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50 Best Foods of Kota Kinabalu


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Top 15 Best Food at Kota Kinabalu

After one whole month, hundred ringgit spent, and 3kg heavier.. I finally completed this post.

Prepare your tissue box, and stick your head closer to the screen, cause this is the Ultimate Guide to Kota Kinabalu Food™

(…tissue box is for saliva)

1. Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶

There are many Bak Kut Teh restaurants around Kota Kinabalu (KK), and I believe this is KK most famous Bak Kut Teh restaurant. Why? This year alone, I met 2 different food shows filming there, Taiwan and South Korea respectively. This restaurant could be one of Malaysia’s icon at other countries.

Food hosts all over the country have visited this restaurant. This restaurant is equivalent to the Char Kuey Tiao auntie at Penang (but the Bak Kut Teh boss is friendly).

2. Chicken Wing  雞翅膀

Chicken wing has become one of the icon food at KK these few years. It all started by a little chicken wing stall at Beverly Hills. The owner has secret recipe that makes whole KK people crazy for his wings.

I remember buying this wings for RM1 each during my high school period. Few years later the wings quickly became RM1.80 when the reputation and fame caught up.

3. Ikan Panggang 燒魚

This is stingray, the same species that killed Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter. This fish is not a human killer in nature, but once they were killed and put on a hot grill — they taste awesome! Especially with sambal and fresh lime juice, cooked on banana leaf. Yummy to the max.

4. Damai Roti Kahwin 麵包

What’s so special about roti kahwin? This roti, don’t play play. Got story wan.. let me tell you.

This bread has revolutionized the fate of shoplots at Damai. The kopitiam, call Foo Yuen (富源), makes the most awesome bread in the world that it *melts* in your mouth the moment you put it in. I am having difficulty on how to put this into proper words, you have to try it yourself.

This restaurant has practically changed the face of the street, many new food businesses appeared to cope with the hungry crowds, shops around closed down and converted into restaurants, attracted many stalls too. Now the street is call “Wai-sek gai”. You say “Damai roti kahwin” to any KK folks, we will say “ahhhhhh yes yes yes, you’re very smart ha! let’s go yam cha”. This kopitiam is never empty.

Fu Yuan also takes their Teh C Ping into a whole new level. 1/2 of the drink is evaporated milk… trust me, you’ll be in heaven.

5. Guo Min noodle 國民干撈面

Guo Min restaurant is famous for the chewy noodles and home-made fish cake (blue bowl), I prefer to order fresh fish slices or chicken slices. Beef tendon noodle is one of their specialty too.

This restaurant at Sunnygarden was visited by Ah Xian (Astro food host) recently. You can see his face on every wall, lol.

6. Hilltop Fish Noodle 魚雜米粉

This restaurant was recommended by my relatives. It’s their favourite because the soup is more tomato based and the ingredients are most diversify. You can order fish bladder, stomach or any intestine for your interest. I don’t think they serve fish scales though. There are many fish noodles restaurants at KK, it’s difficult to list them all in this list so I decided to pick this one.

You can also try Hung Kei Restaurant at Damai, which is my personal favourite. And another one called Wang Wang restaurant, listed below.

7. Coconut Pudding 椰香布丁

This is not exactly the MUST-HAVE food in KK. Since the list is mostly noodles, I think I add a dessert into the list.

Coconut pudding is one of my favourite dessert since young. If you never try coconut pudding before, I urge you to try out the coconut pudding at a seafood restaurant called Xia Zhong Xia (蝦中蝦) at Hilltop.

Make sure you only go after 6pm, and they only serve limited servings per day. So far, this is the best coconut pudding I’ve tasted at KK.

8. Ngiu Chap (Beef Noodle) 牛雜面

Can you resist beef noodle with tasty thick broth? There are plenty of famous beef noodle around KK, and one of them is at Lintas 33 bread shop. You ask any KK fella “hey which ngiu chap best in KK?”, you might get 20 different replies.

How did I pick this restaurant? I close my eyes and simply pick. This restaurant damn lucky. Despite simply pick, the beef noodle standard is definitely above par! :)

9. Inanam Custard Bread 下南南麵包

My dad used to buy this custard bread for me when I was young, I say, around 10 years old maybe? He bought a dozen of these custard cake, not a normal number for afternoon tea. But rest assured, the rest of the week I will treat my dad like a King! (he knows me weaknesses).

And guess what? I can finish the buns in few hours. Then my mum will scold me cause I am always too full for dinner..  and I finished it all by myself (without sharing with sister).

When I grew up. My dad’s friends and relatives will say “wahhh.. your son very tall and huge oh!”

“Of course la, you have no idea how many buns I fed him.” My dad replied.

10. Roast Duck 燒鴨

My dad says this restaurant serves the best roast duck noodle in KK. He announce the “greatest roast duck noodle” to everyone he knows. My dad often solves his brunch here, for many years. If I don’t trust him, who should I trust?

Personally, the roast duck noodle never fails to impress my taste buds. I grew up eating there, probably ate hundreds of ducks which accumulated all these years.

The yellow thingie (attached photo) is 春卷 (Chun-Gain in Hakka). I only came to realize (while collecting resources for this post) that Chun-Gain is Sabah specialty, you can only find this food at Sabah! No wonder I never see anyone selling this at West Malaysia.

What is a Chun Gain? Chun-Gain is the Chinese version of pork sausage — without the preservatives enough to mummified you. Once you start eating, you can’t stop.. very addictive.

11. Sheng Rou Mian 生肉面

“What? Raw Meat Noodle?!” (direct translation in Chinese). Eww.

You may be disgusted by the name of this dish. However, for KK people, this dish name is the most heavenly dishes we’ve ever hear. This dish is created for the love of pork… no, this noodle is not served with raw pork meat. I believe the original name derives from boiling the pork in hot broth before serving — thus the soft and tender thin pork slices.

What makes the soup damn special? The minced pork lards. The dry noodle is perfect combination too. Why? You tarik the noodle once, and you quickly send down the dry noodle with soup. Wah.. kesyokan x 10000.

