Guangzhou Comfort Food: What I’ve Eaten Throughout My Entire Trip

Guangzhou Comfort Food: What I’ve Eaten Throughout My Entire Trip


Guangzhou ajisen ramen

First of, this is not a “food guide” or some sort. This is merely a journal of what I’ve ate during my entire journey at Guangzhou, China. Some of them are  really good, some of they sucked to max. But who cares – we all need to eat, right? Now we have get things cleared up… let’s eat!

#1 – Ajisen Ramen. I don’t know why every time I visit new country, I end up eating ramen. Especially Ajisen Ramen. Why? Probably there’s no other better options around when I am incredibly hungry. That’s the only reason I think.

Guangzhou Canton Fair McD

#2 – McDonald. First time having taro pie in McD. It’s really good. Unlike Ajiesen ramen, I choose to go McDonald every time. Why? Every McD in different country is different! For example, there’s pork burger in China/Thailand, no beef burger in India – they even came up with vegetarian burger. Oh – beef burgers at Australia is da bomb.

Guangzhou century egg steamed egg

#3 – Century Egg and Steamed Egg. I was in a large scale restaurant and all the items on menu are either entire fish, entire chicken, or entire pig. I want something I can manage to finish so I ordered all dishes made of egg. Basically tasteless but tastes awesome after some beer. Yes I drink alone during afternoon haahhh. Why? because I can! :P

Guangzhou dessert 02

#4 – Signature “Bear Palm”. This dessert is really good. Can’t remember the name of shop but it’s at Shangxiajiulu St. It’s made of toasted sesame, condensed milk and peanut butter rolled with muaji-like pancake. Covered with coconut flakes. So good.

Guangzhou desserts

#5 – Ginger milk curd. You can do this at home. It’s another of my favourite dessert and I’d like to introduce to my dessert shop some day. The heat of ginger makes your mouth explode and the milk creaminess soften the overwhelming sense, creating a balanced after taste. Argh can’t explain. It’s good. Try make one yourself – recipe here.

Guangzhou dim sum

#6 – Dim Sum. They say Tao Tao Ju is one of the top restaurant in Guangzhou, with hundred years of history. Their dim sum is above standard, worth revisiting again.

Guangzhou double layered custard

#7 – Shuang Pi Nai. If you’re a big fans of custard, this is something you must try while at Guangzhou. One of their signature desserts. Entirely bowl of custardy creaminess. Yummy.

Guangzhou french toast

#8 – “Sai Tohsi”. That’s how we say it in Cantonese, literally means “Toast from West”. Two slices of bread with peanut butter, deep fried with egg coating. Top off with butter and some condense milk in certain places. You’ll die early if you eat too much of these.

Guangzhou lian xiang lou

#9 – Lian Xiang Lou. You can see this chain store every 100 steps. One of the oldest and most famous bakery in Guangzhou. I think they serve more than 100+ types of traditional pastry. I keep thinking “so this is what people enjoy in the old time”

Guangzhou milk tea

#10 – Milk Tea. Oh this is good. But ridiculously expensive. RM9 per glass and they say this is normal price. Nothing similar to Malaysia local milk tea. Quality tea and evaporated milk makes so much difference.

Guangzhou pork belly

#11 – Pork Belly with vegetable (酶菜扣肉). This is the only dish that is not spicy in the menu. I simply walk into a restaurant because I was hungry. Pork belly seemed nice so I ordered this. Look at the GIANT PORTION of rice! lol. Why they don’t use bigger bowl instead? Hmmm.

Guangzhou pork broth

#12 – Braised Pork. Same as above. I randomly walk into restaurant and order something that looks nice. I mentioned this is one of my blog post. Dish is mainly made of pork lard, pork belly and pork blood cake (they coagulate the blood into… jelly-like-cake)

Guangzhou tao tao ju

#13 – Dim Sum. I met a friend at Guangzhou and we ordered even more this round. Another must-eats at Guangzhou are: porridge, siew mai, prawn dumplings and jucheong-fen.

Guangzhou velvet egg beef rice

#14 – Beef with velvet egg. One of the most common dishes in Hong Kong. Never get bored of this.

Guangzhou won ton noodle

#15 – Wonton noodle. The won ton fillings are much bigger than what I usually had in Malaysia. More fillings = more satisfaction. My impression is wonton usually has more “skin” than meat, but Guangzhou version is opposite. Meat rules.

Guangzhou won ton

#16 Wonton Soup – Same like above, but different restaurant. The fillings are huge (compared with Malaysia version). I have yet to eat any wonton that make me fall in love though. After I ate these, “so this is how it tasted like. Ok ok loh”.

Guangzhou zhu chang fen

#17 – Rice noodle roll (猪肠粉). Tasted this at a restaurant. Nothing special to shout about. The ones at Tao Tao Ju restaurant is wayyyy better.

Guangzhou dong fang ji bai

#18 – I can’t stop laughing when I saw this. Literally means “Jibai from The East”