Meet Fresh and Meet Kevin

Meet Fresh and Meet Kevin


I’ve been particularly sensitive to newly-opened dessert chain store around Malaysia, since the opening of ZenQ at KK.

Last weekend I was at Penang for wedding dinner, so I naturally made an effort to drop by Gurney Plaza to try MeetFresh.

Why MeetFresh?

They claimed to be No.1 in Taiwan, and their dessert series are very similar to ZenQ, too.

There’s already 4 MeetFresh stores in Malaysia – 2 MeetFresh in Penang itself.

I assume it’s from the same owner?

I asked for staff recommendation and he introduced me shaved ice series. I am particularly concern with the quality of Taro balls from Meetfresh (the orange color and purple color thing), also the red beans and the sweetened yam.

I’m going to dissect what I like, and what I don’t like — compared to my personal experience with ZenQ.

Disclaimer: I am judging the dessert from personal point of view, not a business owner of ZenQ.

Firstly, ZenQ sweetened yam is way tastier. Perhaps MeetFresh ones are too dry and chunky?

Taro balls are ok – but need more improvement on making it more ‘dongiao dongiao’ (chewy). Maybe I am too early, and taro balls are just being prepared. It tends to be soft when it’s hot.

Red beans… meh, ZenQ red bean is larger and 绵密 (more fillings).

Overall, I still think ZenQ wins (phew!)

We are still pushing new series to keep up with the competition in Malaysia, though. Many competitors, must keep up!

Oh crap.

I can’t believe it.

I haven’t done any dessert introduction for ZenQ YET! =__=

(for new readers, I run ZenQ Desserts at KK Sabah)

Introducing Kevin Tan.

We know each other through Twitter (or forum) since 2010, and this was our first time meeting each other.

Before I run ZenQ desserts, I was involved with internet marketing. I got serious with it – which in later date I decided to forfeit my Master studies and involve in Internet Marketing full time.

Long story short – I met him when I was still struggling.

(What the heck am I saying, I am still struggling.. hahahahahahaha)

Kevin had his first success after running his online business, and sold it in later date. Got the first fortune, and get married.

We were like long-lost brother when we meet, cause we have same frequency. Which is very rare among Sabah, let alone whole Malaysia.

Have you heard that, deals were made on napkins in coffee shops?

In this case, we used an ordering form, from Old Town cafe ^^;

“Since we are starting a new project at same time, let’s do something to keep ourselves accountable”, I suggested to Kevin.

Then we drafted out what we need to complete + achieve by end of May, just before Kevin’s first born, which is expected in June (CONGRATULATIONS!!)

Kevin will need to close 20 sales by May, and I’ll need to complete high quality articles that will be shared for more than 150 times.

Loser will need to do certain tasks for the winner, which I am not revealing here.

By the time of this writing (24 March 2012), Kevin has already started to close sales! Well done! I am only half way done T_T

We even get the sign the paper, to make it more legitimate.

Bring it on, Kevin.