Sometimes I wonder, do they mix the noodle with pork oil too..? I rather don’t want to know the answer. I rather die young than quit eating this dish.

Best place to eat this dish: Lintas (a few similar shops around)

12. Wan Wan Fish Noodle 旺旺餐廳

This is another KK most famous restaurant — Wang Wang restaurant. This is one of my favourite restaurant I mentioned earlier above the post. Wang Wang restaurant serves the most expensive fish noodle at KK (based on my experience). However, they have a valid reason for charging premium price — they serve quality and high standard fish, and damn delicious one. You’ll happy to pay the premium price after your meal — trust me.

The noodle itself is a dish of its own. As you can see from the photo above, the noodle contains fried shallots, green onions and mince chicken. Qualify as a complete dish. The soup base — you have two main soup base to choose from, tom yam or normal one. Both taste absolutely awesome. I didn’t say that because I am promoting KK food, it’s true – you have to taste it to believe.

This restaurant is also one of the favourite spot for food shows. Even one scene from TVB seriese Born Rich was filmed here. You can see 3 Hong Kong actors tarik noodle into mouth while filming ^^;

13. Tuaran Noodle 斗亞蘭面

Tuaran noodle is a local delicacy. I can guarantee you that this noodle cannot be found anywhere on Earth but here. I can be honest with you, this is a simple dish. Yet, this noodle has that special taste that keeps you looking for more.

Long ago, this dish only can be found at further district call Tuaran (hence, the name of the noodle). However it’s too troublesome to drive 20km from central business district to eat this noodle. Eventually a few restaurant offer this dish around KK area.

This dish might replace Char Kuey Tiao in 10 years time. You’ll never know.

14. Tanjung Aru Zu Chap 豬雜面

It takes me 3 weeks to finally have the chance to eat this dish.

This old kopitiam only serves during the morning, and the noodles are usually sold out before noon. Why is this restaurant so damn famous, for many generations? (The restaurant is very very old)


For your information, they serve only one dish, and that’s pork intestines with noodles. They have perfected the recipe, and the recipe has been passed down for two generations (or three?)

The routine is a bit different when you go to this restaurant.

“How many people?”


Which part do you want?”

“……[insert pork intestine name]”



Tips: or you can say “cham-cham”, which means MIX everything and all hell breaks lose ;)

Oh, did you know why it takes me 3 weeks to finally eat this dish?

Answer: They already sold out by the time I wake up at 10am ^^;

15. Pan Fried Dumplings 鍋貼


“This is only a pan-fried dumpling” anonymous says.

“NO, this is GUO TIE, the ultimate bestest-best-best-best food you can find at KK” I reply arrogantly.

“Have you ever try eating a dumpling that meat juice burst out every time you bite?” I added. “You will repeat the first sentence…”

This is the end of the list… hungry yet?

50 Best Foods of Kota Kinabalu


You can download the entire food list for offline viewing – this helps support the costs associated with setting up this website.

This handy food guide will help you navigate the best foods of Kota Kinabalu. 30 days money back guarantee.

Download this for USD$2.90 | Eatbah Store



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  1. Caren says

    Bing, these are all the stuff that I have been craving for!! Alah..terus homesick bah!! Can I suggest you to write in your next entry ‘How to fit all these food in a week?’. Coz I really need to know this!

    • says

      I feel so guilty cause I made so many oversea KK friends HOMESICK! hahahaha. I have to go temple and pray today. YOu can easily eat these 15 foods in single week la… 5 meals per day. Sap sap sui. hahaha

  2. weiyin says

    Thank you for the torture in this morning.
    I only had hot milo + munchy’s oat krunch
    need sang myuk mian & zhu chap mian!!!

    u missed out the gaya street laksa mee!!! and the konloumee there also very very nice.

    the bah kut teh i prefer the one beside Ang’s Hotel :p

    • says

      You thought I enjoy writing this post?! I am suffering here as well leh.. especially when editing this post at late night. I keep my car keys far far so Iwouln’t rush out without thinking twice.

      Got suggestion? Maybe add it to KK best food version 2.0 hahaha

  3. says

    Custard bun also available at Menggatal Ban Hing. Roti panas sangat sedap. Ngiu chap kenapa itu mee? not meehoon? @_@ Oh fish mee, did you try Kedai Kopi Janggut one? Pari bakar hmmm *drools~

    Tenom mee sana damai oso sedap.

    • says

      Wah, bu tiam! So many good food I missed out! HAahha. This list comes up after surveying a few friends, including you. Then I choose the ones with most votes :P

    • says

      Hello my dear neighbour. Wanna go out makan? Hehehehe. My mum says “aiyah ah zai, you’re so fat. tonight i don’t cook lunch, you eat OAT!”

      Vrooom she went to work. I am alone.

    • says

      Yawoh… when I come up with the list. WAH… why no RICE wan?! hahahaha. Luckily got bak kut teh.

      Teh C ping is da shit. YEA baby!

  4. Stephenie says

    there’s a nice and tasty dumplings in Hilltop. Behind Prudential building.. It opens daily and only at night..

    • says

      Is it? Okay I’ll give it a try and compare which dumpling is the best. Hilltop vs. Kolombong :) Damai and Chuan Hing disqualified long long time ago.

    • says

      Original Man Tai sucks.. they didn’t maintain their quality standard. And the rest.. nothing good. I heard the one in Hilltop has another branched opened at City Mall. I wanna go test test.

      If good, I put into version KK BEST FOOD 2.0. You are lucky to be here when I write this post… I can imagine how angry you are if you were still at Brisbane. haha

  5. Ken says

    bing koko…
    next time i go sabah……u are my tour guide d…hehe……n dun forget list out all the place that can DRINKS>>>>>>>>

    • says

      Don’t worry about drinks here. Sabah is the main supplier of alcohol in South East Asia. RM20 can make you jump around in dance floor.

      My tour guide fee is very expensive o.. :P

  6. Amos says

    U’re killing me, i’ve just had a meal and now my stomach is protesting!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE ME FROM THIS AGONYY..

