Story Behind ZenQ Desserts: Our Milestone After 2 Years In Business

Story Behind ZenQ Desserts: Our Milestone After 2 Years In Business


ZenQ lintas opening 01

ZenQ is 2 years old now?! Whoa. It felt like I just opened this shop months ago. Time really fly leh…

I guess it’s a good time to do a reflection Winking smile

ZenQ lintas opening 02

The beginning

It all started with my partner, Kevin. He approached me all of the sudden and say “hey let’s check this thing call ZenQ”. We purchase flight ticket for next day and attend a meeting about franchising ZenQ. The same week we return and search for strategic shop lot – we gave up after searching for entire month. Then, the same Saturday morning, we found a perfect location where they are moving out soon.

We signed letter of intention and paid deposit on the same morning we found the classified ads in newspaper.

ZenQ lintas opening 03

Construction work commenced quickly. Kevin  is in charge of the layout blueprint while I am away at KL for intensive 2-weeks training. So far so good.

ZenQ lintas opening 04

2 weeks before our soft launch. We were getting nervous with the new venture. Lots of money invested and we couldn’t screw this up.

Schedule was kept tight, and we had 3-5 hours sleep daily. Still have lots of documents and licenses incomplete yet.

ZenQ lintas opening 05

Major fixtures was up. Lightings… on! Ah, we’re starting to see something.

ZenQ lintas opening 06

The rest of the fixtures and graphics arrived.

ZenQ lintas opening 07

Our first batch of stock arrived! We couldn’t fit all our stocks inside the shop. So we rent a partition of a office nearby to solve this problem. Today, we have one central kitchen, one operation office and offsite warehouse to store our goods.

ZenQ lintas opening 08

Open for business

Business during first 6 months were crazy. There were days when I just want to hide underneath my blanket entire day, afraid to know what stocks are insufficient, crews are working long hours, and management team are all equally tiring. I am glad everything works out just fine.

ZenQ Grand Opening 11 Jan 2012

Grand Opening

Feels like superstar. Fun Smile

ZenQ lintas opening 09

Daily operations

We do daily briefings, as well as weekly meeting to see what challenges our crews are facing. We implemented solutions and improve on ideas, we are constantly improving our team as well as our systems. Everything must be documented well – it proves useful after all these years. Taking the first steps are painful but you’ll reap the reward later.

ZenQ lintas opening 10

More ZenQsssss…

Today, ZenQ Dessert has expanded to entire East Malaysia. With 11 operating outlets, more than 200 ZenQ crews wearing same attire serving you desserts. All these achieved within 2 years period.

Oh, I also run website for ZenQ East-Malaysia. It’s time for a serious website redesign cause this site is 2 years old too. Wait I got time first la… heh.

PS. I am co-owner of Lintas outlet. I did not proceed with the purchase of Master franchise because limbeh no more money in bank. /thumbsup

“Wahhh you open another outlet again ahh! rich oh you!!” – I just smile in these situation. Lazy explain. Hahaha.

ZenQ lintas opening 11

Our memories

We shared a lot of memories together.

Our ZenQ Crews come and go. Some furthered studies, some move on to better part of their lives, and some stayed together with us since the beginning. We remember every single of our crews. We are in same age group so we get along easily.

Crews still come back to visit us time to time. Some even do part time jobs when we are lack of helping hands. Many wonderful friendships were formed in this little shop.

ZenQ lintas opening 12

Creating more product lines

The head of research and development came Kota Kinabalu and stayed with us for entire 1 month, for the main purpose of re-adjusting the taste of ZenQ desserts to suit to local taste. If you tried ZenQ at Taiwan, the taste is a bit dull.

These two person are also key-success to Chatime series – ZenQ Desserts, Chatime and La Kaffa Coffee, all three of them are umbrella group of La Kaffa Ltd.

Did you know? ZenQ Desserts share common ingredients with Chatime especially with our drinks series. Try Pearl Milk Tea side by side!

ZenQ lintas opening 13


Some random day, we cater to special occasion such as bazaar, exhibition fairs, events like marathon. We even get 200+ drinks order for next day and the entire team arrived early to serve our orders. We do a lot of status updates in our official fans page. I am usually the one who do live status updates.

Here are some photos of our activities at random locations.

ZenQ RHB Centtenial run

RHB Centennial Run

We give out free drinks for all marathon participants. RM0 free.


TTSS School Bazaar

The entire ZenQ management team graduated from this high school. We must give back!

ZenQ lintas opening 14

ZenQ today…

It’s been two years since we started ZenQ Dessert. It has been a great journey and learning experience. Within two years, we’ve also launched several products that was not originally within our menu. It was a great ride. However as of late I am no longer actively running ZenQ because I’ve moved on to more exciting project. I leave my company on great hands – I have a great team who looks after the daily operation who I can trust entirely.

Facebook Page: ZenQ Lintas
Website: ZenQ East-Malaysia



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