I Am Probably The Fattest Pig at Taiwan Today

01 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

See, I told you we almost ate the entire menu of La Kaffa cafe at Taiwan Day 1. Today, this is mushroom sauce spaghetti.

02 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

All the meals come with a set order. Sometimes its difficult to make decision since all of them looked so delicious. It takes a reasonable time to prepare one meal.

Here’s what’s in my mind the entire time while I am having this meal.

If I were to operate this La Kaffa cafe, what are my…

  • cost
  • wastage
  • profit
  • turn over
  • preparation time

… after initial calculation, I rather be selling 生肉面. Paling wun zun!

03 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

Fruit waffle to feast you eye.

04 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

Lots of effort goes into food preparation.

I am more into “basic and clean” when it comes to food. But when I serve ZenQ to customers, I will make an effort to make it good looking.

Maybe I’m born a business man after all.

05 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

As written on the wall behind me,

“La Kaffa – Chatime – ZenQ” are under the same big group. This company is preparing to go IPO during our meeting in 2012. I believe they are in the final phase of becoming a listed company in 2013.

Ah, some day… my turn.

I want have a listed company by selling sheng rou mian 生肉面 and guo tie 锅贴.

**Meeting started in morning, and ended around 6pm. I probably lost few kg from negotiations**

06 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

The real definition for “old school”

This restaurant brings the word “old school” to it’s basic and original meaning.. the theme of this restaurant is literally OLD SCHOOL, bukan main-main.

07 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

In this restaurant you can find all the items you usually find in an old class room.

Suddenly I feel like stepping in into a movie scene.

/camera snap snap snap

08 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

Look at the text book.

09 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

… it’s actually a menu.

I sibeh like!!!!!!!

Felt like primary school again, lol.

11 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

猪油饭, literally means pork lard rice.

Every thing is perfect when there’s pork lard involved.

13 Taiwan La Kaffa Trip 2

The food are surprisingly delicious – from my past experience, the fancier the restaurant is (rated by how many photos I take), the more disappointed the food is. But the food here really surprises me.

Om nom nom nom we finished every thing on table while nodding countless times of head.

Nodding = good.

Fish Noodle That’s Made of Real Fish @ Kedai Kopi Yung Hwa, Damai

This is first blog post for 2013.

Today lim beh suddenly got feel want to write blog. So I korek back some “ready made” blog posts from previous months to blog a bit.

The blog post today is about… er… food.

Oh yeah bebeh. First blog in 2013 is FOOD!!!

It’s been awhile since I unleash the “bullshit writing” in me. Now I want to bull shit kuat kuat in this post.

* * *

1 Yung Hwa Damai shop front

Kedai Kopi Yung Hwa

I went to this restaurant called Kedai Kopi Yung Hwa, located at Damai.

This kedai kopi has been operating for many years, and many friends of mine always ask me to come taste their signature dish.

“Ei, their noodle is made of fish meat wan! go try eh!”

“But hor, you have to go VERY early. Every time we go kan, 10am already habis wan”

I tried to go there in the morning for many times – but often fail. I am always late.

2 Yung Hwa Damai stall

Stall setup

The stall setup is pretty simple.

A few bowls of different fish cakes and fried wonton, tauke only takes the “liao” you want and mix and match.

If you want extra big bowl, he gives you extra “liao” lo. If you want to jaga your diet, he gives you no wanton. Easy job. He put every “liao” inside a bowl then siram the bowl kuat kuat with his fish broth soup.

Wah. Fresh fresh hot hot. Punya nice.

3 Yung Hwa Damai price and menu

The Morning market menu (7am – 2pm)

When the menu says “FISH MEE”… the really mean MEE that is made of FISH.

This is the real deal, bebeh.

You can choose normal size, “ka liao” means extra toppings. “ka liao ka dai” means extra toppings and noodles for you.

Different types of broth is available too. You look at the menu la, pretty self-explainatory.

Yung Hwa Damai clear fish broth

Look at the broth! Like water……… but looks can be deceiving. The soup is full of flavour. Bukan main main.

Yung Hwa Damai fish broth

The soup

The soup is full of flavour because they cook entire fish bone in this pot of soup.

I call this the “Fountain of Fish Flavour”

OK that’s full of shit but whatever lah. Hahahha.

Yung Hwa Damai fish noodle

My makan partner, Sha, ordered konlo kuey tiaw with normal toppings.