    Can you be my makan partner for a week in kk too??? tolong lah.. hahaha!

    • says

      Resistance is futile.

      Eating partner? I am trying my best to stay home and eat wei… look at my expanding waist. I cannot breath when I tie my shoe lace ^^;

  7. Rachel says

    Ah bing, why are you so evil??!!!!! I have been craving for KK food a lot recently and your blog worsens it !!!!!

  8. Simon says

    Eh Bing…you enjoy torturing us, huh? Man, great pics as well, cant wait to get a 3D Monitor and view these pics again~ Geez, wish I could smell sang ngiuk mien now…

    • says

      Simon!! Hoped you didn’t hug your screen and cry “uhhhuuhuhuh… I want sang ngiuk mien…. *lick monitor* uhuuuhuhuh why no taste one uhuhuhuh”

      3D monitor… only one thing came into my mind >:)

      • Simon says

        EH! Dont bao my tai wok bah…haha~ I will definitely buy a 3D monitor if you create a blog called ahbing’s-gutter. LOL! Anyway, keep up the good work bro!

  9. Jenny says

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *run away with tears

  10. says

    what an AWESOME research of what food kk has to offer! and the pics are great as well! would be helpful if you could insert the address (or google map jpeg) of the shops…then ur readers can enjoy all these yummy food!

    gonna report this article to my mum now coz she has a lot of opinions abt kk food haha

    • says

      Ouch, you remind me of the wasted effort. I spent whole day cropping images from Google Maps and marking exact locations for each food. 16 of them (I removed one food)

      … then only I found a handy map-customization tool from Google Map. D’uh!

      I still have those maps in folder, just in case ;)

      Should I make the button more obvious? Cause you’re not the first one to ask me put up address.. ^^;

  11. Chris says

    wa .. so many comments .. 35 comments .. bos .. after reading straight away stomach got sound o .. i like ur mapping man .. good one ..
    had a look just now .. where is the KK mountain ? near Taman bdc Likas ?? how come so close the coast ?

    • says

      KK mountain is in the middle of Sabah, 60km away from CBD. No where near Taman BDC at all. But there’s where I used to live, when the sky is clear, can see mountain tip.

      You should make one list like this in Sarikei, Sibu.. ahah

  12. Selina Lo says

    Woah..execellent effort, bro!
    You made me miss my chun gein. :( Next time have to dapao back to KL again.

    • says

      ……………… you are right. I FORGOT to put seafood in the list! =_= I spend RM100.30 on that meal some more. How can I forget!?

      Maybe I should come up with version 2.0, or maybe, keep adding more food in this list. Which one is better? hmm

      • says

        Thanks for the input. I have an idea of writing a total new post, but the numbering starts with 16… and the location for the food will be added to current map.

        On version 2.0 I’ll make sure the buttons are visible enough.

  13. dennis ching says

    thanks for all these informations.i just found this make me very interested.would like to try one by one of the best food in kk.never thought there are so many of it…..hope therea re more like malay,chinese,indian even the local bumiputra foods.

    • says

      15 is only the tip of the iceberg. many friend shoot me for not post many more items into the list. I assure them version 2.0 will come out in months time. I need to watch my waistline and wallet, haha.

      One of the post I planned to do is local indigenous food, like Hinava, Tuhau and etc… even local rice wine :D

  14. says

    u cropped those images! wow well done, u should definitely put the jpegs under each number/shop u mentioned, it’s much much clearer liddat and i think readers in general are lazy ppl (like me), they wouldn’t want to click and download (or go to another location) to get info, they want instant results hahah

    • says

      The jpeg maps screw up the whole post, trust me :)

      Some Google maps are extremely outdated too, I need to Photoshop, and build a new road and add few buildings.. Especially at Wan Wan and Lintas (Brass Monkey) that section.. fuhhhh, sakit kepala man.

      Too lazy to change anything anyway.. HAHAHA.

    • says

      Make a whole new post dedicate to Sabah food. Maybe have to terbang to Kudat, Sandakan, Tawau… or drive to Keningau and Ranau tuh… projek basar. hahahha. Where can I find a complete list of local delicacy?

  15. leecintat says

    almost all the food above i had try b4…
    only 2 things i not agree is bak kut teh…
    It is most famous at kk but if comapare to Klang, selangor..
    It will get top 10 count from behind…
    Then, the second 1 is coconut pudding…
    The best place to eat it is at the roadside on the way from KK to Tuaran (the seaside highway, near UiTM KK…)
    Others from that, All agree…
    JusT sharing here …
    don angry …

    • says

      RE: Coconut pudding
      You mean on the way to Salut, with kelapa bakar?

      RE: Bak Kut Teh
      I never try Klang Bak Kut Teh, that one is dry one isn’t it? And my friend try to ask me to eat Singapore bak kut teh… he said water mix with white pepper only. hahaha

      • Lee Cin Tat says

        is thr too far? so u don wan intro that place?
        Klang Bah Kut Teh u MUST try…
        All Bah Kut Teh came from Klang….
        Whr ppl invent Bah Kut Teh…
        The Bah Kut Teh u intro is KL style…
        put a lot ”Tang Gui” inside oni…and reduce others materials…
        damn sad
        to save cost but taste no more ”kau kau”
        KLang style is like ”Kopi O kau kau”…

  16. YYY says

    u dint try the best food till u ate the food in Winner Hotel Kampung Air. recommending 干煎鱼片! price is cheap as well

  17. juju says

    I just had the food no 6 – fish soup noodle in hilltop and I agree with ahbing!!then the bah kut teh in Damai!

  18. Aly says

    Great post!
    I’ve always look for great food in KK, especially Chinese food!
    I hope there will be Part 2 and more to come…:)

    • says

      There’s definitely part 2, due to requests of readers. “Why didn’t include this? why didn’t include that?”

      Join me makan makan? :D

  19. shasha says

    bingbing u know what
    looking at ur post from a tiny ipod touch, and a 16 inch screen really makes a difference,lol.

