Top 6 Comic Bloggers in Malaysia

#1 – Akiraceo

Blog URL:

Description: Jian is one of the hardest working blogger I know. He has been blogging for years now and his illustrations has improved dramatically over past years. This is the result as a persistent blogger and that takes effort (lots of it!).

In, Jian portrayed himself as a cat, and illustrates his daily adventures and stories in entertaining way. His unique blogging approached has also earned him wide readership, winning himself in countless contests and awards. The innocent yet naughty cat is on fire now and he is on the way to blogging stardom, and I don’t see him stopping anytime soon.

Favourite posts:

#2 – The Life and Times of Jason Phoon

Blog URL:

Description: Stumbled Jason’s blog many years ago while I was studying at Australia. One day, he announces in blog “I’m going to Brisbane to do my Masters”. I immediately gave him my contact number (was doing degree at Brisbane). When Jason settled down, he contacted me, “Hey Bing! nice to finally hear your voice. So uhm, you want to go strip club together?”

His comic is fucking funny. At some point, I want to print his comics on t-shirts, and I pretty sure the t-shirts sell like hot cakes.

Favourite posts:

#3 – Oh I See Red

Blog URL:

Description: “Oh? this sok foh is from same home town as me too? Her name is Hong Yi, nice name. I like her writings… ohh yea ohh yea my type of blogger, not kai wan xiao one! Hold on, OMG she can draw too! eh, why always got beaver one ah… got other meaning one issit?”

*become fans immediately*.

Hong Yi recently moved to a new domain name “Oh I See Red”, most of her posts are about her architecture life, and recently fashion. She recently started drawing again because readers love it.

Must meet her in person some day.

Favourite posts:

#4 – Pek Chek Kia 的生活日記

Blog URL:

Description: I found Pek Chek Kia in one of his fan’s site one year ago, and has been following his blog religiously all these while.. his cute illustrations of white people are often simple but messages get across. If you often draw, you know this is not a simple to archive.

And also, I found Pek Chek Kia in many contests too, definitely a blogger to check out. He mainly blogs in chinese, and he is a avid twitter (@pekchekkia)

Favourite posts:

  • 迫切仔理髮記
  • 最近西北懶惰
  • 大家一起迫切
  • 可以不要一起來嗎?

#5 – 歷史不是醬學的

Blog URL:

Description: One of the contestant of Singapore Blog Award 2010 (… and also award winner in LOL category). Definitely worth checking out. I like his approach of writing blog posts, it’s entertaining yet educational. You can easily see how much effort and time he has put into his blog posts.

I haven’t go through every posts yet, but I’ve already bookmarked it for further leisure reading.

The blog is in Chinese, and also — you have to start reading from his oldest posts.

Favourite posts:

#6 – Where is the 6th blog?

This is where you can nominate the #6 comic blog! Is there any comic bloggers than I missed out? Please join the conversation below :)

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  1. Agnes says

    Thanks for showing these blogsite!! Very entertaining~ I only know HongYi’s blog because of her mom’s blog.

    Found your blog via your Top 15 best food in KK post and I start following you. Love to read your blog, keep it coming~ :)

    • says

      Thanks Agnes. To be honest I still don’t know why people like to write my blog, maybe I am good at bullshitting ba. Seriously I write crap only – I do well especially when I’m drunk hahahhah

    • says

      Forgive him.. comic posts need a lot of inspiration and motivation to write one. PCK can write until now, means his put quite some effort in it already :)

  2. says

    OMG I personally know two of the bloggers here: Akiraceo and Pekchekkia. I am so proud to know them, and believe me, in real person they are genuine friends and fun-loving people too. I can foresee many great things to come for them.

  3. says

    waaahhh paiseh u’re talking about my blog! oh thank u! and what is SOK FOH?! LOL. i is no understand u!

    and…aiya…i started the character ‘beaver’ coz of justin bieber LOL but i think i should change it to another animal coz of some raised eyebrows…hahaha

  4. says

    If I never found your site, I would never have heard of Miao and WafuPafu. Which would be a shame, because I love them. And I love Iseered street projects. <3 Anyway, here are 3 more comic bloggers in Malaysia. I dunno if you've ever heard of them. :)
    Sometimes I draw too but not often enough to be considered as a comic blogger. Xp Love your writings, bullshitting or not, they're very honest :D

    • says

      Ha! thanks for the kind words – it’s very encouraging to me to know that you enjoyed what I’ve written.

      Thanks for sharing those comic blogs! they so awesome!! will personally contact them and add them to the list soon :)

  5. QuaCheeInspiringDreams says

    i just created a series on my blog “Pepper & Salt” (quachee’s blog) :)

    btw, the other comics are from my online khakis Erika Toh ( & Eric Lee (

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