Responded Reader’s Comments: Best Food at Winner Hotel Kota Kinabalu

Responded Reader’s Comments: Best Food at Winner Hotel Kota Kinabalu

Reader's comment at KK Best Food

Haii mm haii a… so geng?!

I met this new friend, YYY, let’s call him Yoong, I am aware of this guy’s existence he left his comments here.

Yoong works at Winner Hotel and he strongly recommends this restaurant to us. He invited me to go over for food review. I soon found out that the restaurant is own by his dad, ex-Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Yong Teck Lee.

“I want discount!!!!” I said to him (shamelessly hehehe).

“Ok bah.. most importantly you come and try the food first” Yoong replied.

After a few exchanges of phone calls, I decided to bring a group of judges to join my adventure. If I go alone, I can only review 1-2 dishes, not good.

Winner Hotel is situated in the center of town. It has been operating before you and I were born.. parents can use the phrase “想當年” if they describe this place.

If one restaurant has been operating for more than 30 years, you know the standard are above par.


Hahahahaha omg this is funny. I can’t stop myself from editing this photo..

YSLo made Amanda looks so tiny.

I am not taking any photo with Amanda because she makes me look huge :p

These are friends who joined me for food review. The furthest right is Yoong, the manager of the restaurant.

年紀輕輕,Yoong is managing the restaurant and hotel already.. and he is damn confident.

I have to say Yoong is a funny guy. Why? Amanda keeps looking at him, because his mole makes her smile laugh uncontrollably.

And of course, Hin Ching! He is an artist ;)

Here are the food we ordered.

Fried chicken 童子炸雞 – Yoong says this chicken will be tastier with 油淋 method instead of 油炸 method. The latter method causes the meat to become dry.

Unfortunately this is the only dish we didn’t finish.. the chicken ran away before we can finish it :(

Ostrich meat with tomato 鴕鳥炒蕃茄 – Ostrich meat is tender, and tomato is one of my favourite fruit (yes, tomato is a fruit). I enjoy eating this dish very much. Never thought both of these ingredients mix up so well together.

Dry Fried Fish 干煎魚片 – This is the dish with a name that sounds like keropok. The dish that Yoong mentioned in my comment.

According to Yoong, he has no idea what fish is it, so… neither do I. Hahaha! Makan saja lah.. as long as it taste good, I don’t care what fish I am eating, or whatever meat it is.

This dish deserves Yoong to call this dish his personal favourite. It’s nice.

Green vegetable with garlic – I don’t know what’s the name for this vege. So paiseh! Hahha. Luckily there’s a plate of vegetable, or else I will die as a new vegan (I turned vegetarian yesterday, really!).

Compare to other dishes, this vege plate is so-so only. Nothing stands out. What I am implying is—all KK food are good. That makes a delicious dish to become so-so only! (…noh!).

My bullshitting skillz has raised to another level.

Nestum Fried Prawn 麥片蝦 – Amanda has been mentioning this dish since 1 month ago.

“I grew up eating this dish, this is my favourite! I had this even before I grew my first tooth” she said.

“Yes!! it is THAT good!” Hahaha.

Nestum prawn goes well with mayonnaise.

However, I reckon it tastes better with butter..


Bing 1:0 Amanda :P

All of these dishes are personal recommendation by Yoong.

His selections are good, however, he will need to face a touch challenge…

I bring you… Official Judge Panel (The A-Team)

Contestant Yoong will face a tough challenge ahead.

I told you he was a confident guy. He can still smile despite the unfavourable looks on the judges.

Another contestant, failed miserably. The contestant is right behind Yoong…

I want use this opportunity to thank Yoong for his great hospitality and food. Thank you again for spending awesome lunch with us.

The same goes to YSLo, Amanda and Hin Ching for spending wonderful lunch time together. Let’s do this again :)


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