Yung Hwa Damai fish paste noodle

Ta da.. the fish noodle

Me? I ordered fish noodle laaa.. that’s what they are famous for.

I saw the tauke cut the fish noodles piece by piece.. very labor intensive. The texture of the noodle is like normal fish cake, but cut in strips instead of slices.

A fresh experience for me. Texture wise? Taste like normal fish cake lo.. haha.

OK lah I write another blog post first.

Santola Bar, A Secret Coffee Spot Where Ah Bing Get His Work Done Without Distractions of Office Ladies.

Santola Bar is a hidden coffee heaven, secretly hiding within Kolombong industrial area. It has been one of my favourite coffee spot, secretly, for many months.

It’s also where I get deals done, with clients and contractors.

(Note: this is not a paid review)

Whenever I come Santola Bar, my mood automatically turns ZEN mode.

In other words, I become a productivity machine and get my work done.


(I suspect, mainly because there’s no distraction from attractive office lady, unlike when I am at Starbucks)

This place is so secretive that I honestly hesitate to share with readers ^^;

There are many reasons I like Santola Bar.

It’s hidden well within industrial area – no one knows how to come to this place. Even after I showed them the direction-_-

…(ok I am referring my mum)


Santola Bar
29, Jalan Kilang,
Sedco Industrial Zone, Kolombong.
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Tel: 088-428468

It gets very quiet at times because no one knows this place! I love it! hahaha.

I have the “get things done” mood whenever I step into this place.

This bar serves as a getaway spot for me, from the noisy and rowdy coffee bars. E.g. Starbucks during weekend, where all parents bring their children to Starbucks for weekend ‘holiday’.

It’s a living hell.

Free Internet Wi-Fi. (their password is cafe123456, and no-one share bandwidth with me, heheheheheh)

Staffs are friendly. And they know their coffee!. Why? they have their own certified barista training here. All staff are the Jedi of coffee.

Santola bar only serve local coffee, Cap Kuda coffee, which are sourced from Tenom. They roast their own coffee in this own building, then distribute it. You’ll smell awesome coffee aroma from miles away.

Most customers here are either business owners or datuks-datuks, who came here to talk business. I can listen to their story from many tables away, cause the place is really quiet.

Sometimes, I feel like a boss when I am at Santola. Hehe.

They even call me Datuk nowadays.

Datuk gets RM0.25 discount.

This is my new favourite coffee spot.. please don’t come.

Dining Experience at a Lifestyle Store and Cafe and.. wait, THEY SELL CLOTHES IN RESTAURANT?!

“WHAT!? Fullhouse is at KK already!?”, a friend asked in Twitter.

“I never heard Fullhouse o, very famous one meh?” I replied.

“Their desserts are awesome, and they are every where around KL”

“Ok let’s go tomorrow!”

12 hours later, I am at Fullhouse, with 4 other friends joining me for restaurant review.

I ordered Chicken Burger (set lunch) RM19.90 – Well…. the food looks nice. But the taste is so-so only. Appearance is enticing and attractive, and that’s always a bonus.

“How was it?” they asked. Obviously my lunch set is best looking (and biggest portion).

“Umm, Ramlee burger tastes wayyyy better to be honest ^^; Also double mushroom swiss from Burger King”

“Nothing beats Ramlee burger, period.” they all nodded.

Lisa ordered Salmon Salad RM16.90 – It taste exactly like what you imagined. Smoked salmon, tastes like smoked salmon ^^;

YSLo commented on the mango, “yer why so dark one”. LOL. The only thing that’s worth mentioning is the vegetable, “this tastes good, maybe they are using balsamic vinegar”

HAHAHHA. it’s good because of the vinegar, omg punya lame la you, Lisa!

Lisa also ordered Alfunghi Spaghetti (set lunch) RM16.90.

“Oh gui la…… so dry……….” said Lisa.

“They should pour Man Tai’s “万泰” sauce on it HAHAHAHHAHA” said YSLo.

(note: Man Tai is KK’s famous dish from Beaufort – the dish usually comes with delicious sauce)

YSLo and Hin Ching ordered Chicken Chop (set lunch) RM18.90 – If this dish can only described with one word, it would be ‘salty’.

I would say, ‘tiny’.

We suspected YSLo’s chicken chop was cut into half before serving… and we keep laughing at his dish portion.

“Maybe it was a mistake or left over from previous customer, since your order arrives 3 minutes after order! Hahhahah”

When Hin Ching’s chicken chop arrives..