  20. Bill P says

    We are going to KK next week. I have cholesterol and heart problem. After reading your blog, I don’t know how am I going to control myself.

    • says

      Finish all 15 foods in the list won’t contribute any significant risk towards your health, hehe. Take smaller potion la, but definitely have TO EAT *smile*

  21. says

    Some i know, some i don’t know.

    For the Foo Yuen bread, yes, i like their roti kahwin and Teh-C Bing to bits! Had been having my breakfast everyday there for 200+ days during my stay in KK last year. Even the waitress there knew what i wanted to eat without asking me!

    Can’t wait to eat them again…

    BTW, where is the shop selling the Roast Duck noodle? Most of the time i had mine at Inanam. Some of my relatives like the 广东仔,but i don’t really like the roast duck that served by them.

  22. huisia says

    Em…are you friend of Lisa Chin? Wow….what a small small world here…then guess that you’re graduated from TTSS too..

  23. FarahShaik says

    i can’t help but *drooooooooooooooooL*……goodness, i’m ashamed to call myself a sabahan when i’ve not even eaten half them FoooooooooooooooooooD!….*faints*…

  24. Stephy says

    Hi there, great effort! I’m also a “food kaki”. I came from Penang, the “food heaven”. So looking for yummy food is always part of me :P
    I had tried the coconut pudding at Kampung Nelayan. Tastes GRRREAT! I personally think the bak kut teh it’s nothing impressive about it as compared to those in Klang.

    • says

      Now I can’t wait to try Klang bak kut teh. If I stay there 2 weeks, and go eat bak kut teh every night, do you think I will get bored? just a hypothetical question… “What IF” :P

  25. says

    Hey, great job. I have been looking around for post like yours. Have always been headache whenever friends from other places visit KK when it comes to food. Was afraid I might miss out places with good food that I might not be aware. Keep it up! Looking forward for the next one :)

    • says

      Thanks Brenda!

      Have you bookmarked this site yet? More great posts coming up.

      I have similar situation like urs too, headache where to bring friends when they come over. That’s the reason why I compile this post :) Hope you find this useful.

  26. Jason wong says

    I think that if you could get some professional photographer and to add values to your post, then our KK food will be even more visually attractive.
    I really like this idea, you captured some of the most memorable food in KK in one single post, as a kk people, I cannot agree with you more. xD

    well done, keep it up dude.

  27. Daph says

    bing, have u tried fish soup noodles at inanam bus stop? don’t know the name, but i love the tom yum soup with fish slices there.

  28. says

    Salute….u really had all of then within a month time!!! I am half way compiling the list but I guess I can stop now as you have did it!!!

    Yay…no pound gaining for me. :p

  29. athenna_oryance says

    Gosh! This blog is so much torturing me n miss all the single smell n taste of e foods… Chun Gien, Ngiu Chap, Wan2, Inanam’s bun, OhHhhh, lotz more! Miss them like crazy, like dying…… NOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  30. Stella.T says

    Salim punya roti? Salim punya daifu curry sauce??? XD~!
    胡须佬 punya TomYam~!!!
    & do u ever like malay foods? There is a malay shop located in Lintas, opposite Ah Ying Ban Mian shoplot d corner 生肉面, d malay shop are just reight beside~! I love their soto especially after add-in their chili sauce & kicap pekat!!!

    • says

      Salim? I personally disqualify them. Nothing to shout about their roti, don’t kasih toh soi KK food bah Stella!

      Rarely have the chance to try Malay food, I would like to try best Malay food around if I have the chance. Gotta approach my Malay friends. (Just realised I dont have many…..)

      OMG 12th July liao, I haven’t start my culinary adventure for this month yet.

  31. Stella.T says

    Actually didn’t visit Salim for years oso :P
    Their reputation still remained on my high sch memories XD
    Nest wekk i go bck bah~i bring u go the malay shop!!!
    But if not ngam ur tatte cannot complain ah :D

    • says

      Sure sure. This week all my activities are outdoor too. Lots of photos to take around KK. Eh, let you knwo first ah, I cannot consume beef T_T

  32. says

    thank you so much for sharing this. i am so printing this page and bringing this w/ me on my trip to KK this October. :) keep up the great work here on your blog!

  33. ffong says

    bing. very good review. I feel like going back to KK to eat them all NOW!!! haha,
    btw, I was expecting the beaufort dishes too, the mee and the vege with pork etc..hehe ;)

    • says

      You mean MAN TAI? It was originally in the list but I couldn’t find the perfect photo, and I cannot wait to push out that posts. So terpaksa put that list into Best KK Food version 2.0.

  34. Morna says

    Ah Bing, I just read your post. One word to describe it: AWESOME! I’m pretty sure that you’ll create a successful career out of this, but just make sure you remember to keep fit at the same time :P (from a dietitian’s point of view)

    ps: Btw I LOVE/ MISS coconut pudding so so much! I had one all to myself at Xia Zhong Xia the last time I was back :D

    • says

      I thought you going to use “sexy” to describe that post :( I am disappointed. Hahaha, is only for fun, maybe as a stepping stone towards my goal (I want to become fit fit punya blogger btw). More posts coming up!

    • Shan says

      Firstly i think you guys look like Far east movement. I want to ask you guys where is the best place for seafood? Also for seafood fried rice?

      Thank far east movement guys

  35. says

    Oh man, I wish I had had this list a month ago when I was in KK. I was able to tackle most of these fine dishes, but unfortunately I missed a few. Even though I’m stuffed right now, this post did make me super hungry again!

  36. mei mei says

    Wei, ah bing!
    Are you trying to Jealous me kah with all the food you been eating kah? :<

    Thank you to ur mum who always know the place to eat a delicious F.O.O.D…..
    next year i come back, you must belanja me to eat k…

  37. Stephen Chu says

    Very good recommendation of delicious food & beverage in kota kinabalu,I am from local also, for quite sometime will ask this question” where to enjoy our F&B today?” It is good for the peoples from west Malaysia and foreigners or tourists reference.

