Amazed with the kite making expertise by this pak cik. He truly lives the 10,000 hours mastery rules by Malcolm Gladwell, mentioned in the book “Outlier”.

Too bad we didn’t see wau fly in field :(

Keropok Maker Cap Kapal

Keropok Maker

Located near to Warung Pak Mot for the awesome Sup Kepala Ikan, this is factory for Keropok Cap Kapal. There’s nothing much to visit besides seeing all the keropok being sun dried and having a few samples to makan. Mostly buy buy buy buy for souvenirs.

I’d like to see the entire process of making these snacks, even if it’s in video format.

“OMG there’s so much houseflies on these keropok!”

“Maybe attracted by the fishy smell, hehehe”


“Any bacteria or maggots will die when there are deep fried anyway. Might just ignore it… extra protein!”

Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone

Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone

We drove entire way to Thailand border to explore the duty free zone. We were discussing what alcohol/cigarettes to buy back. Manatau, everything is duty free except these both item –_-

Clothing here are very cheap, probably all the way from Thailand? (it’s only walking distance away anyway).

I was expecting more special thing here, but it’s just a market without any unique things to see.

Ah wait. There’s one…

Kelantan Thailand Border

Getting to Thailand without passport

Just pay RM4 for a boat ride to opposite the river and taa-daa! You’re unofficially at Thailand. It’s that easy. There’s even taxi and bus stop for your convenience.

I was like, huhhhhh? =___= so easy one meh?

Masjid Beijing

Masjid Beijing

Not long ago, a Siamese monk came to visit this temple. He stepped inside was amazed… he can’t see ONE buddha statue. And then only realised this is a Mosque, not a Temple.

There is a reason why this mosque looks like a temple – but you gotta find it out yourself ;)

For female visitors, there are tedung for rent.

Majlis Jubli Perak

Pejabat Tabah Da Jajahan Pasir Mas, 17000 Pasir Mas. Kelantan.
Tel: 09-7908963 / Fax: 09-7904963

Cultural Centre for Dikir Barat Show

  1. Try your hand at playing the retana ubi (a huge a colorful drum) or kertok (a coconut husk percussion instrument)
  2. Watch silat, the Malay martial arts
  3. See how gasing or the spinning top is launced
  4. Learn how to fly wau

Admission is free.
Tel: 09 748 5534 / 3543

Pasar Siti Kahdijah

Pasar Siti Kahdijah

This bustling bazaar is a landmark attraction and one of the most photographed building in the state. A section of the building is devoted to local desserts and goodies. Locals flock here for a profusion of items, from fruits, vegetables, pickles to freshly ground spices.

Must Eat Foods of Kota Bharu

Being a food blogger here at Kota Kinabalu, how can I let go this golden opportunity to do quick round up of the best foods of Kota Bharu? Besides visiting interesting places, our second most spend time was on food. Makan makan makan! Kelantan food memang sadap!

