Night Club Experience at Taipei [台北夜店LAVA CLUB]

辣妹讓我們生活下去 沒有辣妹就沒有希望 辣妹我愛妳們
衝阿 壓呼~~ 阿囉哈得修~~ 超爽的~~ LAVA 有搞頭!!

This post contains slight adult material.

Did I get your attention? heh :)

No photos of naked ladies though, sorry to disappoint you. I don’t want to turn my blog into a porn site. What I am about to share is explicit than usual.

And also, there are many photos I cannot post up—what happens in the club, stays in the club. So, my experience sharing here is some how limited.


Enough talking, I am going to share my first experience in Taipei’s night club — TAIPEI LAVA CLUB.

We went to the dance floor before the drinks were served, and we approach the stage, and look up.

We can’t believe what we saw.

The chicks are wearing mini skirts and ultra-short pants while dancing on the stage, we were utterly wordless to see such amazing scenes (empasize). I do not have to elaborate more, I am sure you know what I am talking about.

/shake shake shake

When it turns midnight, the stage packed with even more hot dancing ladies (shirtless one) *hint hint*

The best is yet to come.

“台妹我們來了!我愛台妹,台妹愛我” — we have been saying this sentence since the day we book our flight. lol. It became our mantra.

It’s only first day at Taipei, and we’re already experiencing the highlight of our trip.

Our head had not stop turning left and right whole night. There’s always something for us to look at.

You know what? I almost didn’t join my buddies to night club because I was on a “30 days no alcohol challenge

I failed obviously. 7 days to complete that challenge ^^;

Barely legal… seriously.

All of us has a bit of “incident/story” with some of them, but that’s another story. You can only listen to the stories when you yum-char with me, ehehehe.

One of us get really really really lucky that night *ahem* no names allowed.

So, what’s the different between Malaysia night club and Taipei night club?

Average bra cup size: A – No comment. I will always compare this to Aussie chicks, average Size D. Always. Cup C and above is rare to find – once spotted we go berserk. Hahaha.

They like gwai lou – Caucasians have higher percentage of scoring Taiwanese ladies in night clubs. From my observation.

NT$3,000 to 包廂 (reserve table) and free flow – My average spending in night club is RM100-RM200 per night. In Taipei, I can have free flow for RM50 (NT$3,000 = RM300) SHITTTTT!!! If they open a similar business here in Malaysia, they sure pukkai…

On top of that. With RM50 paid, I also can enjoy…

Looking at lots of 正妹 – all professional make up artist. I don’t care how they look like when they remove their make up. Most importantly is to run away they remove their make up!

Strip dance competitionthey strip off everything, including bra! Our eyes almost pop-out from eye socket. They dance while covering their nipples with hand only. This is more exciting than a real strip club.

男公關 (PR) – Before hitting clubs, you make your reservations through PR, and they would do the hassles of making sure you have your drinks and table, also have fun, by asking “要妹妹陪嗎?” Why can’t we have these position at Malaysia? By the way, all their PR are extremely good looking.

Clubs close at 4am – Most of the time the real party only starts at 2am. Turning on the lights at 4am is perfect. Why laaa our Malaysia clubs have to close at 2am :(

We decided to migrate to Taiwan to become citizen – That is what we concluded after we saw the ladies on stage took off their bras.

We shouted like cavemen. Hehehe :D

The ladies love YSLo! He is like the Wayne Rooney of our team. I am more like the player that sits on bench and look at live action on the scene.

I don’t know who took this photo, but seems like I am commanding Entutson to control me. I am losing control — too many pretty chicks. I cannot control myself.

These videos are taken from LAVA NIGHT CLUB.

Note: Explicit material. Very chi gek.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Would you like to go Taiwan night club after reading this post? I want to hear from you :)

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    • says

      Have you been to Taiwan before? Must go ohhhh wei…. I didn’t cover the part where all the girls shop shop shop shop shop from morning until night. Gila one. If I were a girl, I’ll be reallllly excited.

      Night club = guys; shopping = girls

      • pei shan says

        went there for almost a week~!and yes!shopping is for girls!!~wahahahaa~i wanted to visit again!=) SAVE SAVE money!!~*UShh!~*

      • Wade says

        Hi ahbing, reading your posts, looks like u have gd experience in Taipei. Do they have similar venues like Dong Guan with Flower Street/KTV then after can choose to take them home or not… Any contacts/details appreciated! Going mid-jan. Tks!

  1. Shane Ho says

    ah bing, i hate you & i love you. why do you have to post it at the end of the year??? Maybe I also agree with cat & mouse… must hold a general meeting soon.

  2. celeste says

    not going. erhem, after tis post, got serious confidence prob liao, go there sum mo = total confidence lost, too much competition ;)

  3. julian sotong says

    Wah LIN C!!! U didnt take pictures of the ah moi!!! 666!!! my imagination damn bad, need visual aid… kof kof…

    … i know u also pedo bah, don deny ah bing XD

  4. 振邦 says

    1. When’s your next trip?

    2. Can I come?

    3. Seriously though, come visit me and I’ll show you stuff to write about as well! :)

    Ps. You guys can stay at mine.

  5. chongd says

    bro, i think Thailand’s better, lolz but Taipei sure is cool after seeing your post, am heading there on new year eve :))

    • says

      I would have trouble communicating with Thai’s, not definitely not Taiwanese! :) Hope you enjoy your count down there, it’s going to be awesome. All the fireworks from Taipei 101

  6. dennis says

    now this taiwan is really “chi gek….”hahaha!!!!,sure would like to go to taipei……luckily you can control it!!!!!

  7. says

    hello im going taiwan, taipei and im going to all the places even lava my spending money is 10k will that be enough for everything down there gonna be doing everything down there shopping raving and i eating all kinds of nice food my fav food and im staying there a month if i like down there im gonna buy a property down there im to bord of england and my mum wont miss me she can visit me anytime lol and i love asian people even the women more they so cute how well will i do with women down there because i am Caucasian

    • says

      Whoa that’s the longest sentence i read in a long-long-long time :D

      My expenditure is around USD1,000 for one week, which includes hotel and food.. if you were saying 10k pound I am pretty sure you have NO SINGLE problem enjoying there.

      Have fun!

  8. gloria tsai says

    Hi, this is Gloria Tsai from Eatgo. Can I share some of your clubbing articles on our website? It will be under your name with reference and web link to your blog. Our company is a currently not-for-profit website that shares information on tourism in Taiwan to all bloggers and travelers. Our aim is to invite more people to come to taiwan and share their experiences. You can check out our website at, where you can find English language option on the upper right hand “globe” symbol~Thank you. My e-mail is [email protected]

  9. Chris Jovian says

    Hi there, i’m from Singapore and i’m an Indian. Will be going there next month. How’s the other clubs there? Will there be any discrimination since i will stand out as a sore thumb? Best luxurious clubs in taipei? Thanks bro.

  10. Sol says

    Hey loved what you wrote and makes me more excited to go to Taiwan now. Planning on making a trip there for the weekend so I got a few questions. 1) what’s the currency like? Is it cheap over there compared to US dollars?
    2) how much money will I be spending at in the clubs?
    3) does the girls know how to speak English? Thanks man

  11. Jake says

    I am going during July and do we need to book or make a reservation for the table? And any clubs to recommend for age 20-25 which is slightly younger group of fun doers.

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