Another Year of Tadau Ka’amatan Festive at Sabah 2014

credit: Hanwei from

credit: Hanwei from

As I am writing this post, it’s Tadau Ka’amatan. A well celebrated festival event at Sabah. This is an annual event of the state, mainly celebrated by local Kadazandusun ethnics.

Of course la, being a Sabahan, everyone wanted to celebrate along too. Who doesn’t like festive seasons anyway? (besides minority business owner). We want all the holidays we can get!

Why I celebrate Tadau Ka’amatan?

yaomingLook at my damn Chinese face! I am pure Chinese, right??

Well, you’re half right only.

I am mixed-blood, where the official refer us as “Sino”. I have Kadazandusun blood flows in me, (which means I am half-half la), pretty common thing, no big deal. That means my entirely line of family and relatives are celebrating this event. You see, I celebrate Chinese New Year, and I celebrate Christmas, now I even celebrate Ka’amatan.

“Do you agree that mixed bloods are usually good looking?”, this is questions I always ask my friends.

“Definitely, most of them are”

“I am mixed too – but I am in the minority group” On side note, local government do take good care of the local-bumi… and somehow I am benefited from that.



drink up
is a common word they use as meaning of “cheers”. So when you drink with Sabahan, you’ll get use to finishing your drink when you hear this word. Drink up!

Side note: when you meet Sabahan in foreign places, say “ARAMAITIII” while holding up your glass. A TRUE Sabahan knows what to do next… lol. Provided he/she is holding an alcoholic drink.

How my average days looks like

I have been tackling different projects and jobs, meeting up with interesting people, and spend at least 15-18 hours outside (no kidding). When my friends called,

“hey Daniel why you yum cha with me any more ha? Yalaaaa rich liao laaa no need find me la” << typical opening speech.

“I meet you more than I meet my mum these days”, is my default reply, half jokingly, half true. Unaware that this is actually something really saddening. I rarely meet my own family even though we live under the same roof.

There are some articles in Facebook recently, about a nurse sharing the top 5 common regrets of elderly at hospital, who are almost at the end of the life expectancy.

1. not spending enough time with family
2. not celebrating Ka’amatan
3. not saying aramaitii before you drink
4. don’t remember
5. I promise I didn’t make this up

OK, here’s the original article I read from.

5 Things People Regret On Their Deathbed

Heart warming moments

petronasDo you know one of those Petronas ads we watch at television during Chinese New Year? Those are damn good wei. They always send strong message across all their advertisement. You’ll never know it’s a Petronas ads until the logo pops up in last few seconds, lol.

Festive that only Sabah celebrates

Like many other celebrations in Malaysian, Ka’amatan is only celebrated in Sabah, like how Hari Gawai is only celebrated at Sarawak.

Still looking forward to Petronas ads that is made for Ka’amatan, with the end message like, “go home after aramaitii, please don’t sleep in middle of the road”


This is the one that I particularly liked,

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image credit – Han Wei @ Flicker