PhotoWhat is it?Where?
Baba Ice Cream
Lovely snack while walking around Rantau Panjang. Colorful dessert made up of ice cream, bread, corn, grass jelly, peanuts and different color of jelly.
Rantau Panjang Street Stall
Buah Ciku
Seasonal local fruit of Kelantan.
Hotel Perdana
Buah TanjungBuah Tanjung
MUST TRY - One of the staple dessert of Kelantan. Made of egg, flour and sugar. Served during special events only.
Grand River View Hotel
Butter UdangUdang Butter
Deep fried prawn with butter floss on top.
New Horizon Hotel
Deep Fried Cat FishDeep Fried Cat Fish
Tastes like KFC. Meat is tender and surprisingly tasty.
Nasi Ulam Cikgu
Fried Chicken with MangoFried Chicken with Mango
Deep fried chicken with sliced raw mango on top.
New Horizon Hotel
Gulai UdangGulai Udang
Prawns in spicy coconut cream.
Grand River View Hotel
Ikan PatinIkan Patin
Flesh is soft and a bit heavy with the "fishy smell" taste.
Nasi Ulam Cikgu
Jala EmasJala Emas
One of the must try dessert in Kelantan. Usually served to royal family only. Nowadays only for special events like weddings.
Grand River View Hotel
Keropok IkanKeropok Ikan
Same process into making Lekor, but cooked with different method. Crunchy and savoury.
Keropok Cap Kapal factory
Kuih SunaiKuih Sunai
Grand River View Hotel
Made with rice flour and served with 'kuah'
Grand River View Hotel
Lompat TikamLompat Tikam
MUST TRY - Famous at East Peninsular, made with rice and coconut milk. Literally means "jump and stab"
Grand River View Hotel
Masak LemakSomething Masak Lemak
Vegetables cooked with coconut cream. Very creamy.
Nasi Ulam Cikgu
MurtabakMurtabak Raja
Served at Royal family during 1950. Usually in chicken or beef.
Grand River View Hotel
Nasi DagangNasi Dagang
Combination of rice and glutinous rice. Often accompanied by spicy tuna fish curry pickled vegetables
Grand River View Hotel
Nasi Laut Air DinginNasi Laut Air Dingin
Rice served with spicy fish and sambal, special at Kopitiam Kita.
Kopitiam Kita
Nasi TumpangNasi Tumpang
Multi-tiered meal of rice and dishes. Packed specially for farmers who want to "dapao" to work.
Min House Camp
Pinang Tapai Ubi KayuPinang Tapai Ubi Kayu
Fermented tapioca cake
Grand River View Hotel
Poli Ubi KayuPoli Ubi Kayu
One of traditional desserts of Kelantanese. Made with tapioca.
Grand River View Hotel
RojakRojak Kelantan
Mix all the cekodok, kuah and ulam together and eat! Different from Singapore or Penang rojak.
Grand River View Hotel
Roti Jala and Gulai AyamRoti Jala and Gulai Ayam
MUST TRY - Coconut milk chicken curry and lacy coconut milk pancakes
Grand River View Hotel
Roti TitabRoti Titab
MUST TRY - French toast + egg benedict + kaya. Enough said.
Kopitiam Kita
This one is too difficult to write about - I'll skip. Hahahhaha.
New Horizon Restaurant
MUST TRY - A local savoury snack where thinly sliced meat is cooked until it is light and fluffy. It can be eaten as a snack or served with rice and bread.
Kampung Laut
Sira Labu
Braised pumpkin with gula melaka.
Grand River View Hotel
SotongStir Fry Sotong
Stir fried with Thailand flavour
New Horizon Hotel
Stir Fry BeefStir Fry Beef
Tastes like Chinese stir fry to me
New Horizon Hotel
Sup Kepala IkanSup Kepala Ikan
MUST TRY - Braised fish head soup with lots of bursting flavour. Must try dish in Kelantan.
Warung Pak Mot
Tahi ItekKuih Tahi Itek
Literally means "duck's shit". Made side by side with Jalas emas cause used similar ingredients. Egg whites and egg yolks accordingly.
Grand River View Hotel
teh tarik maduTeh Tarik Madu
MUST TRY - Milk tea with honey. Creaminess is lower compared to Taiwan milk tea but the honey made up the taste.
Warung Pak Mot
Tepung Boko Ubi KayuTepung Boko Ubi Kayu
Sweet tapioca with salty coconut milk
Grand River View Hotel
Tepung PelitaTepung Pelita
Traditional Malay "kuih", soft, creamy, sweet with hint of saltiness. Steamed in banana leaf.
Grand River View Hotel
Tom YamTom Yam
MUST TRY - Spicy clear soup typical in Thailand and Laos. Hot and soup soup. Very appetizing!
New Horizon Hotel
yati ayam percikAyam Percik
MUST TRY - Crispy, barbecued chicken that has been marinated in spices and coconut gravy.
Yati Ayam Percik
MUST TRY - This is a fermented anchovies sauce with hint of lime juice, chilly and onions. According to locals, budu adds that extra zing and taste to an otherwise regular meal.
Nasi Ulam Cikgu

Where Are The Foods?

