How To Build Up Your Personal Network While Helping Others

How To Build Up Your Personal Network While Helping Others


You will understand the title once you finish reading this post.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 01

Impressive graffity.

Where are the graffity artists at KK? We need to do something like…

“88000 KOTA KINABALU SABAH BAHHHHHH!!!” , so we can defeat “KENINGAU BAH!!”

…because we love long names!

For example, we have one of the longest city name in Malaysia – K.O.T.A.K.I.N.A.B.A.L.U.

Kota Kinabalu vs. Keningau.

See? We are longer.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 02

KTV until 2am. We forgot we need to wake up 2 hours later…

Young people these days memang tahan lasak. I have to admit, I am falling behind with parties compared to these young fellas.

Ah wait, I think I am one of the youngest here. This proves that OLD MAN CAN PARTY HARD TOO!!! Hahhaha.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 03

5:30am in the morning.

Briefing session at hotel lobby. There’s so many young fellas and YET none of them joined us at the KTV.

See? THIS ALSO PROVES OLD PEOPLE KNOWS HOW TO PARTY!! WOOOOO!!! Nolah, actually they are doing the real work co-organizing the event. We are actually there to “zap tao zap mei” guys, hahhaha.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 04

Having quick breakfast in the morning before depart.


I recently joined Rotaract Club of Likas Bay, where we initiate charity events to help the needy. Read more about Rotary here..

We are young professionals looking to get more exposures in various activities, get mentorship, and to expand our network. My main purpose is to infiltrate this club to hunt for young innocent ladies. If you like to join me, drop me an email. I am taking over this club’s …. ladies’ heart – one by one. You can become my wing-man only.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 06

Our team working together to make more kampung people get serious toothache! (we distribute free Nestlé drinks… one of the sponsors). Nolah just kidding, the seniors are going to diao me if they read this, hahahhaha.

“Ei you blog is bad influence ah!”

Ah well. Let my pain be the source of your entertainment.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 07

This is one of the many trips Rotary Club organise entire year to infiltrate to young sumandak reach out to the needy people to lend them a hand.

We reached out to Kg. Sook at Keningau, an hour drive from the town.

We brought in few medical experts teams like dentist, doctors, pharmacists and also opto-something-something (the guy who makes you eye glasses is called what ah?).

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 08

Then, ENTIRE KAMPUNG (hundreds of them) came to get free medications.

This is one of the little effort we can provide to the villagers where they have difficulty going town for medical attention.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 09

Besides giving out medical attention, we also get a few sponsors to donate basic necessities like food, toiletries and mosquito repellent. But seemed like clean water has highest demand.

“Boss, bulih kasih sia air bersih kah? Tong itu pun macam cantik oo…” …they are referring to the water bucket we see at the water cooler stations.

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 10

Pharmacy team dispatching medicines to the villagers. All medicines are sponsored. If there are complicated symptoms which require more attention, they will be referred to specialist at hospital.

Side note: We discovered they don’t have much entertainment after sunset. That is probably why they have so many children. We even confused if the person who carrying the baby is the sister or the mum… #firstworldproblem

Rotary Medical Outreach Keningau Kg Sook 05

If you’re under 30, and like to participate some of these activities. We would like to have more helping hands. Let me know so I can keep you in loop with our upcoming activities.