How Peer Pressure Influenced Me To Buy Macbook Pro Within 15 Minutes

How Peer Pressure Influenced Me To Buy Macbook Pro Within 15 Minutes


Dinner with buddies

On Christmas day. Just like normal days, we gathered for a dinner…

“Dude, we have to stop drinking la. Our pub-crawling hobby is too expensive. Let’s do something else!

Let’s play World of Warcraft! That hobby confirm makes you stay at home every night. Confirm can save money bro.”

“OK tomorrow I go buy laptop!” said YSLo.

Next day, he bought a 13” Macbook Pro for RM5,800+. OK fine. Then another close friend of us also bought Macbook Pro for RM3,800+

“Oi, Macbook Pro very cheap these days? why you all HA-HA go buy Macbook Pros?”

My Current Laptop

I’ve been using my current laptop for 3 years (RM1,300 only).

Originally I was looking for Lenovo T440 for USD$783 (RM2,400). The model is too new and not available in Malaysia yet… but Singapore is selling for SGD$1,799 (RM4,500)…. whaddafuck? Why the price so big difference one!?

I rather get a Macbook for less than RM4,000… fuck Lenovo”

Continue Our Dinner conversation

“Well what are you waiting for? let’s go buy your laptop now! WOOOHOOOOOO!”. All getting excited.

“Nolah, I have to wait my debtors clear all payments yet or else I’ll have trouble with cash flow.” I explained to them.

“NO WORRIES! I HAVE CREDIT CARD! PAY ME BACK ANYTIME!” says Eugene, who just received his bonus for X’mas.


I said YES. Wasn’t too sure with the decision but heck, but I don’t care lah!! #YOLO sama dia!!!!!

Immediately YSLo pick up phone and called Mac store, “Helloh! I want to buy MacBook 13”, We arrive in 30 minutes so don’t tutup store yet!”

Daniel (another friend, not me), usually the calmest one… became unusually excited. Even tripped on the way to the car because he was RUSHING.

From the beginning of our conversation until our conclusion to purchase … took only 15 minutes.

This is what I call PEER PRESSURE.

Macbook Pro 13 box

In Mac Store

(Eugene and Daniel were already waiting in the store impatiently when I arrive – we were carpooling in one car, for your information)

“NAHHHH there’s your Macbook Pro 13” waiting on the counter desk!”

“Relax bro, I haven’t really touch or feel this Macbook Pro before, gimme few minutes to check out the demo unit first eh. Moi gin chong bah”. I touched a few buttons, weigh it, look at the size.

OK PASS I’m getting this Macbook Pro! (yep, it was that simple)

Eugene swiped his card – but it was not honored.

“Ei? try again ehh…” he said to the store manager. The card didn’t go through despite multiple attempt.

Eugene calling customer service

Eugene called customer service, curious why the payment didn’t go through because he cleared his card debt earlier. After calling customer service, he was informed that his card has remaining balance of RM34.95, which he required to clear it before any transaction is allowed. He paid BEFORE Christmas day, but no one update his card during the holiday.

Simply say… I am unable to purchase the Macbook Pro.

“Olin loh Jian Ping.. you kena owned by Eugene’s RM34.95 hahahhahahha!!”

Side Story

I am in WoW (World of Warcraft) group chat and many friends were expecting me to return to game. “Hey why are you not in game yet?” they asked.

“My comp was sent to service centre so I don’t have computer to play now”




…. is like your child keep asking “are we there yet?”

So this is what happens…

Whatsapp 1

#30 minutes later

Whatsapp 2whatsapp 03

#Merry X’mas Ownage LOL

On Our Way Home

“Why would you swipe card for only RM34.95?” asked YSLo.

“I was with my girlfriend at dinner, but I didn’t have cash to pay….”

You made Jian Ping couldn’t buy his Macbook lo! Or else we would have an epic day!” which he refer as our impromptu decision to buy Macbook Pro after 15 minutes discussion over dinner, as ACHIEVEMENT. Hahahha.

Tonight’s Facebook Update

Eugene facebook

Counter Owned?

When we reached home, Eugene texted us and say the card has been updated. We are able to make purchase immediately, no need to wait until next working day…