Grand Riverview Hotel (Hi-Tea)
Jalan Post Office Lama, 15000 Kota Bahru, Kelantan, Malaysia.
Tel: +609 743 9988 / Fax: +609-743 8883

New Horizon Garden Restaurant
Lot 891, Batu 4, Jalan Pasir Mas-salor, 15100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Tel: +609- 744 7177 / Fax: +609 744 8177
Email: [email protected]
Business Hour: 12 noon – 3:30pm. 6pm – 11pm. (Sat – Thurs) / 4:30pm –11:30pm (Fri)

Yati Ayam Percik Restaurant
1549, Taman Bentara Kiri, Chabang 4 Cherang, Jalan Hospital, 15200 Kota Bharu. Kelantan
Tel: +609 747 9867 / Mobile: 017 – 935 1591 (YEE)

Serunding Cottage Centre
425, Hulu Market Kg. Laut, 16040 Tumpat, Kelantan
Tel: 019- 856 7171 / 019 – 956 7111

Perdana Hotel (Hi-Tea)
Jalan Mahmood 15200 Kota Bharu. Kelantan.
Tel: +609 745 8888 / Fax: +609 748 8855

Kopitiam Kita
4357-A, Taman Desa Jaya. Jalan Pengkalan Chepa, 15400 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Tel: 019-981 0888 N.H. Wong

R Renaissance Kota Bharu Hotel
Kota Sri Mutiara, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, 15150 Kota Bharu. Kelantan, Malaysia.
Tel: +609 – 746 2233 / Fax: +609 746 1122
Email: [email protected]

4 Days 3 Nights Kota Bharu Travel Itinerary

Kota Bharu – Day 1

1.00pm ETA Kota Bharu
Check in Hotel Perdana
3:30pm Tour to Kota Bharu Tourism Zone by Trishaw:
– War Museum
– Islamic Museum
– Merdeka Square
– Masjid Muhammadi
– Istana jahar
– Craft Village
5.30pm Transfer to Grand Riverview Hotel for Hi-Tea
8.00pm Depart to New Horizon Restaurant for Dinner
9.30pm Depart for Wayang Kulit Pak Daim
10.00pm Arrive Wayang Kulit Pak Daim
11:00pm Return Hotel

Kota Bharu – Day 2

8.00am Breakfast at Warung Pok Mat, Kuala Besar
9.30pm Depart for:
– Kampung Laut (Serunding) by boat
– Dragon Boar Temple, Tumpat
1.00pm Lunch at Yai Ayam Percik Restaurant
2.00pm Depart for Nordin Batik & KB Permai Silverware
5.00pm Back to hotel
Hi-Tea by Perdana Hotel
Hotel Site inspection
8.00pm Depart to Min House Camp
8.30pm Dinner at Min House Camp
Firefly Sight Seeing
9.30pm Depart to Wakaf Che Yeh Midnight Bazaar
10.30pm Return to hotel

Kota Bharu – Day 3

8.30am Check-out
9.00am Breakfast at Kopitiam Kita
10.00am Depart for:
– Che Minah Songket
– Wau Maker in Kg.Badang
– Keropok Maker
12.00pm Lunch at Nasi Ulam Cikgu Restaurant
1.00pm Depart to
– Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone
– Masjid Beijing
2.30pm Arrive Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone
3.30pm Return to Kota Bharu
5.00pm Check in Renaissance Hotel
Cultural Show by JKKN Kelantan
8.00pm Depart to Captain-T Restaurant for dinner
9.30pm Depart to Cultural Centre (Dikir Barat Show)
10.00pm Arrive Cultural Centre
11.00pm Return to hotel