    • says

      I always get same questions from West Malaysian friends, that’s one of the reason I compiled this list. Many more food posts coming up soon ;) Make sure you bookmark heheheh

      • kat wong says

        I am a West M’sian residing in Inanam for quarter of a century and these r my recommendations – u left out the fish mee in damai near Tong Hing Supermarket – the best in KK! Try the Fish Head noodle n other fish dishes in Rest. Tung Fong in Inanam and the famous ‘pan mien’ behind CIMB Bank in Inanam and the ‘rice wine fried noodle’, ‘spare ribs fried kuey teow with bitter gourd n black beans’, roast duck, roast pork n bbq pork in Rest. Keng To (i think that’s how they spell d name) at the Inanam Bus Stop same block as Inanam JPN office. There are plenty of famous ‘sheng rou mien’ around these shops at d Inanam Busstop n near d Kopeks’ flats in Inanam. Also, try the famous ‘iced coffee’ and buns/kahwin bread at Sin Hin coffeeshop. They r many many famous fish head, sheng rou mien, roast duck, kahwin bread, ‘niau chap mien’, ‘tuaran mien’ restaurants in Sabah – in fact the food in Sabah has improved leaps n bounds in the last decade n definitely can be listed as best when it comes to seafood. Oh oh there is 1 dish which will make me drive all the way to Tamparuli for is the ‘fried mien sian’ (fried mee suah) n tuaran mee – d coffeeshop is located at the old shop houses in Tamparuli – talking abt food is making me hungry but I am enjoying d famous hainan ngiau chap from Inanam – the shops behind Maybank Inanam.

      • says

        My my….. you completed all the food list in ver2.0 (I am compiling part two of best KK food). Seriously, the only food that is not in my list was the ice coffee and buns at Sin Hin coffee shop. Everything else, is complete! Hahaha you’re so awesome! I’m going to add that into the list also.

        My mum recently become a big fan of the restaurants at Inanam bus stop… got roast duck and fish head meehoon, sheng rou mian also. Now I have to drive all the way from Likas to Inanam… uh ohh..

        I am also going to check out Ang’s Hotel, near Gaya Street. They said the food is really really really nice.

        Thanks for taking the time recommending these food! I appreciate it. But how come you remember all the restaurant names, so geng ah?

    • says

      There are new restaurants appearing around KK – my current favourite is Firefly’s bar & grill cafe and Inanam fish noodle (shop lots beside Inanam bus stop). Don’t forget to try when you’re back ;)

  38. Bea says

    I remember my mom taking me out in my pj’s for supper and having dumplings at midnight with all her friends. Which brings me to my point, do kids never sleep in KK?!?!

    It makes me miss all the KK foods, it’s the food that I always reminisce about because it’s also the food of my childhood :( Ahhh I love this!

    xx B

    • says

      Kids do sleep early in KK… the only thing that makes these all possible is the driving distance. We never drive more than 10 minutes for food, you forgotten that? It’s the KK style!!

      You miss all the KK foods, whereabouts are you now? Soon I’ll post up more “food porn”… you’ll move back KK I tell you hahahhaa

  39. Bea says

    P.S You should check out the Lonely Planet recommended restaurants in K.K. (It’s all crap, or out of business, but still interesting hehe)

  40. says

    F**K!!!!!u make me miss kk food badly!!!!yerrrrrr…cos eevry yr CNY holidays go back but most of the shops havent open yet…*sob sob* i wan kk food!!!!
    oh ya…i repost ur post in my blog ya…hahahaha!!!!pinjam pinjam…Thanks!!! :D

    • says

      AIYAH!!?? mou din din kena you diao T_T

      Tulah, who ask you go KL and never come back throughout the year. The flight time takes as much time as you stuck in KL’s traffic jam.

      Go ahead to post the food photos ;) don’t forget to put a link back,lol

      • says

        hahahahaha!!!!sorry bah~~~~cos i too miss kk food d…hahahahha!!!last time in kk wont appreciate one cos easily get it…but now miss the food badly lor…hahaha!!!!
        alrite…i will link to ur blog…dun worry :P

  41. Florence says

    This is indeed a great site to share and explore new eateries. As part of sharing, I recently went to a new restaurant at Towering, Popular Cuisine and I find the food there reasonably priced and delicious. We took their crispy Thai pork knuckle and Tomyam and it really tasted authentic. We were told that they made the tomyam paste themselves. In addition, we were told that if we wanted to have something special, out of the menu, we can contact the chef to arrange.

    A recommended restaurant for the family.

    • says

      Hello Florence, thanks for commenting in my blog, I appreciate it.

      Where is that Popular Cuisine to be exact? I know Blue7 and the big roundabouts.. never really venture into the food shops there. That can be interesting.

      Crispy Thai pork knuckle? that name is enticing itself.. definitely must try!


      By the way, did you leave me any message via contact form? I got an food review invitation from Chef Kong, whose restaurant also located at Towering, but didin’t mention too much about cuisine type and restaurant name. I wonder if that’s you who sent the email.

      • Florence says

        Hi Bing. Don’t knw abt the food review invite but it wld be interesting to read your review on the place. The restaurant, Popular Cuisine is located at Towering, opposite Bintang Ramai tyre and beside Southern Cake hse. The Chef’s h/p no is 013-873 3188 n you can ctc him to arrange sm nice food for you. Try the lo tun fish stew. Simply awesome. Well, hope u enjoy the food as much as I did and will be looking out for your review.

  42. Justin says

    Thanks for your time & efforts – you’re a lifesaver. I left KK in ’95 but am flying home tomorrow to bring my 11-month old daughter to visit my parents. My wife is from Ipoh so I kena kau-kau from her everytime we talk about coming to KK cos I dunno what/where to eat. My parents are not very adventureous with food so growing up we always ended up eating the same dishes in the same few places. I will be putting this list to good use over the next few days!!
    Btw small world – dinoza is my ex-schoolmate ;)

  43. kristy says

    Since you are good in KK food, do you know where is the sotong stall that used to be beside the transformer-station of Capitol Cinema moved to? many Sabahan looking for it, it was one of the remarkable food in KK.

