How To Use @mention in Facebook Status Updates (New Function)

Facebook has taken one giant bite out of Twitter by adding a new @mentions or “tagging” feature to status updates. You will now have the ability to identify and reference people in photos, videos and notes.

How it Works

Once enabled for your account, you’ll be able to tag a friend by simply typing the @ symbol which will automatically reveal a drop down menu with a list of your friends and other connections including groups, events, applications and pages. You’ll soon also being to tag friends in applications too.

Notably, the “@” symbol will not appear on the status update after you’ve pressed to submit it which should help with not over complicating status updates and such.

Friends you tag in your status updates will receive a notification and a Wall post linking them to your post. They also will have the option to remove tags of themselves from your posts.


Update: This shows up when people tag at you.


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  1. says

    @kenwooi: just type a few characters, then you can choose from the drop down list.
    @annant: hmm not too sure. you try see? let me know it works or not :)

  2. HoneyTrek says

    I am trying to mention other facebook pages from within a “brand page” that i manage on facebook.

    i.e. my name is Mike. I manage this page – and i am trying to @mention other blogs and what not that HoneyTrek likes, but i only see people and brands that “Mike” likes.

    any thoughts or suggestions?

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