Kota Bharu – Day 4

7.30am Breakfast at hotel
Check out
8.00am Depart to Pasar Siti Khadijah
10.00am Depart to Sultan Ismail Petra Airport
11.25am Depart for Kota Kinabalu

Kota Bharu Hotels/Accommodation

 HotelPriceReviews from Agoda
Hotel Perdana Kota BharuHotel Perdana Kota Bharu

(✮✮✮✮✮ 5 Stars)

Jalan Mahmood, Bandar Kota Bharu, Kota Bharu, Malaysia 15200
Starting from RM450+Fantastic 8.4
based on 43 reviews
Grand Riverview HotelGrand Riverview Hotel

(✮✮✮✮ 4 Stars)

Jalan Post Office Lamakota Bharu, Bandar Kota Bharu, Kota Bharu, Malaysia 15000
Starting from RM318+Good 7.4
based on 487 reviews
Renaissance Kota Bharu HotelRenaissance Kota Bharu Hotel

(✮✮✮✮✮ 5 Stars)

Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, Kelantan Darul naim, Bandar Kota Bharu, Kota Bharu, Malaysia 15150
Starting from RM600+Very Good 7.8
based on 280 reviews

Useful Contacts

Position Name Contact Company Name
Tourist Help Tourism Malaysia Kelantan 09 747 7554
Tourist Help Tourist Information Centre 09 – 748 5534 / 3543
Travel Agent Rosdi B Ibrahim 013 – 984 8957 / 012 – 951 8992 Doremi Travel & Tours S/B
Travel Agent Tuan Naza Tuan Man 017 – 939 8899 / 019 – 915 8899 Naza Travel & Tours S/B
Travel Agent Mohd Iskandar Bin Hassan 013 – 926 5195 Imtiyz Travel & Tours S/B
Kelantan Tourism HJ Azhisham Hj Mustapa 019 – 919 4404 / 011 1081 6800 ANF Holidays S/B
Emergency Police 999
Emergency Kota Bharu Police Station 09 748 5522

Connecting Flights to Kota Bharu

AirAsia is the only airline to operate this 3x weekly direct flight connecting East Malaysia directly to Eat Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

This new route from KK into Kota Bharu also aims to connect international travellers from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Taipei.

Special Thanks

  • AirAsia – Sponsoring my flight and itinerary
  • Tourism Board Malaysia – Sponsoring the trip
  • Kelantan Matta – Sponsoring the trip
  • Saiful (tour guide) – for being such entertaining tour guide
  • Ashman (AirAsia) – for representing AirAsia and make sure our trip is awesome
  • Hayden Chan (blogger) – for recommending me for this trip
  • Ms. Gan Yeong Shuoh (Grand Riverview Hotel) –  for telling me the name of the foods!

Bloggers Who Travelled Together


Is Kelantan worth visiting?

Will I go back again?
Nope. Once is good enough.

How many days should I go?
3 days 2 nights are good enough.

Is it true male and female have separate seats in cinema?

You Are Not In China Until You Get Cheated Once By Chinese – Guangzhou China Day 3

This is Day 3 at Guangzhou, China. Check out the rest of the posts here.

Date: 23 April 2013
From: Some lauya hotel at Guangzhou

Before writing this post, I’ve just returned from the city and decided to call it a day. This is my first time returing to hotel after 10pm. Took my almost 3 hours to get back from city which normally only takes 1 hour. Reason for being so late? RAIN and LOTS OF PEOPLE.

Now I know why Chinese government imposed a rule on “1 child per family”. Chinese people duplicate faster than cockroaches, although I see similar thing happening here in Sabah with illegal immigrants.

“Bah, kasih buat banyak anak anak supaya boleh claim balik Sabah!”

LOL. Must be a conspiracy from our dear neighbour…

Back to my Guangzhou story.

guangzhou travel awaiting bus

Bus station

While waiting for bus, people queue up nicely, forming ONE row. When the bus arrives, suddenly there’s 5-6 ROWS. Hahahhaha!

