Things To Do at Kota Kinabalu’s Filipino Night Market, You Must Be Crazy Not to Come Here!

With the preparation of launching, I have been busy exploring my own town.

Yes you heard me right.

I am one of many locals who haven’t explore their own backyard.

I invited Hayden and MeiTzeu to join this little “expedition” – to the pasar just at neck of the woods. (Not even 5 minutes drive from my house, heh)

I thought this Filipino market only sell seafood, and boy I was wrong!

They sell almost every thing that’s consumable here, except porn DVDs.

The market is separated into a few sections. Each section has their own specialisation. E.g. dry food, wet food, hawker stalls, seafood section, dan sebagai-bagainya (ok I admit I lazy type)

This place serves no pork, as far I am concerned.

Also, I rarely see the hawkers wash their wok – the “essence” of previous food is soooooooo _______ (fill in the blank)

You pick any seafood – they will prepare for you.

They offer same services as 5 stars hotel. You can die happily now.

The food court is properly sheltered, you don’t have to worry about rains here. No fans required, because you can enjoy sea breeze for free.

This Filipino market is situated strategically on one of the most prominent spot in KK, The Waterfront.

Heck, you can immediately go to water hole right after your meal, which is only 1 minute walking distance from the Filipino market.

(Drop by Shamrock Irish Pub, you might bump into me. Frequent customer there!)

There’s no reason to go Ocean Seafood restaurant if you can have the same seafood for cheaper price.

For your information, Ocean Seafood restaurant is high class seafood restaurant where tourists usually have their once-in-a-lifetime-most-expensive-high-class seafood dinner (this is where tour guides bring you).

I tell you – you can enjoy almost the same quality seafood here, just walking distance!

Look at the freaking huge prawn.

Hayden keep saying “OMG PROTEIN SOURCE”. He is excited like a kid in a porn shop.

I wanted them to prepare this prawn my favourite way – wet-butter style. Then, imagine slapping the buttery huge prawns on my face..

What the…

You fear big prawns bite you instead of you eating them?

No worries. They serve many sizes of prawns and squids too.

The largest piece of squid on right hand side, is larger than my palm ^^;

“Mak Cik, do you serve this next day too?”

“No no we finish sell, tomorrow new, ya new.”

Ngai diao, if that’s true, I have to stop selling desserts and start selling seafood!

In case you don’t know, most of the hawkers there speak proper English too.

“HAALLO SIR! prawn RM20 fish RM10 satay RM15 bla bla bla bla”

I keep speaking English with them, then suddenly say “bah kasi sia satu itu udang basar-basar tu”

They @@” then smiled. Heh.

Hayden shouted “OMG PROTEIN SOURCE” again. It happens every time lots of meat appeared in front of him.

Didn’t know they have wet market here too, I always thought wet market only available during morning to afternoon.

Boy I was wrong.

Fresh oysters, anyone?

Gimme lemon slices please.

You must try this, also known as the salad of the sea.

Texture is crunchy, and taste like sea (seriously)

There’s also another sea-vegetable, that is known as “green caviar”. Usually mixed with chili and lime and eat it just like that.

Yummy natural snack.



Chinese who only speaks English, but not Chinese – is also called banana. (yellow outside, white inside)


Confirm I am coming back la.

I don’t know why, but look at the way they prepare the food, I SIMPLY know that the food tastes great.

Food prepared with unwashed hand is the way to go!

Fuck those who handle food with rubber gloves!

OK I did not witness how this mee goreng was prepared. By the look and smell of it, I know the wok is damn hot and it’s prepared by hawker chef that has prepared this dish for thousands of time.

And boy it tastes good!

Mee Bakso, a bit disappointing according to Hayden and MeiTzeu. The mihun was not properly washed…

Eh nolah just kidding, how they know the mihun was not washed by just tasting? :P

They said the mihun need to “rendam” longer so it gets softer, and also need more time soak up the beef broth.

Food tastes ok, but overall experience is awesome. Even for local like me. (I grew up here past 21 years, another 6 years at Australia, #FYI)


/open + /smell

HOLY CRAP this is whole bucket of belacan! (shrimp paste)

/pour pour pour pour pour into our noodles and fish.


Hahahha – now you see why there’s tissue and bottled waters in the same photo.

Meet MeiTzeu for the first time! Charming lady with great smile. She is wayy wayyy wayyyy more fun than I expected. Definitely a great companion to hang out with.

Alamak, why I don’t have photos of Hayden in my camera -____-


Ohh before I forget, this Filipino Market is SWAMPED WITH LENG LUI TOURISTS.

Mark my words.

Hayden managed to capture some photos of them,

“Sorry, my camera automatically take photos of pretty ladies – I didn’t press that shutter!” – Hayden Chan, 2012.

Mango ABC after dinner!

Rate: 3/10 ZenQ wins

Who would have guessed that KK’s own Filipino place is a great place to find food and hang out?

Looking for this place?

It’s directly opposite Le’ Meridien Hotel.

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