    • Murphy says

      I’m also looking for this sotong stall. Someone says it moved to Asia City, but it’s gone now. :-( Please let me know if you find it.

      • kristy says

        oh well, i shouldn’t ask you if I knew that was you. because you and me are different generation, hahaha…;D

        Anyway, the sotong guy is my childhood memory. :)

      • says

        The sotong is grilled or deep fried? I miss the AHA chicken at the shop lots near your house. THat’s one of my childhood memory too. hehe.

    • says

      Is the kueh zap near Kolombong industry area? I haven’t tried that yet, I heard it’s good. My friends couldn’t pin point the exact location ^^”

    • says

      That’s true… I am still writing second version of KK Best Food. But kan, the more I right, the more I want to add.. and also the fatter I become. Hahaha. And another thing, my wallet… diau, become so slim. KK food IS TOO EXPENSIVE!! :(

  44. Joan says

    I enjoy your food review… so cute … the way u describe things – maybe you can set up a business bringing tourist/ foreign visitors ( who loves food) around. I am a Malaysian residing in Brunei – I visit KK frequently and crazy about Korean food – maybe next time you can review Korean Food?

    • says

      /blush – it’s been awhile since someone say I am cute. The last time someone said to me was when I was last year (!). Hahahaha.

      I’ve negotiated with a local tour guide about commissioning him to bring readers to taste KK’s best food. However the market demand is not huge – so I have to postpone this idea indefinitely ^^”

      I might be going Brunei some time next year ;)

  45. BakaMay says

    I can’t believe I just saw this! This is the best short list of KK’s best ever!!! Keep up the good work! =]

    • says

      Thanks for the compliment! it takes time to compile the list, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s been 4 months since I posted it, version 2.0 should be coming up soon.

  46. Natasha says

    Chun-gaein and also fish noodles (!!!) — both dishes/food I have never come across in West Malaysia. GAH, the frustration from just looking at this post and knowing that I’m not home to savor it.

  47. Claudia says

    have you ever notice that wan wan restaurant has no flies flying around? you should consider this though… it’s kinda dangerous that flies dont even want to taste the food…

    • says

      /gasp you’re damn right! I have to personally ask the tauke myself!

      I tell you, that tauke always kacau my mum one. To make it worse, my mum request him to give extra fish every time =_=

      • Claudia says

        haha. thats why i only been there for ONCE only. no more next time. scary oh. sell fish but no flies @@

      • says

        You are observant! now I not only observe for pretty girls at restaurant, I have to observe for flies also!

        “ma, this restaurant no flies, better ask tauke why first..” hahahhahaha

  48. celeste says

    arg! i wish i saw this when i was in KK half a year bec..grr~
    anyway, great work..will definitely bookmark this for my next trip!

      • jean says

        Erm… i searched for google map before… it doesn’t show me a detailed place oh… but from the map, there’s a point for KFC dongonggon… the restaurant has the same shoplot with KFC… only KFC is at the front and the restaurant is at the end of the shoplot.. Hmm… if not mistaken, the restaurant’s name is “Xin Wang”…^^

      • says

        Xin Wang? They have the exact name with Pan mee in Damai. Probably they opened up a new branch there. I definitely will check it out :) Thanks for the suggestion.

      • jean says

        The damai one not as nice as dongonggon that one… By the way, tell me whether you like it or not if you try it already… i’m so excited…

      • says

        I will try it if I have the chance to eat at Donggongon. I think I’ve only eaten there 3-5 times my whole life o.O

        Anyway, do you have any restaurant to recommend in that area?

  49. agnes says

    HI, i am UMS student from west malaysia…i enjoy food in kk and thanks for ur recommandation…should try all in the list b4 i graduated!

    • says

      Yes you should try all. hehehe. There’s more to come, but takes me forever to complete that post – have too many other blog posts to blog about ^^;

  50. Cindy Lim says

    ..all the food you mentioned also my favourite KK food-lah..
    thanks for the effort and ‘sacrifices’ you’ve made to compile all these yummy info for people like us!

  51. justin says

    ahhh………….. u make me miss kk food so much…
    still dis is awesome… there still plenty of delicious food lea…

    • says

      Yes there are still plenty of delicious food at KK, couldn’t include all of them in single post. Some expensive too. e.g. seafood. Next post is coming up… (but dont know when la.. couldn’t complete the post hahaha)

  52. yen says

    As a local sabahan, i even havent try some of them such as ikan panggang and coconut pudding. i pretty like this. you make me missing my hometown now…

    • says

      Sun bian eat sotong panggang and kambing panggang while you order ikan panggang… they usually serve all these dish together. Go Hilltop, “san tung po” there!!

  53. ReNEe WoNG says

    ah bing!!! you are awesome!! lol i miss kk so much hahahaa going back in dec ahahaha anyway great job in letting people know abt kk… =)

    • says

      Thanks for dropping by. I have to thank readers who shared this article… without them, this post will be in the dark :P You’re coming back in December, whereabouts are you now?

    • says

      … and super expensive. there’s one uncle that always say “HEY BROTHER!! come see see, what you want to eat? very fresh ahhh the noodles, take as many as you like ok!”

  54. Alice says

    Hello, after I had read this post, I do agreeee with the food that u recommend to all… Except 1, the first one.. LoL… Honestly, Do u really think that 肉骨茶 is the best taste in KK?? Hrmm… I do agree with it’s popularity, but, the taste really so so only worh….

    • says

      Well that’s my personal favourite for sure. You have other BKT recommendation in KK? I haven’t try the BKT at Lintas though (opposite YOYO). I heard its good.

  55. Caleb says

    Hey, have you ever tried the restaurant at Tuaran called simply, Tuaran Mee Restaurant? Try the Kon Lau mee there, am I’m sure it’ll impress you a WHOLE lot. Ever since I ate it, been going there every waking Sunday morning no fail…

      • Caleb says

        No problem bro! ;)

        You enter through the old Tuaran road and go to the second row block with a bakery corner shop (can’t remember the name) facing opposite the little Shell Station. There, you can park right in front of the shop or along the block. It’s simply called “Tuaran Mee Restaurant” and you can’t miss it. I recommend you try the Kolo mee with roasted chicken as it’s one of the most delicious dish i’ve ever tasted here in K.K, and I bet my socks you’ll want to go there at least every week once you taste it! :P

      • says

        *gulp* bahhhhhh I will go this weeeeek! thanks for pin-pointing the exact location. If we choose a place to meet up, that is the perfect place! like first date or something hahahahhaa.

