Birthday Eve With a Few Danish Travelers

Birthday Eve With a Few Danish Travelers


I like love to hang out in Irish pubs.

Compare to night clubs, I prefer pubs.

Why? Ambiance is one of the biggest factor, second to draught beers. #beerFTW

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned this in my past posts, pubs made communication possible. It’s way easier to meet new friends too.

One of the best Yong taufu’s in KK. Located at Waterfront.

Best served with ice cold beer!

Lisa and Wilson.

Wilson is my long time best buddy, works in Singapore/KL, who is really into music. Wilson’s guitar performance appeared in local television tu! And he has his own fans club.

Also, he is famous for always placing in 2nd place in ping pong tournaments through out high school years. Hahahahaha.

Be careful of Lisa, her amazing fingers can tore apart skin and flesh in few seconds. She definitely can crown King of Cubit, if there’s such competition available.

Lisa bakes great Dumex egg tart too. She’s one of my female beer kaki :)

Another one that is sama-taraf as me, is far far away, doing her secret training at UK. #hintshasha

I was celebrating my birthday eve here ( did not celebrate to celebrate, was just coincidently looking for a place to relax)

These 3 Danish fella come up and gave me a spoonful of birthday cake. What the… how did they know it’s my birthday?!

Then I only know, they are doing their trip of their lifetime, around Asia. They are heading to more places after KK.

“What brings you to KK?” I asked.

“Don’t know”. They replied.

Our attention were all on these guys – and told them about our cultures, food and etc.

Let’s take photo, then this guy (forgot name – uhm, more like impossible to remember, like Benedikt, Rasmus or.. whatever)

“Hey, you want to try some local food?” I suggested.

3 minutes later, we’re at Foh Sang.

We taught them to order in Malay.

“Saya mahu ha-mian!” (虾面)

“Kamu sangat cantik”, but then he said to a male customer, which almost started a small fight. LOL.

I also told them, “why the fuck are you drinking Cola in my country?! You have to try kit-chai peng or iced-lemon tea!”

A taste of local food – prawn noodles.


….. za dao. This noodle is not even categorised as spicy food.

We exchanged a few language sessions and I believe we are the loudest table there..

And the waitress are all surrounding us. Maybe they are interested in seeing these gwai lou =_=

It was a fun night.

The second day, Lisa told me, “eh, I dreamed about having supper with guai lou yesterday. so funny”

“Wait, we really….? “