D’KL restaurant – Authentic Indonesian Food at Kota Kinabalu

“Lin si, you want to go try out authentic Indon food ma?” Joey asked.

Joey is a new friend I recently met. We are lucky to meet each other through blogging, and she just recently moved to KK. Here’s Joey’s blog.

“Why you call me lin si oooooooooooo” I asked.

“Isn’t that how KK people call each other?”

/faint hahahhaaha.

BTW, Joey refers me as “…a famous blogger from Kota Kinabalu” in her blog. I am famous!! Wohoooooo! *syok chin-chin*

This how the restaurant looks like. Very nice right? I love the ambience. It was very quiet when we arrived. We even laughed at ourselves for making reservations. But it was packed around 7.30-ish. Malay family dine late, I guess.

If you prefer to sit on chair, you have to sit outside, without air-con room. Shoo shoo.

One thing I like about this restaurant is, they provide long tables to accomodate family of large members. They serve mostly Malay customers and Malays tend to have larger family members. For me, this is perfect for large gatherings – especially class gathering, but without alcohol.

The Husband, Kenneth (yes Joey’s married) offered to pick me up because I don’t know the exact location. It’s not a restaurant per se, more like a kediaman rumah modified into a business operating platform.

This is the exact location of D’KL restaurant.

Drinks we ordered—Air Serai and Soda Gembira. Air Serai is lemongrass juice, very rare in KK. You must try!

Joey ordered Soda Gembira, which is air bandung (rose extract) mixed with evaporated milk and soda, if not mistaken lah. I am very senkalin one, I guess everything :P

And these are the foods we ordered.

Kangkung Belacan

Ayam Bakar Taliwang – A bit charred, but I guess that’s how padang food suppose to taste like :P

Ikan something something with young mango. lol.

Ayam Penyet – I have to mention the effort they put in their food. Look at the presentation of the dish! Each cabbage are rolled individually, amazing details!

Cumi Goreng – Guess what is cumi?

Tauhu Telur – I seen this dish at food show before, never thought KK has this dish! I love deep fried tauhu, kesyokan chin chin.

Nasi Putih Kemgembiraan Maksimum – damn cool dish name, and yes I added this myself. It’s not available in the menu haha.

Guess how much all of these cost?


That’s considered cheap in KK standard. Seriously. With the great ambience, great food, helpful and friendly staff, we couldn’t get anything cheaper than that.

On top of that, I am lucky to have companionship with Kenneth and Joey, which makes it even more perfect. What a great night :)

D’KL have successfully convert another satisfied customer into their list. I’ll be coming back again.


No.1 Lorong Likas, Jalan Pasir,
Kampung Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-430075 (advice you to make reservation)

Operating Time:

Monday – Friday: 7am – 10pm (close on Friday prayer’s time)
Saturday: 7am – 11pm
Sunday: 10am – 11pm
28th of every month: 6pm-10pm
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  1. says

    err KK people didnt call each other like dat one la! aiyo. btw, nice foods. though i never been there before. haha likas very less nice foods eat. :D

    • says

      You going to finish all 4 of them by yourself?! I don’t want to lose, I want to eat 5 tauhu telur!!!!!!!!!

      and two glasses of lemongrass juice. /flex

  2. Stella Tseu says

    Lousy direction drawing woh LinC~~~
    But this restaurant seems not bad!
    Have u try out Masarap (Or Marasap) that located at Lintas? I dunno whether it’s a branch but they did had a indo restaurant over here with same name, which sell Indo meals as well~
    They did have the treasure for LinC with Lin…the half grown chicken in egg!!! RM4 each!!! would like to bring u & YS to try it out!!! :D

    • says

      Masarap is Filipino restaurant, and they serve babui! (roast pork in Tagalog, similar to siu yuk). My favourite!! That one a bit pricey oh… but still okay. If you go, must eat the fish… called Ikan Basung or something. lots of tulang, but nice!

      Bila balik oh you. Sandakan so sian, faster come back eh.

  3. says

    hahahaha ! Ah Bing , Kemgembiraan or Kegembiraan ? Look so nice owh the food. I actually like food that is “hangus” a bit , got more flavour in it ! This is my bf’s fav food . He likes sitting on the floor and eating with hands . Say more delicious wor .. is it true ?

    • says

      Got spelling mistakes ah… don’t care la. lazy change liao :P The food is nice, you been to this place before ka?

      Your B is actually right, eating with hand taste much better. I love eating with hands also, but rarely have the chance to find people company me, they say I tai lin ngong. hahahha.

      And I cannot take photo if I eat with hands… ah well.

  4. N. says

    I think people went late because it’s around fasting time? Anyway, was it really that good? If so, then I definitely must stop by. They’re open during fasting season?

  5. nelly Edward says

    This place is amazing….its a traditional style…1st time i try the Ayam Penyet, happy soda & chocolate brownies ais cream….its delicious….more delicious…..try it…and u will know it……FANTASTIC!!!!~~~~

  6. panadol says

    i’ve been looking for diz place, after i hear about it..even dah stay lama at kk, but never been to diz place n never noe bout it..
    thanx 4 de info dude.. ^^ 

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