Unboxing iPad2 and Portenzo Leather Case

Unboxing iPad2 and Portenzo Leather Case


“Hey dad, I know you have 2 iPads… if you aren’t using one of them, can you borrow me for few months?”

“You need it?”

“Yes Pa, I often need to check mail on-the-go, especially during critical period of setting up ZenQ Desserts.”

“What color do you want?”

“I want black, all my gadgets are black”

“How many GB?”

“Eh? both of yours is 16gb, no meh? why ask me?”

“Answer la”

“32GB is enough”

2 hours later.

“Come to my office. Your iPad2 is ready”

(Went to dad’s office)

Dad hands over a brand new iPad2.

“Walau, you buy new one for me ah!?”

“Yes. I bought 64gb. If you need this gadget for business purpose – I don’t mind buying it for you”

“WAH!! within 2 hours?! You buy already!?”

“How difficult to buy a gadget? I got “kaki” one mah, son”


Now I am proud owner of Apple iPad2, hehehe.

Immediately, I went online to search for iPad2 casing.

I had a casing in mind called “DODOcase”. I witness this company took off in a lean startup competition, and build huge customer base since then. I’ve been eyeing on their products for quite some time now.

DODOcase is also one of the top-notch product in iPad casings.

But, I decided to purchase leather casing from Portenzo instead of DODOcase – they are direct competitors, and both have excellent reviews. The only thing that sets them apart is the packaging. Heh.

Below are the unbox photos for Portenzo iPad2 case. Heard plenty of excellent reviews online.

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Portenzo leather casing is handmade in USA and takes est. 2 weeks of shipment time.

I hesitated for………… 3 minutes before pressing the “BUY NOW” button.

You know what?

I did not unbox my iPad2 until my Portenzo arrives.

Do not attempt this if you do not have strong will power. It’ll crush you – spiritually and mentally.

“To open.. or wait… to open.. or wait… to open… grrr..”

It looks exactly like a leather note book. I didn’t have any worries leaving this case in car, or bringing it around, or simply leave it on table, because most of the people will think that this is a normal leather book.

After publishing this post, I cannot do this any more ^^;