Fallen Tree In My Neck of Woods

On a sunny afternoon, one of the oldest tree in my neighbourhood fell.

Storm? nope.

Strong wind? nope.

Hit by a car? nope.

Bing sneezed at the tree.. nope.

Termite. Yes! Those tiny little creatures..

According to the neighbours, one old lady were flowering at the EXACT SPOT where the tree landed, 2 minutes before it happened.

Luckily no one was hurt. Sounded like Final Destination to me.


If not, not only SESB and DBKK will be cleaning up the area. There will be extra team coming over.. You know what I mean?

The tree fell exactly on electric cables and the branches destroy a water pipe too. Only 4 unfortunate houses in the neighbourhood were affected. No electric supply and water supply until the next day. ONE OF THEM IS MY HOUSE.

Really WTF.

* * *
Our ZenQ restaurant is opening on Nov/Dec 2011. GIMME SOME LIKES BEBEH!!!!

The shop is under renovation. Equipments are on its way… we are coming, we are coming, we are coming :) WOOHOOOO

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  1. yeeping.agnes says

    hahaa if ahbing’s sneeze can kasih tumbang a tree… Moi Kaw Xiao oh lolsss

    I can’t wait for your dessert shop to open *like like*!!

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