It’s even worse during rain… umbrellas poking each other.

Even old aunty also no need give you face. “Ha, this young fella must be NOOB!” #rolleyes

But heck it’s a great experience.

guangzhou travel building

Financial hub at Guangzhou

WAAAAAAAAAA. Who say Guangzhou is a kampung place?! (I did! in first post). It looks way much modern in the city central with skyscrapers and pretty office ladies.

I imagine how many rich people work here… and what are their net worth?

When I think of the wealthy, I always question what they do to attract so much wealth. We are both human, born with same legs and hands, also with 24 hours a day. What they do different to be where they are today?

I think I know the answer, but I am not one of them yet. Haha!

guangzhou travel cheap gadgets

Buy Now (百脑)

In Malaysia, the most famous places to sell computer equipments is called Lowyat. In Guangzhou, it’s called BUY NOW. Even the name also we kalah liao!

How can we become the best if there’s “low-yat” word compared to “buy now” ?

I bought one set of walkie-talkie for RM150 each. In Malaysia, retail price for one walkie talkie is RM700.

Even the notes counting machine is 1/4 of retail price in Malaysia – the quality is questionable though; you get what you pay.

guangzhou travel dumplings

Won Ton Noodle

They say Guangzhou is the capital food city of China. Some noted restaurants even have more than 100 years history, and got the highest awards from XXX XXX and XXX (something very geng la, which I don’t give much attention to).

Guangzhou is where I got inspirations for my food guide, “People don’t need 100+ types of food… they need know where are the best 10 foods only.”

Maybe I should start giving out food awards too. I am selling one award for RM2,000 – anyone interested? I print you one big poster with my face on it.

guangzhou travel jibai

Awkward names

You’ve seen plenty of those translated Chinese menu? It’s true.

This restaurant name is translated as “Eastern Jibai”


guangzhou travel LED lights

LED are cheap

Every single building is plastered with colour lightings. My guess is because LED are cheap in China?

Oh, plenty of massage parlours too. Maybe Chinese people go massage every 100 steps…

guangzhou travel milk tea

Milk Tea

Who say food is cheap in China? I want to slap him. This glass of milk tea costs RMB18 (RM9) per glass. My average meal is around RM15-RM20 during my entire stay there.

guangzhou travel mrt

Public Transport

During my 30 minutes commute to city, I agak-agak know how to differentiate which area those people stay at. The wealth gap is obvious – rich is getting rich, and poor getting poorer. You can simply judge by the way they dress themselves and what phone they are holding.

City people: People at the city are much civilize than ones staying at outskirt. They talk softly and are much considerate, they give seats to elderly and smile at you occasionally.

Kampung people: Usually no give damn about you and the existence of your family and ancestors – they talk like everyone is deaf.

Phone rings…

City people: “Hello? ni hao..” #soft

Kampung people: “HAAALLLLLLLLLLOOOOOO??? AAAAHHH!!!!!! DUII!!!! DUI!!!!!!!!”

guangzhou travel pork 01

My single portion dinner

My hotel is situated at industrial area, there’s no fast food or convenience store.

The restaurants around me are BIG-SCALE ones, which usually can host 400-500 people at once. The smallest table fits 10 people.

I walked in restaurant, “how many person?” they asks. “ONE” I replied… #likeaboss

They gave me menu, I scanned over it and ask, “nothing for one person?”

“Sorry, we don’t usually have one person walk in..”

“OK, die then die la. What is delicious here?”

…so I ordered one dish for myself.

The dish has

  1. Pork meat
  2. Pork fats
  3. Pork blood cake

“This pork is probably supplied from the butcher factory next to me” I told myself. (See day 2 – where pig turn into pork)

I finished entire thing ^^;

guangzhou travel ramen

Japanese Ramen

Why I always have ramen in every country I visit? WHY? WHY?????? #firstworldproblem

guangzhou travel squat every here

China ‘Zat Ma’ Skill

Chinese people are one of the healthiest people because they can squat whenever they are tired.