  56. says

    Good guide with clear pics.
    But it would be much clearer to tourist if there is the slightest clear name of shops with address ( we know kk ppl dun really move around with formal address)..yes..kk ppl knows damai, beverly, lido chicken wings.. but ….

    • says

      I am coming up with a better and detailed post with food post no.2 (yes a new version is coming out soon). Wasn’t expecting that much reaction from readers while I wrote the post, and also did not consider about how many tourists were reading this post, hence the lack of proper address.

  57. Robert says

    Ahbing, Great blog. I’ve only been in KK since yesterday. Today we move on to Sandakan, but my wife and I used your blog for choosing our food twice in that short time. Last night we had the Ikan Panggang. Fantastic. And this morning we got up early enough to hop over to Tanjung Aru for the Zu Chap. Great breakfast (even though they charged us MUCH more than the other customers).

    Thanks for your suggestions. You helped to make our stay in KK a very tasty one.

  58. Erico Ngadianto says

    Wow, such a good guide. It’s really nice that I found your blog.

    I’m going to Kota Kinabalu from Jakarta this week, on 19 March 2011, and will stay until Tuesday, 22 March 2011.

    Just for having fun with my friend.

    Do you live in Kota Kinabalu, Ahbing?

  59. Erico Ngadianto says

    Thank’s for the reply.

    Could you suggest places of interest to be visited in Kota Kinabalu?

    We will stay at Tune Hotel, but I just found out that Tune Hotel is somehow quite far from the city center, especially for the delicious food places that you reviewed here, he.. he.. he..

    Is there any bus route from Tune Hotel to the city center? I tried searching in google, but what I found is only bus routes around the city center.

    Any suggestion for cheap transportation? :D

  60. Angela L says

    Hey Ah Bing,

    I saw this post sometime last year but didnt realise it’s your blog. The list of good food in kk just goes on, we as orang kk are so blessed. I am proud of my grandpa’s home brew ice coffee (note: ‘lang’ kopi is different than kopi ping) & my uncle aunty’s pau (bun). They are very addictive, plus i get to eat the gon lao mien at the same shop too. Now I am hungry just talking about it. Definitely check out their new bun shop down at dongongon the next time i’m back. Yum!

    — Xiawei

    • says

      I am also hungry after reading your comments. I unconsciously recalls the tastes of the food I had there, also the buns and coffee.. hhahaaha. Ngai.

  61. Terence Chan says

    Hi Handsome Ah bing!

    Do u mind to secretly email me your KK top food version 2.0 ah?
    I’m coming to KK on 10April and I wanna try all those top 15 KK food or die trying.. haha! I need address or directions for those top 15 food oso la please…

    Many thanks in advance!

    • says

      My Food post version 2.0 is in very very very very draft version – manage to get address and some photos only. I gave myself too much excuses for not completing that post ^^;

  62. Janie says

    Ahbing!Congratulations on your Blog! This is such a big help especially that im planning to visit KK in a month. I can’t wait to taste these tasty food that you posted except for the fish noodles, coz i might get an allergy while im there and spoil the trip. Anyway, I can’t seem to find the v.2 of your Food porn, i hope next time you’d be able to include some prices so we have an idea. We’ll be staying in Sutera Harbor and this is quite s short trip i hope you could recommend some places to visit for a 3D2N trip near our hotel? :) More Blogs to go!

  63. Ann says

    AH Bing, really a good & amazing jobs done.. BTW please provide contact nos and address as well. we are not from KK, so may have a problem to find some of the locations. Thanks. I think u can be a “Cari Makan Makan” tour guide…

    • says

      Newer post is coming out soon, with more food and map details. I hope to publish that post within a week or so.. subscribe to newsletter to receive that post in your email ^^

  64. Billy Lee says

    Hey, Ah Bing, billy from KL here. Thx for the great, great work!!!

    Am just in KK town for 1st of 6day work-then-leisure trip, till next monday. Just Surfing around for food, eventually found your site!

    Other than these foods that i’ll definitely be looking, Any other place to visit/etc… for recommendation?

    Mount KK trip plan failed btw… Empty weekend and wondered if you mind to make frens. Hehe

  65. Poh KP says

    A friend emailed me your blog at 4:18am this morning! :-| Guess he must have smelled your blog & gotten insomnia!! :p Great job for coming up with this great blog!!! :-D

    Flew to KK more often recently. Got to taste only 3 out of your 15 recommendations. Now have more incentive to visit KK even more often.. :p

    • says

      4:18am in the morning! I must have starved many people during midnight. I am feeling so bad leh!

      Better version is coming up soon, hopefully within few days time. This version includes business hour and also address!

    • says

      You can go to Hilltop (next to Prudential building),

      Kedai Kopi New Mui Vui 永建成茶餐室
      Lots 2, Ground Floor,
      Hilltop Kolam Plaza,
      88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

      in case you need the number, 013-8705781

      Hope that helps!

  66. Lily says

    I’m going to KK tomorrow. Could you please provide me the restaurant name of item 10 listed above which selling roast duck? It looks delicious.

  67. carol says

    i think u missed out quite a fair bit of Good foods found in KK… Look further & harder………….

  68. primus chew says

    To answer your question why your blog is so popular. As for me you did a great job that no one has initiated it. First I found your blog by accident, second I love your blog for 2 main reason; 1} I found some of the secret recipe no want ever revealed (like chicken wing frying) common to every partying cos I love cooking and 2) I know where to find good food around KK so I can take my family and friend to dine. Thank you very much Ahbing (David) for the good effort in doing all this. A job well done!
    Best regards & cheers from Primus Chew 28th May, 2011

    • says

      Appreciate the kind words from you, I’m truly honored. My blog is not so popular as you may believe – although I can’t deny it’s a fun place to hang out (I had fun writing the posts too).

