Do You Love Illegal Parking? Think Twice Before Attempting Another One, Or...

Do You Love Illegal Parking? Think Twice Before Attempting Another One, Or Else You End Up Like This Guy


Last weekend, I pulled a prank with one of my supervisors.

Let’s call him Travis.

* * *

It was a hot and sunny afternoon, and there were plenty of car parks around during weekend.

Finding car park is not any problem.

There’s this one special spot in this area – it’s the only spot where you get shades.

Unfortunately, this spot is not a car park.

… and this fella, parked in this exact spot.

Travis, having a playful and funny characteristic, purposely “stick” his car’s bumper to another friend’s car (the green Proton Wira in photo).

Let’s just say, he parked his car 2mm away from hitting the other car. Damn skillful, I must admit.

So, as a responsible adult, I guess I need to give him a lesson. (deep within me, I wanted to pull this prank on him)

So I wrote this warning letter, with a very broken Malay.

It goes like this,


Walaupun hari ini adalah holiday, sebagai pemandu KK yang direstui, anda tidaklah patut letak kereta tuan di sini, ini adalah satu tingkah laku yang tidak patut dilakukan.

Tuan boleh letak kereta tuan yang berpatutan. Contohnya, banyak lagi ‘car park’ di sekeliling.

Ini adalah amaran pertama, dari pihak berkuasa.


I put it on car’s front screen. Nice >: )

Then, I walked away… and wait for the fish to bite the bait.

2 hours later.

Travis’s car was parked properly. Mission complete.

I wonder how will he react after reading this blog post. Just hope he doesn’t know I am blogging about him… heh :D

Have you pulled similar pranks with your friend before? I get my inspiration from a friend during high school – who pulled exactly the same prank on me. I didn’t park that car park since. (and I only found out it was her after many years………. damn you Audrey Tong.)