台灣之旅-Ximenting, Maid Cafe and 24 Hours Convenient Store

We are back from Taiwan trip. Had a blast! I am still having Taiwan fever.

Taiwan fever symptoms:

  • Speak Taiwanese slang, “huan ying kuang lin! KAN ohh!!”
  • Complaint why no 台妹 in KK
  • Night clubs at KK is incomparable to Taiwan night clubs, it’s wayyyyyy different league. (Reason here – NSFW)
  • Feel *nget sai to see illegal immigrants work at every restaurants

AirAsia in Chinese.. “Ma Ya Zhou 馬亞洲”

When we arrived Taiwan, the first thing that we searched for… definitely Taiwanese chick lah.

Even the person who stamped our passport is a sweet 台妹. The guys purposely queue on that particular 台妹 counter.

Saw this amazing sight 20 minutes after take off. This is my first time in my life to fly towards North from Kota Kinabalu.. when I see this amazing view, my bulu also kembang oh.

Suddenly, we are at Taiwan already.. Hehehe.

I wanted to share so many good stuff in this blog, but I couldn’t.. if I really did that, I can really write a book. So, let’s keep this simple and interesting k!

The first place we first ventured is Ximenting (西门町)—why? they say that place has the MOST leng lui.

Tunggu apa lagi oh…

Taiwan is such an amazing place, mainly because of pretty 台妹 of course.

… and maybe the food.

…and 台妹…..

Entrance of Ximenting

Colorful shops at Ximenting. This is one of the shopping heaven at Taipei. You probably have guessed it, we look at 台妹 more than the products.

During our period at Taiwan, we’ve developed a set of skills to notify teammates when attractive 台妹 appears.

“Foh alert! Foh alert!” – my version

/give a glance at each other


/weird smile at each other

/make weird sound with lips, “pssst pssst” sound

… or simply, face your whole body towards the 台妹 and pretend talking on phone.

Ehhh, I am sharing too much here, continue my Ximenting post first..

We had troubles looking for famous food at Taiwan, so we come up with a simple solution – when in doubt, follow the crowds—when you see people queue up for the food, there’s no mistake the food it good.

Another tip is, look for stall which has been interviewed or featured by local shows (綜藝節目)

Holding 阿宗麵線, a local delicacy, noodle slow cooked with pork intestine. DAMNNNN, it’s good!!

We also bought a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng (or rather, tall) ice cream. Each ice cream cost NT$20 (RM2).

Kelvin used to be a LEVIS model during his younger days.

You can see many people bring their pet around Taiwan, either in train, streets or scooter. Most of the places are pet friendly. Plus, I also notice that the pets there are very friendly, and don’t usually bark. Why is that ar?

The dog in the picture really barks when I tried to put my hand close to it. Hahahaha.

10 of us in Ximenting Maid Cafe — thank you Ah Hock for taking the photo for us! :)

The maid are very funny, why? We couldn’t understand a single word she said because she is sooooooooooooo soft. Eyes big and wet, lips is small and round, really looks like cartoon character. I leave the rest of the imagination up to you la k!

There’s also shop that specialise in selling posters and cards—mainly focus on local, Japanese and Korean artists.

I don’t know la, but I think all of them look the same, where all share the common traits, such as,

For guys:

  • look like 吳尊
  • look like 吳尊
  • look like 吳尊
  • look like 吳尊

For ladies:

  • fake eye lash
  • eyes extremely huge
  • cleavage
  • dye hair

Looks like people who has fashion sense like me is pretty much hopeless.

YSLo become DiGi yellow man hahahahahhaha.

I will follow you~

We went to an art street just next to Ximenting, a street where local artists show-off their creations, some even sell their own goods. The price are slightly expensive than market, but this is a way to support local artist.

I bought two shirt for NT$1330 (RM130), which is expensive in Taiwan standard.

But, 2 t-shirts for RM130 in Malaysia? CHEAP!!

One of the main transportation in Taiwan is scooter, or what they call as 機車. You can see these scooters everywhere. 99% of the scooters looked alike.

Everyone is using it, 阿公,阿婆,爸爸,媽媽,哥哥,姐姐,弟弟,妹妹,even a dog knows how to drive a scooter in Taiwan. Seriously!

Did you know, Taiwan’s 24 hours convenient store is a great place to visit too? There are many 24hours convenient stores (便利店), famous ones are 7-11 and FamilyMart.

This is what I like about their convenient store:

  • Alcohols are cheap
  • Food are fresh, and prepared daily. Feels more like a restaurant to me
  • Wide choices—too much choices in fact
  • They microwave food for you so you can consume immediately
  • You can buy “luk-luk”, they have a hot pot to cook your own food
  • Fresh buns, tea-boiled egg 茶葉蛋, cooked potato
  • Online games (yes they sell games too)

We pretty much solved 50% of our meal in convenient store. Sounds ridiculous :D

*nget sai – angry, or, disappointed to max.
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  1. Alyssa says

    It’s interesting about the ‘nget sai’ seeing illegal workers here in KK. Taiwan is indeed a ‘treasure island’, I’m going again for the 4th time, but the aftermath is a bit overwhelming, I lose my appetite after seeing KK guys during my post Taiwan trips days, hehe, sorry KK guys!! /P

    • says

      Our girl friends had trouble spotting good looking guys at Taiwan – where do they hang out usually? Most good looking guys are bouncers at night clubs.

  2. dennis says

    wah….it a good trip…and have so many pictures…….even the ice cream is so long….hard for me to finish it……..there is still more story coming up???

    • says

      Absolutely, more posts are coming up. We’ve taken 4,500 photos through out the trip. I had troubles sorting which photo to put up blog in Day 1.. haiyayaya

  3. Stella Tseu says

    Ahahahaha If here the dog will bark & bite still put at counter like that…sure kena sue dao lot fu la!
    Yes i love their 7-11! Went there everynight before & after the hotel XD they are everywhere more than our yellowman! Teeheehee!
    7-11 male cashier also leng zai one lo wakakakak *shhhhhh to my laogong*!

    • says

      The cashier at the convenient store is nerd nerd de.. but very polite nonetheless. I like their service, all very friendly and helpful. Unlike illegal immigrants here.

  4. Mervin says

    Hey Bing!

    Wow, looks like you had a great time in Taiwan. Look me up if you ever decide to visit Tokyo.

    Have a good one!

    • says

      Definitely! Tokyo is one of my MUST-VISIT places before getting marry :P Within 3-5 years time I guess. Need to tackle Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, HK… ahhh… can’t wait :D

    • says

      If I put up all the photos, your internet will take 30 minutes to load my website oh! hahahaaha. You can check out the rest of the photos at Raymond Chu’s photo album.

  5. lingling says

    faster upload a new entry wiv good food review and nice places to shop la..wanna take note for my next year Taiwan trip.hehe…

    • says

      Most of the food are good, you’ll have more trouble looking for lousy food I tell you. hahaha. When in doubt, ask passerby. That’s what I do lah… everyone speaks Chinese so there’s no trouble of communication.

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