“BAHAHAHH ALSO SMALL-SMALL ONE!!” all finger pointing at Hin Ching’s dish.

The portion size shown in menu is misleading, but that’s OK. Their staff attitude is nice and friendly, that alone makes the whole experience different and worth the visit.

… high quality staffs are difficult to find, seriously. I am speaking this from personal experience -_-

(I always get complaints for lousy customer service in my shop, so I understand ^^;)

I ordered this also, I think this is the biggest portion of all, Wok-Sear Chicken Chop RM18.90.

How big?

Like this <———————————————————->

And you know what?

This chicken looks exactly like menu!

You see?

It looked 100% exactly the same!


I never see a food photo that takes whole page of menu. Amazing.

Introduce you the 4 ‘kaki’ who joined me for lunch. From top left (clockwise): Lisa, Sunny, YSLo and Hin Ching.

“Uihh lin si! why got wardrobe inside restaurant one!?” I asked.

Obviously I am from kampung, you see. I never seen these kind of concept store. Hahaha.

I only know coffee shop exists inside book store, but not a boutique shop inside a restaurant ^^;  <– sam pah lao

There are even 2 fitting rooms!

YSLo and me wanted to try some of the shirt but obviously it’s only for women. Well, we can still try if we wanted to, unfortunately there’s no size for both of us. Meh. 不好玩了.

“Maybe I can wear this ohhh, lin seyyy…”

From my observation, the owner must have spent over millions on decorations and renovation. The whole business premise has taken 4 shop lots some more (!).


Monthly rent can almost buy a Toyota Vios, in cash. lol.

I also heard that Fullhouse allows customers to take wedding photos in the restaurant premises. Is that true?

Total damage done RM110.20

Price is fair – given the friendly staff and excellent environment.

Don’t expect too much from the food, though ;) I was told that all Fullhouse’s food are nothing worth mentioning. #somolin

Fullhouse menu is a little magazine – besides the usual food pictures, it also includes fashion, lifestyle, photos of ambassadors and past events.

“Can I order this?”, the waiter didn’t give me a fuck. Hahahaa.

Imagine you can order the lady for lunch………. #somethingtoponder

*I expect to have desserts, but… not desserts in sight :(

G7 & 1-10
Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
Lot 1, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

[gmap fullscreen=1 width=”720px” height=”400px” type=”hybrid” zoom=18 lat=”5.976474,116.115777″ lng=”0.398137,0.633774″]Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu[/gmap]

Food Review: Kalamata’s Resto Bar at Api-Api Centre, Kota Kinabalu

It was many moons ago since I wrote my last food review. The last proper food review was 43 Food You Must Not Miss in KK.


I wrote that post on May 2011. That means almost 9 months didn’t write any post related to food. Yet, so many still call me “KK Food blogger”. WTF man.

Why no one call me “Sabah’s most handsome blogger”?


So, yesterday I feel like doing some proper food review again, saw MeiTzeu blog about Kalamata’s restaurant at Api-Api Centre.

“Aiyah sui bian la, just go only” I say to myself.

“I lazy make decision, simply pick this restaurant to review la! You come join me ok!” I told me food partner in crime, Hin Ching.

Kalamata’s Resto Bar serves Western and Filipino food – Fusion style, bebeh.

“Can I ask, why are you taking photos of my menu?” tough Indian guy talked to me while holding a glass of Tiger beer.

“I write food reviews”

“Why take photos of my menu?”

“For reference”

I offer to shake hand with the owner, he reluctantly shake my hand. I hope I can ask more questions, “would you like to have a seat and have a chat?”

“No thank you” and the owner walks away.

“…… errrr”

“Can I have the name card also please” I raised a bit my voice while he is walk away.

He orders his staff to get one name card for me but it never arrived.

Meh, lousy first impression.

But hor, the environment is really nice. Like MeiTzeu described in her blog – the ambience is soothing and relaxing.

Maybe is the pint of Tiger making me feeling so nice. #somolin haha.

I started off with a caesar salad, RM10. Reasonable price. One thing worth mentioning, the chicken is tender and juicy. Unfortunately the dressing spoiled it.. By smelling at it, I know it’s the cheapest mayonnaise found in supermarket.

Yes, I am super sensitive to mayonnaise cause I’m a big fans for Kewpie Mayo.