Don’t believe? Read this: Health Benefits of Squatting and The Science and History of Asian Squat.

Next time I go China again, I am going to squat wherever I want to – PROUDLY!!

Youth arrested for wearing same T-shirts (PPP)

Squatting everywhere

Why don’t we see people squat much here in Malaysia? I know illegal immigrates squats when they are under detained laa… and sometimes when they “pose” at shopping centres.


(You know who I mean right? The Fahrenheit of Philippines…)

When Chinese men squat, they are much cooler because they’re natural.

The Place Where Pigs Turn Into Pork – Guangzhou China Day 2

This is Day 2 at Guangzhou, China. Check out the rest of the posts here.

My accommodation at Guangzhou, China.

I heard many pig screams before I went to bed at night. It sounded like “help me help me I am going to die oinkkkkkk” – which is literally true.

“Why so many pigs keep OINK OINK OINK OINK at these time ah? Don’t care lah.. ”

Then I realised, next to my hotel is a factory where they turn PIG into PORK, this place stinks! Mass killing of pigs happened next to me every night. The hotel I stay at could be haunted anytime. Damn.

Next day, I walked to the nearest train station. The first sight really broke my spirit. This is what I see when I stepped out of hotel..

guangzhou travel industry area

guangzhou travel road to train station

“OMG, Guangzhou is like that one wan arh!?”

….I was devastated. I never thought Guangzhou looked so kampung like this one!

guangzhou travel hotel outside

This is my hotel… and it took the taxi driver 30 minutes to find this place. Even the locals also don’t know this hotel when we tried to ask around. It is THAT SMALL.. and dirty.

Let me briefly tell you about the area I stayed at. It’s an industrial area called Jia He Wang Gang, very close to airport. Mostly are adult health spas, huge hotels, expensive restaurants and factories. I am just unfortunate to stay at a old hotel (so I have stories to share loh).

Getting to City – Guangzhou Public Transportation

Ha! I really thought Guangzhou is lau ya!! Luckily I am only staying at industrial area (which is 30 minutes train ride from city)

The transportation system on-par with Singapore’s LRT – you can pretty much reach every major destination through their public transport.

guangzhou travel mrt

I felt so relieved when I realised GZ is a huge city. The place I stayed is equivalent to Menggatal or Tampuruli. Pheww…

Everything started to turn better when I reach train station. I see something that’s close to civilisation. Took me almost 30 minutes to reach one of the famous street in Guangzhou, called Shang Xia Jiu Lu, where plenty foods and clothing can be found. I decided to spend my first day exploring the food in GZ.

guangzhou travel jiu lu

Shang Xia Jiu Lu

… which literally means “up down nine roads”. I am thinking more like “69 street”. Hahahhaa!

guangzhou travel dessert

I take an effort to take a photo of myself in every place I visit. Here’s a photo that I accidentally take photo of a pretty lady as my background. Wasn’t aware she’s there until I take this photo hahaha. Lucky!

guangzhou travel custard milk

Shuang pi nai (Doubled Layered Custard Milk)

I will write more about food in Guangzhou in a special post. Skip this for now.

guangzhou travel tao tao dim sum

Dim Sum

One of the best restaurant serving the best dim sum in China.

Taste wise? TASTE LIKE DIM SUM!!! WOOHOOOOO!!! You got ZHA-DAO or not?! (nothing surprising!!!)

guangzhou travel tao tao ju

Lim beh got no better photo to take so I took photo of myself, pretending to be happy but actually I am very lonely and jimok.

guangzhou travel dessert shop  guangzhou travel ginger milk

Ginger Milk

I’m going to skip this for now too. Very interesting dessert.

guangzhou travel gloomy weather

Weather in Guangzhou

“Wahhh, the sky is very pretty oh”

I always overheard this from travelers. “The entire EARTH shares the same sky – IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE THE SAME, what the heck are they talking about?”

