How Getting This Device Reduce My Wife From Mumbling That Much

Just a while ago I didn’t find a reason why I should get myself another tablet. After all, I already own iPad2, I always carry my smartphone with me (Xiao Mi3) and I got what I wanted from my personal computer at home or office.

But that wasn’t long until my iPad2 switched owner.

My mum says “BORROW ME LEHHHHH”. Then never returned my iPad2.

Then, I got married. And my wife is holding her laptop everywhere she goes. She could use a better gadget for her daily entertainment needs. And that’s how I got her a tablet.

I can’t really say that it completely replaced her laptop or mobile phone.

This is how I arrived at Samsung Galaxy tab S 10.5 and how it has benefited her so far.

Portability and Physical Features

For starters, it is even lighter and slimmer than iPad Air making it easier to carry and use on the move.

wife with her samsung tablet

For The Wife

Wait until I get home. My wife is a comic lover and it wasn’t long enough before she got hers too. She will read them anytime anywhere. From home to the shopping mall’s parking lot.

reading comic with Buka

My Karaoke machine

I use it as karaoke device

And that’s not all, I won’t have to worry when my niece, who is in curious stage of interesting curiosity of want-everything-new-uncle-has. The tablet comes with a Kids Mode that locks my important files in while allowing her to play around with the colorful interfaces.

Battery Life Is OK

After using it for a while, I can tell it has an outstanding battery life. The biggest challenge the human world faces currently is not even money and fame but power. It is power that gives them both. So is the world of technology. My Samsung tablet can last me up to 7-12 hours of continual web browsing with it’s power saving mode enabled compared to a laptop which will require to be plugged in every 2-3 hours. Saves me the trouble of carrying power cords and having to stop for charging. As I said earlier, my tablet didn’t fully replace the PC but the basic tasks it is required to perform comes in hardy.

Where Did I Get My Tab?

So, first I did online research and my final stop was at where I was spoilt for choices and a range of options to choose from.

Good thing is, at PricePanda I got to compare prices of my tablet of choice from at least 3 different merchants and choose who to buy from. Guided by merchant’s retail prices and buyer’s reviews, it wasn’t hard to choose from which shop to buy from.