Something something soup, RM10 (Hahaha I lazy to refer back to menu while writing this). VERY flavourful. Lots of ingredients were put into the soup. Both Hin Ching and me keep saying “whoa this is nice”. It’s mostly chicken, onion, tomato and ginger.

Edit: It’s Tinolang Manok RM10

Chicken chop RM15.90. The waitress recommended this, Hin Ching said he liked and and chomp chomp chomp – finished in 10 minutes. “Eh the chicken breast is very tender nehhhh” he said.

Adagong (Adogon? Adagang? Ada-apa-apa?) Chicken RM10, chicken that is prepared by vinegar and soy sauce. This shit is awesome man. I finish the dish by itself without makan nasi. This turns out to be a great food after you had 3 pints of beer.

Edit: It’s Adobong Manok RM10

Then, you mix the leftover sauce on your rice. MAKAN again.

Fulamak, punya syok.

Note: Each of the dishes above has special name respectively. I just didn’t bother to check, nor write it down.

Note2: The owner didn’t give me name card, thus I don’t know when is their business hour or contact details.

Note3: Despite the ungrateful attitude, I still write this post because the food is really nice. Most importantly, they also serve draught beer. It’s a great bonus for beer lovers like me.

Location: Api Api Centre, Kota Kinabalu. Behind Marina court.

[gmap fullscreen=1 width=”720px” height=”400px” type=”hybrid” zoom=18 lat=”5.976494,116.070771″ lng=”0.001459,0.002476″]Api-Api Center, Kota Kinabalu[/gmap]

Eating Thai Food Guide: The Only Thailand Food Guide You Ever Need

This photo never fails to make me salivate. Damn.

One durian alone costs me 40 Singapore dollar, but it’s worth every cent.

Ok enough writing about durian, I cannot tahan already.

Today, I want to tell you about a food guide written by another blogger.

My friend, Mark, recently completed his Thailand food guide. He sent me a review copy and all I can say is “this guide is fucking epic“.

I’ve just completed “43 food you must not missed in KK” and it took me 2 months to complete it, I know how much effort it took Mark to complete this 88 pages Thai Food Guide. It’s amazing.

The guide only costs $7. To be honest, I think that price is ridiculously cheap.. and Mark has made a mistake for pricing this it such low price.

However… his loss is your gain ;)

Mark blogs at and

[Food Review] Woodland House at Karamunsing Capital


Fried Fish Head Mee Hoon (RM8.50) — When it comes to noodle soups, I emphasize on the broth. The broth usually determines how good is the bowl of noodle.

I was told that the Fish head mee hoon here is prepared with KL recipe, so it taste a bit different from what I usually had in breakfast (in a good way).

Also, the presence of evaporated milk in the broth added complexity and satisfaction.

Try imagine yourself having a flavourful soup with a hint of sourness and lots of creaminess. Feels like having a hot chocolate during a rainy day.

Hah! I am getting good at food review! :)

“Do you prefer fish head, or fish meat?”

“Fish meat please”

“Fresh or fried?”

“Fried please”

Ouhhh baby! the fried fish is full of flavour, and there was no fishy smell (pun intended)

I think is the addition of cooking rice wine (紹興酒). The wine compliments the fish broth perfectly, it’s like adding vinegar to shark fin soup and loh mee (卤面).

Talk about loh mee, they serve loh mee here too!

Loh Mee (RM8.50) — Egg noodles in broth thickened with corn starch and beaten eggs. If you’re a big fan of thick broth and shark fin soup, you’ll definitely love loh mee.

However in this food review, I found out the noodle did not complement well with the broth… not as well as I expected. Maybe is because I was too full from finishing the whole fish head mee hoon by myself.

If I ignore the egg noodle, I can probably finish whole bowl of soup by myself lahh.. must add vinegar though.

I like the “deep taste” of vinegar, like how much I love women with deep cleavage. Hahahahahaha.

The environment is comfortable, there’s something about the ambiance. Suitable for family and also couples.. feels a bit like Starbucks eh?

Few months ago when this restaurant opened, I was like “whoaaa this restaurant looks expensive oh wei.. I cannot afford that.”

Well I am just basically gu hon, so to speak :P

But when Jovy invited me over for food review, I only realised “ehh? they serve fish head mee hoon wan ar?”


:D Thanks Jovy for inviting me.

This is the shop front, which intrigued me the every time I walked past.

Now I know they serve good fish head mee hoon.

The shop is located at Karamunsing Capital (yes, this place again!).

