5 Personalities I Met From Internet

10:49pm, Coffee Bean, Brunei.

I’ve been fairly active on the internet. I might have missed out many great things in life, I also had… aiyohhhhh the lady beside my table is talking so loud that I cannot concentrate writing. She broke my chain of thought..


I managed to meet a lot of interesting personalities despite I spend majority of my time looking at computer screen, would not have meet these people if I am not blogging or exposing myself on the internet.

I took personality test (very accurate shit). Result: I am slightly introvert and I like to observe, and give consultation (a.k.a. senkalin)

Here are some friends that I’ve met so far. I hope they don’t mind I blog about them.. (I mentioned them in blog without their prior permission hhahha)

Here goes..


Flanegan (@flanegan) // Website

I can’t remember how we know each other virtually.. we met at Melbourne (I studied at Brisbane and he was at Melbourne). He introduces me the best souvlaki I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Flanegan majors in photography. From the first day I met him, he has remained the pro-est and true-est artist I ever known. His passion for photography has never diminish for a bit despite he faces many challanges and difficulties. Now he is planning for a Japan trip and hopes to a job there. Danny Choo2.0!


Andrew's son, not himself ;)

gadgetsorus (@gadgetsorus)

Andrew is first friend I met at Brunei, at Coffee Bean to be exact (where I’m writing this post).

He is blog reader of mine and we exchanged email a few times. Father of 3 children and he still looks so young!

Andrew runs a few company and he is into Startup scenes, he is one of the influencer that make me realise how awesome is start ups, especially in tech field. If I had a big idea that’s worth pursuing – he is the first person I will approach.

He owns crazy amount of t-shirts from startups, lol.



Dinoza (@dinoza) // Website

This guy has bigger balls than me – he is Managing Director of Imperial Hotel and also the Creative Director of Breeze Magazine. Besides appearing in many high profile launches, Dinoza also plays at a local Frisbees club every weekend. He is probably the busiest person in KK because he is every where, really!

Great guy to know – I have much to learn from him. Can’t wait to yum cha with him.


John Wong

John Wong (@princenamor) // Website

I met John at Hyatt Ramahdan Buffet – we both clicked straight away cause we’re interested in techie stuff. He is more into coding and programming and I am into marketing. John and Lim are Flexnode Solutions partners, who brought us one of the most popular KK Food website Ravejoint.com


Lim Tzyy Shyong

Lim (@dxtremex) // Website

I haven’t met this guy yet.. but I can’t wait. By reading his blog and tweets, I know we are same type of people!

We read almost the same book and our thoughts are alike. Lim is like my virtual twins.. but I doubt he is as hairy as me la. (and I got metal balls muahaha).

Lim blogs at Clipsoflogic.com and is currently one of my favourite blog locally.

He also launched StartNOW.com.my not long ago – also my kinda website. It’s about launching a project publicly and keeping yourself credible. I think it’s awesome! I joined (free) and also shared some of my thoughts and experience.. if you’re excited about creating projects and startups, this website is for you.


My thoughts

It’s these chain of events that allows me to network beyond my circle of friends. Meeting new friends is greatest thing happened in my social life (and still is!).

There are still many online readers that says “hey let’s meet up / yum cha / makan” is on my waiting list. Rest assured I have not forgotten our promises.

There’s a one-liner I heard somewhere,

“It’s not about the things you do, but the people you know”

Make effort to reach out – even if it’s beyond your comfort zone. Stop complaining if you say “I don’t have friends” – you are not putting enough effort to reach out.

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  1. says

    Great post! You’re right, there are so many interesting people and personalities out on the web — all you have to do is look around a little bit to find them. Some of the people I’ve met online are still great friends. Welcome to the Livefyre community, and please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or feedback for us!

  2. myhealth says

    Great insights ever! I love your attitude in keeping in touch with your friends online. Glad to know that five personalities above I truly appreciate them. No man is an island so let’s keep on having friends online. Thanks for sharing this great insights from yours.

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