      You love cooking too? Awesome! some day we have to come out yam cha, I have so many cooking questions to ask! I was hoping to make short episodes of my weekly cooking and feature in my blog – it’ll be so fun. Cook and travel are my passion ;)

      Hope to see you around again Mr Chew ;)

  69. Charity says

    I’m still finding the best Guo Tie! Just now I went to the one in Damai…Foo Yuen row but the other side la. Nice also. This one in Kolombong, what’s the name of the shop? Wanna try..thanks!

    • says

      I can’t remember the name of the shop because it’s a very very old coffee shop in the corner. There’s another great one at Hiltop, you can refer to my 43 food posts, that post includes exact address and map location. type “43 food kk” in google ;)

  70. sophia says

    Hi AhBing,
    I found your blog is extremely helpful! Am going to KK sometime in August and already drooling over the food =) eheh..
    Really appreciate the good effort, pics, narration. Keep it up! (now gonna read your updated version for the food)

  71. says

    Hi AhBing,

    Love your post! I will be going to KK on 22/6/2011, and despite stayed in KK for 3 years (during my University years in 2004), I forgot all the great food I had there. Thanks to your post, I refreshed my memory! :)

  72. patrine says

    hi, i would like to try the foods intro here. can u sent me address or map to go the place? thanks.

  73. carrie says

    I will be going to KK on 22/6/2011, and despite stayed in KK for 4days only. Can u introduce some nice food and nice place to us. thank you..hope u can reply me..

    • says

      The food list itself is a recommendation for food. There are plenty of places to stay around KK – do a research on Google. It’s very simple ;) I can’t recommend any hotel because I never stayed at any hotel here before.

  74. Pauline says

    Ahbing, I was trying to pin point the shop where the pan fried dumpling is. All I can figure out from the map was its in Kolombong somewhere. Probably its a good idea to state the location and the name of the shop at the end of the feature so we don’t have to hunt around? Hope its possible. New Mui Vui (something like that) in hilltop has nice sui-jiau and pan fried dumpling too (they were the shantung lady from Chuan hing next to the cottage).

    • says

      Hello Pauline,

      I found the best pan-fried dumpling is around Kolombong industrial area. There are 2 different stalls – one at shoplots opposite Giant supermarket (2nd best in KK, in my opinion).

      The one I mentioned in post is at the entrance of Taman Nelly.. just around the roundabout. I KEEEEEEP forgetting to check out the name of the restaurant even though I visit them almost weekly basis! (I keep asking my friends to go makan there haha)

  75. anyinn says

    Hi Bing, looked at your 43 food, I have not really try most of the things in inanam/Kolombong side, will try to find them during the weekends. You have not listed the tomyam in Seng Heng Sinsuran, or the nasi ayam in Lido (the old shop row at the side of the fish market – somewhere towards the middle, after the corner shop where senior citizens hang out to play chinese chess :)). Lido also has nice laksa penang. Kuching laksa in Taman cantek. The roast-pork in Sincere kopitiam near chiu-tai-seng supermarket, the crabs at Lucky restaurant, as well as the fried pork konlo-mein in fohsang- check them out :))

    • says

      WOH WOHH WOHHHH that’s awesome list of food! however I personally don’t like the roast-pork in chiu-tai-seng.. their standard and portion has deteriorated these years (I stay 5 mins walk away only). Gotta check out the food at Lido area. the car park is often a headache for me..

  76. Winston - The Hungry Excavator says

    Hey Ah Bing… Great list you’ve compiled here… Really hits home. I’m from KK myself and these are food that I really love eating myself. Glad you got to experience what KK is about too. You can check out my little snapshot of KK food too in the link below. It’s great that ppl are doing this because a lot of ppl out there really need to know what KK is about and experience it for themselves =)

  77. jessica82 says

    about the chun gian. as i know, it’s was originally from chinese ppl called long chuan. at tenom there’s even beef chun gian.

    • ahbing says

      There’s BEEF CHUN GAIN!? seriously!? NICEEEE. I just hope that there’s chicken version so fellow Malaysians can share this hakka delicacy together..

  78. lovetoeat says

    Your list is good representation of KK food. Some of the locations are not marked correctly (Inanam Bao, Wan Wan) and some of your choice of stores are not the best (according to crowdedness of the shop). For example, Shang Ngiuk Mian and Ngu Chap Mian. Missing from the list are Supertanker (many dishes), Tai Foh Shon (Big Fire Ship) best char siew and roast pork. Kiu Ngiuk, Prawn/Chicken in rice wine are also missing. Tampuruli Chow Mian, Satay & grilled fish at Capitol Kampung Air. Beef ball at KK wet market. Roast chicken rice at Bornion.

    • ahbing says

       @lovetoeat Thanks for dropping by. This post was written early of 2010, back then there were crowds, hence the limited food list. After this post went live, I get many feedback from readers – thus more comprehensive post in 2011 –
      New food list is coming up, I’m adding list to Top 60. I will be removing some of the old ones and add a few new food/location. I welcome you to participate in this food post.
      Love you to add more food to the list. Hear from you again soon, lovetoeat!

    • ahbing says

       @cutebun Working on a extended version “101 Best Food in KK”, will include map, business time, ratings, contact number and the whole complete set. Will publish in (upcoming site to promote Sabah)

    • Royzaron says

      Try the FARMER’S Hut near Jesselton point face to face with Cock and Bull. It a Malay foods restaurant, nice place to hang out, best Malay food in town and try the kopi king….Tarik, hot or iced. Foods is awesome and reasonable priced.
      Breakfast, buffet or ala carte lunch, afternoon tea or diner.

  79. Dra says

    I am at KL now n I dunno why the hell did I google kk eats when I should be working… Whole week here.. Despite having the best Jap food I ever had in Msia for lunch (showing off)… I miss KK food already!!! =_____= I hate u Bing…


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