Now I understand why they always say “wah the sky is so blue”. If you never been to Guangzhou, you will never learn to appreciate our blue sky and white clouds. All you can see in Guangzhou is GREY SKY – not a hint of skylight. The industrial sector there is too serious which caused the sky covered by thick layer of smoke. It’s always hazy and you will never-ever say “breathe in nice air” cause there’s no such thing.

I have another question now – why do gwai lou loves the sun so much? They have sunlight too…

guangzhou travel gong an

Wo Men Shi Gong An!

My first experience seeing China Gong-An (policeman) sapu illegal stalls at Beijing Road. Unlike scenes you saw in television series, they are steady and peaceful when halau-ing the illegal stall owners. Why do tv series always shows them running around while holding a baton? “Oiiii CCB you don’t run!!!”, then the starring fell down, a girl saved him and they fell in love then end of story. Haha.

I don’t know why that lady curi curi looking at me la… I am taking this shot from pretty far away. Maybe she noticed a leng zai bah… = me.

guangzhou travel beijing road

Beijing Street

What the heck is Beijing street doing in Guangzhou? Can’t they have “Guangzhou Street” or something? It’s like ABC stall trying to hard sell char kuey tiaw instead of selling their own specialty – the ABC.

Some thoughts and random discoveries today

Personal thought #1

People here worked very hard to earn every yuan. Majority of them live under poverty. You can see this by how they try to use every method to squeeze money out of you. E.g. construction worker stationed outside train station so they can earn a few extra income by sending you to nearby destination. 20 out of 10 people try to cheat money from you.

Personal thought #2

I am SO HUGE walking among Chinese men. I can easily turn into sexy hunk if I lose my extra weight and groom properly. #narcissism

Personal thought #3

There’s a saying in Chinese, ren kao yi zuo. I realised people are judged based on their looks. I don’t know what inspires me but I realised the devil is in the details. People judge you by the way you dressed.

Random discovery #1

Government installed many posters to remind people to be more civilised. For e.g. 1) Do not cheat foreigners. 2) Do not spit every where 3)Be friendly to others 4)Do not talk loudly, etc. It’s interesting to see government taking an active role in reforming local cultures.

Random discovery #2

If you do not honk when you drive, you’re not from China. They basically honk every few seconds – even just for fun. Noise pollution is a problem here.

Random discovery #3

Now I know why China implemented 1-child policy. People are EVERY WHERE! Like kazat reproduce non-stop. Hahahhaha!

Random discovery #4

More civilised people in the city compare to the are where I stayed. City people talk softly compared to kampung area. At my area, I mistakenly thought people scolding at me.. but in fact they are only communicating with me normally. It’s just the way they shout talk.

Random discovery #5

Women don’t like to put on make up. QOUHH WHY!?

Random discovery #6

Dian Ping – This app saved my ass. Thought of making similar app for but found out this company is not making profit so far. Dropped this idea immediately.

Random discovery #7

Took many notes on how restaurants here operate. They are efficient in taking orders and delivering food.. and also fast in preparing table for next customers. I concluded the reason why their system works so nice – it all boils down to their biggest asset, HUMAN RESOURCE. Every employee is diligent, and they walked double to triple the speed of normal people in KK. They place is easily replaced if they under-performed because their population is so huge.

Random discovery #8

GZ is a great place for shopping, especially for women. You can find great quality for price you pay. But I’d still prefer Thailand in terms of fashion and design. There are some “thai luk po” element when you buy products from there. I couldn’t figure out why yet.

Random discovery #9

Although Chinese men talks loud in most cases. From what I see, majority people still got “ren qing wei” in many situations. People helped each other. Like giving seats to elderly and disabled, and helping other’s kids to cross the road. It’s heart-warming to see such scene when everyone in concrete jungle only cares for themselves.