If you have troubles making decision where to have your next meal — I suggest you to go try all the restaurants in Karamunsing Capital, you probably need few days to explore all the restaurants..

D-0-3 Ground floor,
Block D, Karamunsing Capital,
88300, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

088-488 980
016-970 6373 (Weng Seng)
012-331 1880 (Veronne)

Business hours:
10:00am – 3:00pm


PS: The first time I visit this restaurant was at 2pm, and tauke told me “Sorry we’re sold out, come again k?”. Make sure you go early.

[Food Review] Kedai Kopi Xing Wan at Damai, Kota Kinabalu.

砂煲伊面 (RM5.00) — This is probably the best Yee Mee I had in KK. There was a period I was so addicted to the noodle, I automatically woke up at 6:30am and be in the restaurant by 7am sharp.

Not kidding.

It’s awesome to have a bowl of hot noodle to start off the day.

“YES! I am energized now! Start to work! Ushhhh!” << I say this to myself every time after I had a great breakfast :)

Kedai Kopi Xing Wan did a major renovation recently. It used to be a small stall in the corner.

“Do you know the pan mee restaurant at Damai?”

“Which one? the one with the tauke wearing plastic googles wan?”

“Yes, him. The one who never takes a day off”

“Agree. Now he own the whole shop already! 袋他發¹”

Now the restaurant operates in more systematic way.

Make order at the counter > Given a number plate > find a table. You get your own chopsticks.

Food will be served within 5-10 minutes.

Very efficient. I LIKE!!

You can also try 板面, which is their speciality and also favourite of the crowd.


Ground floor
Lot.18, Block F,
Damai Plaza Phase 4,
Luyang Kota Kinabalu

Business Hour:

7am-3pm daily

袋他發¹ (dai3 ta1 fatt1) — Deserve to be wealthy, in Hakka slang.

[Food Review] Lava Resto Bar at Karamunsing Capital

I was invited to LAVA Resto Bar to do a food review, by my friend, Jovy. She’s the event and marketing manager.

“Bing!! Our pub club restaurant place bar serve food liao oh, come do review eh!”

“What?! Your place got serve food? seriously bahh… I thought bar only serve finger food and alcohol? good or not first?”

“We serve main course lo! The chef previously works in hotel, very skillful one. Also, bring some guests over laa”

“Sounds good to me, OKAY I AM COMING!!” <— I am a cheapskate.

And so I went to LAVA to do a proper food review.


Every time I get food review invitation, I usually invite friends to tag along.

PS: Whoever want to join food review with me please leave your comments below, say “Ah Bing you’re very handsome, please invite me to food review next time”. Anyone can participate :D


I invited Hong Yi to join our dinner. I was fans of her blog and always wanted to meet her in person— since 2 years ago. Finally, I get to meet Hong Yi in person! *happy*

Hong Yi is sporty, outgoing, talented and also very sweet. She just graduated Masters last year.

Whole night my heart beat was like, buk buk buk buk buk buk buk, lol.

Hong Yi also lent me a book, “Sweet Poison” after reading my diet post.

Also, go check out her latest post, the “I love KK” project. Prepare to be inspired.

Hin Ching blogs at and several blogs that he never wanted to reveal, “wait first.. I’ll tell you when it’s on track”.

I hope I can help him in adding more content to his new website so I invited him along. He was judge from American Idol.

Caesar salad (RM10) — The ice lettuces are pre-mixed with salad sauce before placing on plate. The chicken fillets are moist and tender, eggs are chopped finely and sprinkled with dried bacon.

Lots of effort gone into preparing a plate of salad. Love it.

Cream of mushroom soup (RM8) — “Tastes better than Party Play‘s mushroom soup”, according to Hin Ching.

Spaghetti marinara (RM16) — Spaghetti is well cooked. Balance flavour between spiciness and sourness.

This is not tomato based nor cream based that you usually have in typical Italian restaurant. I was expecting a tomato based marinara spaghetti (my favourite).

Worth a try if you’re into new food.

Oven Mojito Chicken Chop (RM17) – Chicken thigh is grilled to perfection, with nice burnt scarring.

Surprisingly the vegetables goes well with the sweet sauce, especially red peppers. Love to bits.

I reckon the potatoes taste better if deep fried than roasted.

Baked Norwegian Salmon (RM26) — The salmon is very niceeeeeeeeee!

