Random: I talk about blog redesign, goal for this blog, and how...

Random: I talk about blog redesign, goal for this blog, and how I make RM828 last month


Jeng jeng jeng.

What a random intro.

So.. I got Ahbing.com redesigned again! 3rd time in 2011. I get bored with old design liao. Hopefully this design will lasts until 2012.

Design wise.

I decided to push the image to higher resolution, so all the photos you see are BIG BIG… like,


Here’s the difference in size, before and after.


Image credit: Nicholas Low

Big images is always better, in my opinion. Also, I bumped up the font size and colors so it’s easier for the eyes. Lately many uncle-aunties started reading my blog.

Why bigger fonts?

I want to make sure next table also can read what I publish in my blog! More exposure ma :)

“Wah that person reads Ahbing.com! People who reads that blog is very cool” /ngek ngek.

I also simplified the sidebar.. so I can show my face BIG BIG. /ngek ngek ngek

Felt good to have the whole sidebar aligned together. Looks neat now, isn’t it?

I am also making good use of the “footer”, which is the bottom part of this site.. it will include the not-so important information. Didn’t want to clutter up the side bar. Looked more professional that way :)

Thanks to Hin Ching, he makes this design possible. My web design skills is probably level 20, while he is level 70ish. Also he lin si me,

“I am not redesigning your site, I am realigning only. /pfft”

Content wise.

I struggled whole year with the direction of Ahbing.com. Tried different types of posts, and I agak-agak gauge what my readers like to read (based on feedback and normal conversation)

The most common labels I get from readers are, “humor“,”food“, “big photo, little words“, “Kota Kinabalu“.

So be it! I will blog more about these topics more often then!

Ahbing.com has a audience which is not suited for business and entrepreneurship I guess (more inclined to write about those, actually).

But if I say, “I earned RM828.00 on July while doing legitimate work online.. ” I am sure you all will say,


That’s next upcoming post. Follow me at Twitter to get updates!

Oh! one question! Do you like this design? (answer at comments section)