Random Shits I Encountered During First Day in China – Guangzhou China Day 1

This is Day 1 at Guangzhou, China. Check out the rest of the posts here.

Short version: I travelled to Guangzhou alone because I can.

Long version: The world is so big, I cannot afford to waste my time "jailed" in this place for too long. Time is running out and I have to see as many part of the world as possible before bigger commitments ahead. So I booked a return flight to China, to explore the unknown part of the world.

Canton Fair

The main reason I am at Guangzhou is for the Canton Fair. It’s the biggest import and export exhibition in China, probably in the world too. This is where the trend setters meet with biggest manufacturer in China. Whatever you see here might be the next big trend next year. I am here to see what can I do for my business.

These are random shits I encountered on first day

Random Shit #1

You will meet annoying people who speaks loudly beside you in every flight to China. It’s true. They even talk about which health spa they are going, girls are pretty and what service they enjoyed the most. Then 2 minutes later they talk about their children performance at school. LOL.

Random Shit #2

I almost missed my flight because I met a high school friend at boarding gate. We exchanged stories until forgot to look at watch. It’s been awhile since I sprint 100meter. Took me 10 seconds.

Random Shit #3

People who do not hold China passport is known as "alien".

guangzhou travel sms alert

Random Shit #4

Weather is extremely bad during my departure night. I received "warning" weather forecast. A friend told me, "what’s the point of an adventure if you cancel flight because of weather?"

Random Shit #5

Illegal taxi fare costs me RMB350 to my hotel. Later only I know that it takes less than RMB70.. RMB3 if you take train. We ran across over highway and climbed a fence. Adventure started right after I disembark from plane. A friend says, "You are not in China until you get cheated once by a Chinese".

Random Shit #6

"Hey brother, any places I should visit during my trip here at Guangzhou?" I talked to taxi driver Cantonese.

"I bring you to find girls! range from RMB400 to RMB900! many many times in a night! All girls came from Dong Guan, confirm pretty!"

…. I am speechless. I meant to ask him must-see places, not red-light districts!

guangzhou travel LED lights

Random Shit #7

They have LED lights in almost every building. I guess LED lights are cheap here.

Random Shit #8

Took 30 minutes to find my hotel. It’s a small and dirty sex hotel. "Here comes the adventure… great start." I told myself.

Random Shit #9

I moved my luggage into room, and realised this wasn’t the room I saw when I book my room online. I originally booked for two single bed room (reason: rate for double room is cheaper than single bed).

"Shit lo. Just now kena conned by taxi. Now even hotel also conned me!" I said.

"Don’t care la. I want to sleep first. I am tired."

/30 minutes later.


Someone is attempting to come into my room.

"Wahhh!! SO BAD LUCK MEH ME?! I just moved in less than 1 hour, these China people wanted to rob me already!? Cannot wait tomorrow only rob me meh!?"

Luckily the door is locked from inside. The door *beep* few times, and I decided wake up and see what’s going on.

It’s a couple who wanted to use this room for a quickie (hamsap hamsap la). I see the pattern also know liao, both looked so horny.

"YOU REN AHHH!!" I said. (means someone’s inside this room)

"Ahhh! DUI BU QI!" they apologized and walked away. Soon, receptionist called and I realised I moved into wrong room. I am supposed to be at room 310.

I moved to that room.

guangzhou travel room 301
This is Room 301

guangzhou travel room 310
This is Room 310

This room looks much comfortable! And so much cleaner than the previous room. I feel geli even when I lay on the bed, wondering how many billions of little sperms swam in these bed sheets before. Yuck.

Random Shit #10

There are no water, fridge or closet in the room. I walked to receptionist to buy a bottle of water. She asks, "Any mosquito in your room? You can light on the mosquito repellent, here’s the lighter."

guangzhou travel mosquito repellent

Damn. All the rooms are air conditioned. Do China men really lit this inside a room? I don’t want to die suffocating.

guangzhou travel work at hotel

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