26 Things I’ve Done When I Am 26

26 Things I’ve Done When I Am 26


What the hell.

I’ve graduated from high school 9 years ago..

10 more years, little Bing will be running around, flirting to neighbour daughters.

This post is to look at my personal milestone, what I have achieved past 12 months. And what can I work/further improve on.

1. Opened ZenQ Desserts

Opening ZenQ has taken 5 full months. It’s on-track right now and I am opened for new projects.

2. Having my own Lion Dance ‘Head’

When you see Kolombong Lion Dance group, one of the lion head is mine ^^; got my chinese name tuhh..

3. Becoming VIP in local charity event

Escorted by police when arrived. Great experience, but very paiseh cause whole kampung is looking ^^;

4. Getting involved in dad’s projects

One of the project from my dad, vroom vroom.

5. Launched my own offline web marketing company, Bingo Web Solution

Managed to closed a few sales, but official website is not done yet hahhahah #fail

6. Invest in new relationships and getting to know people

Making an effort to connect with interesting people from different backgrounds.

7. Organised a 400-people event for Grandmum’s 70th birthday

Now I can also be a wedding planner. Muahahha.

8. Fell into river

OK this is not exactly a milstone.

9. Employed more than 10 virtual assistants, but end up letting them go in the same year

Didn’t have the time to monitor their work – and getting complaints from clients =\

This year I am building a brand new team, from ground up. Putting more effort on the groundwork. #entrepreneurship

10. Read more than 20 books on self-help and entrepreneurship

Damn, that’s a lot of money spent on books ^^; Many books can be illegally downloaded online, but holding a real paper book is still my favourite.

11. Completed 50 push-ups in one attempt

I cannot hold chopsticks after the 50 push ups, but I no longer do this. I’ve advance to another level…

Now I do cock push ups.

12. Know the difference of working “in”, and “on” the business

An important concept from the book “E-Myth Revisited”.

13. Idea comes from unexpected places

I become ZEN when I take shower – idea flows so I need to write it down immediately.

14. Planked at high school

Luckily discipline master is not around when we planked.

15. To Brunei via air, land, and sea – multiple times.

The Woman is working at Brunei, so traveling between country is necessary.

16. Invested time and effort onĀ social media

I share great contents I found on the internet. Sharing is caring! :) Follow me on @ahbing

17. Launched KK private tour service

Teamed up with licensed freelance tour guides to bring tourist up mountain and down sea.

18. Wrote 43 food guide and gained 3kgs

19. Ahbing.com received more than 1,000 likes

Now I can take over Malaysia with my 1,000 men army, muahahha.

20. Involved in negotiations that involved mid-6 figures

Pick up phone, “HA? any matters below RM50,000 don’t call me leh! diao!”

21. Cut down involvement of 20 websites, to handful 2-3 actives sites

Made possible by a team of virtual assistants. However there’s no system, hence the quality of the work is not up to par. Mission failed. This year only focus on important ones.

22. Learn to utilise Evernote, Google Reader and Google Calendar

3 of the most important tools in my arsenal.

23. Make money with 4 years old laptop

You don’t need a high-end laptop to launch a browser, do you? Making side-income from the internet is simple.

24. Keyword for success, “attitude” and “networking”

Always keep that in mind.

25. It’s not how much you’ve done, but what result you get

Learned this from my ZenQ partner, Kevin. What he says is so damn true.

26. Enjoy being alone, getting things done, and the power of meditate

Olin I am becoming too ZEN hahahha

Today, I turn 27.

* * *