The vegetables pretty much the same, only the sauce is different. The cream sauce goes well with salmon.

The salmon still retains the fish oil, every bite I took is juicy-juicy one. Ohhh sangat bagus.

I have to praise the chef for his awesome skill in preparing the salmon. I know how difficult it is to prepare salmon — I personally cooked salmon many times but always ended up with a tough and dry salmon :(

Caramelise Pineapple (RM8) — I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS.

Bulu kembang when I had my first bite. Go try.

Family with kids are allowed in the pub until 9pm.

Happy hour is from 6pm-9pm.

Live band starts at 9pm.

We were sitting in front of stage, we looked like American Idol judge.

Hin Ching and me were having hard time focusing on their face.. we keep looking at their chest. Hahhahaha. But their performance is really good.

Hong Yi asks, “which one is your favourite?”

“Whoever comes under the spot light looks gorgeous” I replied.

And it’s true!

I immediately text my buddies, “Oi come LAVA Resto Bar, the singers are very sihat!”

I asked Jovy, “Ei, what exactly is resto bar?”

“Restaurant Bar, in short form..”

o.O” no wonder they serve food.

G-0-7 and G-0-8
Ground floor, Block G, Karamunsing Capital
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


PPS: Jovy don’t want to expose her identity in this blog post, very mysterious ha :)

[Food Review] Origin From The Heart of Vietnam Restaurant

A friend of mine, Don Arthur Sario, recently opened a new Vietnamese restaurant with his wife, Starr Nguyen.

The restaurant is called Origin – Cafe, Food & Lifestyle.

I decided to check it out during the weekend (and put my diet on hold).

Their mission statement is,

To create a cafe with a personal touch between staff and customers.

To offer a less corporate, “anti-franchise” place where ideas and life experiences are exchanged.

Chicken Baguette (RM7) — Don recommended the Chicken baguette since I cannot consume beef, which was among the favourites of customers. The tasty fillings were sandwiched with French bread, and Don added a twist to the bread by toasting it. Brilliant.

The portion is huge, almost like Subway foot-long size. The creamy sauce and tender chicken breast complimented with each other, and dipping the extra sauce makes the bread more savoury.

If you are sandwich lover, you’ll love this.

Don also told us brief story about the food culture in Vietname, how French colonization affected the culture and, hence the existence of baguette fusion in Vietname cuisine.

Dry Rice Noodle RM8 — The konlo mee of Vietname! Don’t be deceived by this photo, there are plenty of beef slices hidden under the ice lettuce. Good combination of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.

Mix the noodle with extra sauce before consuming — taste salty and mild sweetness, with some fried scallion to boost the taste.

However in my opinion, probably they are serving an authentic Vietnamese way, and is not suited to local taste. I am fine with either way though. I have an easy tongue to please :)

Fried Spring Rolls (Beef) RM5 — Don also recommended this deep fried beef spring roll. My eating partner, Chris, commented the sweet sauce complimented with the spring roll, but the spring roll itself was over-fried. It would be perfect with shorter frying period.

I guess Chris preferred to cook it the Chinese way, until golden brown and crunchy. Heh.

From my observation, the whole spring roll is filled with beef.. it must be damn nice to be chewing a whole piece of beef with juiciness of the sauce, well that’s my thought la since I cannot chew it myself.

Black coffee (Mai) RM3.50 — Origin offers different types of Vietnamese coffee, all imported from Vietname. I ordered Mai, which taste milder compare to Trung Nguyen, a denser version.

There’s also milk coffee available.

The metal cup on top is a coffee filter, the Vietnamese style, bebeh!!

“Eh Don, if I lazy to wait for the coffee to filter, and wanted to drink immediately, can ah?”

“No, you have to wait until the coffee finished filtering, then the coffee only taste good”

“Har? why so mafan one?”

“This is only to show off jehhh. I will serve filtered coffee next time for immediate consume. Customer can choose”

I prefer this kopi more then Nescafe ones of course.

Origin Restaurant is officially launching the business on April 2011 (from what I heard), so for now the restaurant is still pre-soft launch period. Feel free to communicate and give feedback to Don, he is a cool and nice guy.

You can identify him with a tattoo on his wrist.

Oh also, live bands play at his restaurant too! Join his Facebook group and check the updates there for further information.

Lot G-0-1, Ground Floor Level, Karamunsing Capital, Kota Kinabalu City, Sabah, Malaysia

0109318869 Mobile
0168177856 Home


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