Makan makan at Edamame Restaurant @ Hawken Drive

December 11, 2008

One day, Jimmy came over my place with his newly rented car. “JOM! LET’S GO MAKAN MAKANAN JEPUN!”

Ahbing: “Bah!”

We reached Edamame Restaurant, and we scanned environment with our “leng lui radar”. We proceed to the table beside a table full of leng luis. All looking hawt! (and innocent).

Oh gui la. We’re like 40 years old pervert. Like to look at innocent girls wa.. haha.

I ordered Miso Ramen, the cheapest main meal I can find there. Chuan is spending me that meal cause I am poor, and he is freaking rich.

Neh, look behind Chuan.. whole table full of leng luis. I sit at kedudukan strategik! Because I am holding camera mah.. haha. Chuan was pretending to pose for my camera, and I zoom to other side of the table.

Kenny holding a bottle of water. Don’t know what he trick he is trying to pull off. Probably bite off the neck bottle to impress the girls behind him. I don’t know :P

Me and my dearest ramen.

Jimmy and his dearest udon.

The small portion of food at Edamame Restaurant cannot satisfy us. So we bought a family size beer-battered chips from restaurant next door.

(chips = french fries)
(potato chips = keropok chips)
(ok hope you do. good)

Ahbing: “okayla, since Chuan spent me this meal. I spend you guys chips!”

Ahbing: “hmm, something missing. I go grab 6-pack of beers too. That will be perfect!”

Aha! I end up spending the most money that night. Very smart. But it’s okay la. How often can we sit together and have a great meal while looking at pretty girls beside our table? Rarely.

*those are excuses I gave myself.. ahh, feel better liao*

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